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  1. Hi, I admit it; I'm a major head case with golf. First off, I am planning on taking the next few weeks away from the game as the thought of playing right now causes me dread. I'm pushing 60, though physically I'm in good shape. Over the past eight months my index has risen from a 4.5 to well over 9; from shooting in the upper 70s/low 80s to upper 80s/low 90s. I drive the ball well most of the time (avg. 270), but I lead "the tour" on bogeys or worse from the middle of the fairway. I can hit great iron shots, but not nearly often enough anymore. I average probably 3.5 shots every
  2. 42/45=87. My index has jumped to an 8.1 meaning for the first time since tracking my hcp 7-8 yrs ago It’s now in double digits. Why? Not my health or age: it’s trying to get better. The more lessons I take the worse I get.
  3. @iacas @klineka Yes, I agree both those swings are not all that shallow. What I'm going for is that first move down. In both examples, the shaft does shallow slightly the first move down whereas mine starts down steep and then shallows later around waist high. I think my hands are too active at impact. I think if I could 1) get the club to shallow just a bit starting down, and 2) don't pull my head back away from the ball before impact (I hit everything off the toe) I'd really have something. BTW, I'm working on the takeaway portion and that part is looking better to me so thanks for
  4. Thanks for the replied. I do need some clarification. I agree I need more shoulder/body turn, but am I specifically trying to get my hands deeper? If so, what does that facilitate? Are there any specific drills I should work on? Clay and his group at topspeedgolf offer swing reviews for an extra charge, which I've done.
  5. I've been working with topspeedgolf.com for a little while. They're trying to get me to flatten/shallow out the club at the start of the downswing, rather than start down steep and then shallow it late which is too inconsistent. This is something Zach Allen apparently is big in to. I've tried and tried to get that move to no avail. The closest I come is swinging one handed: Thanks for the help.
  6. Hi, Been taking a couple of online lessons and they're wanting me to shallow the club at the start of my downswing (I had an old teaching pro wanting me to do the same thing). In my current swing I start down steep (club above the plane), then shallow the club late which is too inconsistent. I've tried taking some baseball swings, trying to let the club shallow using gravity, etc., all to no avail. The closest I can come is swinging with just my lead arm (maybe not perfect, but better). Every time I try to add my trail arm, however lighty, it goes back to the old swing. I'm trying to
  7. Spreadsheet I found online. I agree with your assessment of recovery strokes. I just need to stop hitting drives OB and into the trees. Driver used to be my go-to club.
  8. All I have are numbers pertaining to Tour average. Naturally you'd expect all numbers to be negative, it's just to what degree. It would be nice to have numbers for different handicap levels.
  9. I started tracking my Strokes Gained in a spreadsheet for my past four rounds and here are my averages (I was a 6 hcp, now up to a 9): Tee: -3.19 Approach: -7.06 Short: -0.93 Putting: -1.67 (I've been missing 3-6 footers lately) Recover: -0.94 Wow. I knew my ball striking was bad, but not this bad. Yesterday I hit two tee balls OB, plus chunked an iron off the tee on a par 3. Wow. I guess the old adage "the best way to improve is to work on your short game" doesn't really apply to me. I've taken numerous lessons from different coaches trying to improve, but seem
  10. edhalsim


  11. Wow. This reads like my autobiography. My index was around 5, my last two rounds were 91, 88 and that's not unusual for me anymore. My ball striking is dreadful according to strokes gained stats, but I already knew that. I've tried more instructors than I can count, including two online ones (Chuck and Clay; both are very good). I've tried to make swing changes that make sense, but I just keep getting worse. I wish I knew what to tell you; if you find something that helps, please let me know.
  12. Hi, I've been a 6-8 hcp. for several years. I'm wanting to cut my hcp in half, though I can only play once/week and practice once/week. To that end, I've taken numerous lessons from numerous pros, both in-person and on-line and they never help. I guess you can call me the world's worst golf student. Length isn't an issue, but I hit at most 9 GIRs. Everyone says my swing looks good, though in slo-mo it's easy to see issues; my main issue is I start down steep, then somehow flatten the club and come into the ball with the club behind me and under the elbow plane, requiring me to s
  13. Hi, I'm leading a small group of four golfers and their wives to Scotland spring/summer 2018. We'll probably stay six nights and play four courses, including hopefully the Old Course. I'm hoping you can help me with a couple of questions: Can someone recommend a good tour operator to make the golfing and hotel arrangements? There seem to be quite a few out there. Can you give me some idea as to the cost for golf and hotel per couple? I'm trying to give everyone an idea as to the overall cost and it looks like you can spend anywhere from $3,000-$10,000. Thanks for your
  14. I've struggled with putting for years. I've tried different putters, different grips, different techniques, all for naught. See my other post about "Anyone else have this much trouble putting?" This past week, I saw this video: I practiced this in my garage a couple of days, just working on getting a good roll and getting my eyes in a position where everything looked lined up, then I played yesterday and BAM! I had one of the best putting days I've ever had. I have no relation to this person or company, I just stumbled upon this video and hopefully it'll help other people.
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