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  1. I had this problem when I first started, broke nearly every graphite shafted club in my bag...3 in one range session once, nearly back to back. The common factor for me was swinging too hard and mishits on the hosel. Even if it was previously hit on the hosel and then I hit a well placed ball on the club face it was still breaking. As i got better and moved from hosel mishits to toe, upper face mishits the problem went away However, i just noticed a crack in the metal at the base of the clubface in my driver the other day...still hits fine for now but I'll probably get a new one soon.
  2. Been working on my flexibility a lot lately. I've been taking yoga classes about twice a week and have noticed a huge improvement in my overall flexibility. Today i stretched for awhile before practicing, then i did about 10 mins of mirror work trying to imitate a Dustin Johnson or Jason Day swing...maintaining my spine angle throughout the follow through. Similar to the below. However, when I went to hit balls afterwards I could not hit a single one. I shanked maybe 50 balls in a row off to the right. One after another...it was terrible. It took me another 50 balls or so to back to the swing I had before. I dont really know what the issue was. I didnt have my camera setup. Not sure I should try to pursue this change or leave it alone. I didnt feel like the flexibility was an issue for me but so some reason i just couldnt make solid contact.
  3. In the face on driver view it looks like my hips return to the original place relative to forward/back, however on the down the line view it looks like they still hump forward (lateral to the target line) in the downswing. Should I be trying to eliminate this 100% keep my hips seated back in the downswing?
  4. Been working on a more center hip turn. It feels different for me but not sure if I really see it in the result. I have also been working on tempo and have seen some great improvements when I maintain a steady tempo throughout the swing.
  5. When get the rare driver shot where you are not slicing it, is it still shorter than your average 3wood shot? This was my big problem for the longest time. Usually didnt even keep my driver in my bag so I wouldnt be tempted to use it. Almost every shot was a slice and would almost always go shorter than my 3wood because of the slice and also usually put me out of bounds or in an unplayable lie. It still somewhat this way. My average 3 wood is probably between 240-250 while my average drive is probably 250-260. However, I've gotten somewhat more consistent with my drives where its somewhere between a slice & fade most of the time now and I know if I hit it straight and clean my drive will go 280-300. With the possibility of a 40-50 yard pickup it now worth the risk to hit driver. Focus on your club face through impact and getting your drive to go straight along whatever your current swing path is. Then you can either adjust your stance to accommodate or work on fixing your swing path.
  6. Got the day off. I'll work on this today. Thanks
  7. It teed up high on the face on view because i had to back up to make room for the camera angle and that was the best i could do with their rubber tees. Normally its off the ground of tee'd nearly flush with the ground.
  8. So this is one of those problem areas for me. My hybrids. As I explained in my previous post I just cant seem to be consistent with them at all. I'll probably get 1 in 10 good shots vs maybe 9 out of 10 with most of my other clubs. I'd really like to know what I'm doing wrong and why the result here is so vastly different than my other clubs.
  9. Yesterday was a weird session. Ive been trying to figure out how to hit my 2 hybrids that came with my set, 3h and 4h. I just cant seem to make good contact. I'm either popping them up off the top of the face or slicing terribly. Tried moving a little farther up in my stance and then started getting low hooks. I had maybe 1 semi-decent shot out of probably 30. it went about 215yds with a slight fade. Not great considering I hit my 5 iron pretty consistently 220. I'll get some video of me using these clubs next time since its something i'd like to work on. However, after I booted up another 18 holes on the same course where I previously shot the 83. But this time I shot a 76! Again, not really comparable to actual scores because every lie is perfect, though the simulator takes length off if you are hitting from the sand or rough. It also gives an auto-gimmie from 3 feet or less. I also gave myself a mulligan on the first tee after slicing it into the woods on the first shot. It is interesting though because my first 5 or 6 rounds playing courses on this simulator were much worse than my real life scores because I couldn't judge greens or put chip/pitch shots into perspective. Maybe i've just learned to sort of game the system for what it likes when it comes to pitch and putt speeds. I wonder how all this practicing on a simulator will translate to my real game.
  10. Disclaimer: Not an instructor Looking at your latest face on video the big thing that stands out to me is your setup for your irons looks like a driver setup. You are angled backwards like you are trying to create lift on the ball through impact. Try setting up with no spine tilt. Don't worry about creating lift, the angle of the club face will do this for you. You want to feel like most of your weight is on your front foot (left foot) through impact not hanging back on your back foot. Also, are you standing on pavers? Try standing on something where your feet can grip.
  11. Great practice today. Started off with just hitting PW to in-between shots, 50yds, 75yds, 100yds. Then did only about 5 shots with 8 iron and moved to driver. Felt comfortable with all clubs. A few mishits with my PW. I tend to shank it off the toe or heel when trying to dial it down. From there I moved on to playing a full 18 holes on the simulator. I really wish i could get out and play for real, especially after watching the Masters. But its tough to do when living in Manhattan. Anyways this was an absolutely amazing around. I normally score worse on the simulator because its almost impossible for measure the putt speeds correctly. I ended up shooting an 83 which is actually 2 shots better than my best round in real life. I hit almost every fairway with every single driving going long and straight or with a bit of a draw. The only fairways i missed is where it rolled through and ended up in the first cut. Almost all my approach shots put me right on the green or just off. Putting is always hard to get right but somehow it was working for me today as well. Had my longest drive on the sim as well, 305yds straight down the center. After finishing the round I setup my camera on the tripod and recorded a couple videos. The front angle is not great because its as far away from me as I can get before it butts into the wall. Not really sure what my focus should be for my swing right now. Suggestions are welcome.
  12. Short practice after work yesterday. I tried using my tripod and propping my phone (GalaxyS7) up against the handle. I heard that at 720p in records at 120fps. Not sure how I can tell the fps on the videos but I might use my camera that locks into the tripod next time just because it will be easier to get better angles. Also I'll try linking the videos directly to google photos because it seems like when I upload to youtube its cutting out frames https://goo.gl/photos/UMYyXrRz8kHXhNgA7 Result: https://goo.gl/photos/Bt4aEerVdv656swk9 Result:
  13. Thought I'd most to give a little closure here on why there smash factor is always reading around 1.35 on average. A couple days ago someone came in with one of those blue swing speed radars. Like this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00124P7SI/ref=s9_acsd_hps_bw_c_x_1_w I assume this is probably more accurate than the simulator because its measuring from 10 inches away instead of cameras in the ceiling but who knows. However, every swing I took with this was roughly 10mph less than what the simulator was telling me. So a shot like the below reading a smash factor of 1.37 really comes out to 1.49 if I take 10 mph off the swing speed and keep the ball speed constant.
  14. Googled goat humping videos...think I need eye bleach now
  15. Good session in the simulator today...short but helped me work on something I realized a couple days ago. If i stand up a little taller for my drives I'm much more likely to hit it straight or even draw it slightly. Really seems to be helping my slice. I hit about 10 in a row between 270-290 yds in the sim
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