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  1. @iacas can you elaborate more on the following paragraph: These are all basically right up in front of your nose, or because the left elbow doesn't bend, it's in front of your right pec.
  2. Appreciate the input and kind words!
  3. Hey guys, I have been putting in some work this spring with a local pro and a friend who is very low handicap. I wanted to post an updated swing video and try to get some more feedback from you guys. Basically, my wedges/irons are getting way up in the air, a little higher than I would like. I am also still having some issues with hitting the ground/mat before the ball, which causes my speed to drastically decrease and me to often hit shots to the right. Any suggestions on what to focus on next?
  4. It's like no matter how much I try I can't get it to bend. It's quite embarrassing. Not sure if I am just gripping too hard and locking my arms at the start or what. Sometimes I have to really work to get it to bend. I'm trying to figure out some ways to make that easier for me. It should be easy, but for some reason, I can't execute it.
  5. I've tried them for what feels like weeks on end. It's almost like there is something missing or a mental block stopping me from doing something critical.
  6. Having trouble hitting the heel of the club... Any advice?
  7. If you mean left and right handed, both of these are right hand videos. One is just the camera angle. If you mean my swing being this horizontal, it depends on the day
  8. Thanks for all suggestions. I have updated my swing thread:
  9. Update: I've been Playing Golf for: 7 Years My current handicap index or average score is: 20 My typical ball flight is: Drives typically straight, Irons typically draw, hybrids & woods I cannot hit The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: I cannot hit hybrids, 3 woods, or anything longer than a 5 iron. It is really starting to mentally get to me. ------ See videos below. Take it easy on me, I know my swing plane is horizontal. I cannot hit my hybrids, they don't leave the ground. I can everything else comfortable.
  10. Small update on this. I went to the range last night to work some more on this and was able to get some progress with my hybrid and 5-iron with only a small issue. I noticed that I am keeping both of my arms deadlocked the entire time which only allows my backswing to get about 50% back. However, this was working in regards to getting more flight and distance. Occasionally I would still top the ball. No videos since I was alone but I did manage to find a picture that is similar to how ugly my back-swing is looking... I've attached it.
  11. Right after I complete the backswing and start coming down to the ball.
  12. Thanks for the advice. I am going to try and get out to the range this week to record some videos of me hitting driver, 5-iron, and 7-iron for comparison. I will post them in a swing thread. The local pro did actually attempt to help me with the swing. He was telling me that my posture was not correct and that my hips were leading the swing too soon. We tried a flat-foot 9:00 - 3:00 swing with my 5-iron for a good hour and we had a little luck but I can't get my back-swing vertical enough at this point. I have a Garmin S60 and these are my average distances over the PAST 2 WEEKS. Ke
  13. He did mention that the fitting was free if I bought clubs. He also said he would not want to touch the M1's. Apparently they were reshafted before I bought them and it wasn't done the best way to the point where he didn't want to alter the clubs. Not sure if he is being honest with me or not 😆
  14. Hey guys, I know this sounds like an obviously stupid question but I wanted to get some input from you guys on a situation I am in right now. I am having A LOT of trouble hitting my 5 and 6 irons to the point that I can't get them to go past 150 yards or off the ground much of the time. My swing speed is very slow for my age (mid-20's) I decided to take up some lessons with a local pro taking my M1 Graphite Shaft Irons. A few minutes in he immediately told me that my swing plane was so horizontal that I would need to focus on getting more vertical for these clubs to work for me.
  15. Hey guys, Went out for 9 yesterday and have been seeing improvements. Initially, it appears I am standing with the ball too much towards my front (left) foot. I moved back a little and worked on keeping my arms straight and had 100+ yard iron hits landing within 10 feet of the hole on 7, 8, and 9 of my course. My wrist motions towards the end of the swing were also a bit too stiff it appears.
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