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  1. Hey guys, Went out for 9 yesterday and have been seeing improvements. Initially, it appears I am standing with the ball too much towards my front (left) foot. I moved back a little and worked on keeping my arms straight and had 100+ yard iron hits landing within 10 feet of the hole on 7, 8, and 9 of my course. My wrist motions towards the end of the swing were also a bit too stiff it appears.
  2. I've also been told by some that using R9 irons are generally not preferred for high handicapped golfers. When I was using generic TopFlite last year I would sometimes actually drive with them because I was having trouble with the driver. I have not ever tried them again since switching to these R9's. Is that a possible root of the problem?
  3. Hey guys, I have been playing for about 6 years now, see my swing here - MY SWING Ever since last summer when I bought new irons off of ebay (did not get fit) I just can't hit them. They skid across the ground or if they do get air they go straight right. With my driver and hybrid I am not having any issues and can hit straight and long. Does not getting fit have that drastic of a difference that you will see horrible shots like this?
  4. Hey guys. Have not posted here in awhile so I wanted to give an update as I am still seeking some help. I've been Playing Golf for: Casually for 6 years My current handicap index or average score is: 100 for 18 holes handicap around 24 (Due to bad 2nd shot every time) My typical ball flight is: Drives typically straight or right, irons never leave the ground or go extremely right The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: 2nd shot every hole with 5,6,7 iron!!!!! I can hit hybrid on Par 5's. I am having a terrible time hitting irons. If I do a half backswing I can get it to go straight and high but only like 100 yards no matter what club I am using. I think I am having a hard time keeping my elbow straight but no matter what I try I can't get this issue fixed. Anybody have any kind of advice or drills to try? ---------- Iron Swing
  5. Thanks for the suggestions. Tied up for the weekend with being here at the US Open but will give it a try. 3:00 is barely an exaggeration also, it gets that bad sometimes 😣
  6. Normally within 30 yards of the green. Now that you mention it. I was on a Par 3 this past weekend and used the wedge from about 60 yards out and it landed within 5 feet of the hole on the green. I'd like to add that when it goes way to the right as I mentioned, it does not get NEARLY as much lift as when it goes straight. We are talking maybe 10-15 feet in the air
  7. I have been having a hefty problem lately that I can't seem to solve. I can hit my driver, 6 - 8 irons straight and far without any issues. Lately I have been having a major issue with the 9 iron, pitching wedge, and sand wedge (mostly the first 2). If I aim for the hole (12 o'clock), the ball will sail directly right (2-3 o'clock). To my knowledge I am NOT pulling my head and it gets very frustrating to the point I have been using a putter on the fairway when I am 50 feet from green, because I get better and more accurate hit. Why would it be only the high numbered clubs that I have trouble with? To be fair, I don't use the 8 very often, mostly the 6,7, and wedges. Any advice?
  8. Having a large amount of trouble getting drives to come off the ground and my irons are the same way. I've been Playing Golf for: Casually for 4 years My current handicap index or average score is: 120 for 18 holes handicap around 30 (Due to bad drives every time) My typical ball flight is: Pull, almost always go right no matter what club I use The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Just trying to hit the ball into the air so it goes further, Would also like to correct the hooks Videos: MORE VIDEOS COMING SOON
  9. I am having 2 major issues as of late that are taking my motivation and passion away from the game. 1. Referring to the following image - Golf Driver I keep hitting the ball with the top left black corner of the club, and my ball sails very high into the air and goes way to the right where its usually unplayable. 2. When I use any iron on the fairway or rough, the ball NEVER lifts for more than a few seconds. It will pretty much skim across the ground and go anywhere from 20-50 yards. I can very rarely get anything besides the wedge to get any lift. If anyone has absolutely any advice or tips it would be very appreciated.
  10. Yes, I also catch myself doing this alot. Although I will purposely set my tee higher, and it just doesn't seem to help any.
  11. Hey guys, so I have been golfing for about 3 years now, and have constantly been inconsistent in my driving. My iron & putting game is good, but I have been having problems with the first shot. Some things I have been noticing: 1.) There is always a big rut in the ground about 2 inches past where the tee is. 2.) The ball never seems to leave the ground, and only ever advances about 25-50 yards. 3.) I seem to be able to get 2-3 good drives each round. 4.) The last time I was out (last week) I noticed that when I bent the club at an upward angle facing the ball, I had an extremely good drive. Could it be that I am holding the club head downward? I average about 20-30 over par each round, so I am by no means an experienced golfer, although I constantly get 1-2 putts and thats it per hole. As I am just joining a country club for the first time, I will be competing in tournaments this summer, and do not want to look like a complete fool when driving from the tee. Any questions for me or advice would be greatly appreciated.
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