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  1. One thing that I wish Game Golf did a little differently. When I am previewing the course, I wish that I could preview it as if it was a GPS. I would love to look at a given hole, pick a tee box and then plot out shots so that I can determine what distances I want to hit on that hole before I get to the course. Currently you can review other players rounds who played that course but often those players abilities/scores do not align with my abilities so it is difficult to properly plan for a course that I haven't played with any regularity.
  2. Speaking of Game Golf additions... I noticed this morning that the Strokes Gained statistics have been made a little more robust. Instead of measuring strokes gained against a scratch golfer now you can measure against specific handicap ranges. Also, you can do strokes gained for specific rounds. Now if they can just show me where i lost strokes for specific holes for each round that would be the final piece to the puzzle.
  3. I"ve been a Game Golf user for some time. I love my device but to be honest i'm getting statistics envy when comparing to my friends who are using Arccos. Two areas that Game Golf needs ASAP: Strokes Gained/Lost Putts/GIR Given that there are only so many stats that tracking systems can implement, I would assume that Game Golf will want to have the same statistical options as Arccos. By doing this the differentiating feature between the two systems would be method of tracking (i.e. tapping) and price. Game Golf owns the price right now but is lacking in data. Your thoughts. Thanks