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  1. 2015 U.S. Open at Chambers Bay Discussion Thread

    The putter finished DJ off!! Wow
  2. 2015 U.S. Open at Chambers Bay Discussion Thread

    Only at the US Open do you get two tries to make an eagle! Missing both sends Grace to the house with a runner up trophy
  3. 2015 U.S. Open at Chambers Bay Discussion Thread

    Don't go far, Louis....you still got a shot!
  4. 2015 U.S. Open at Chambers Bay Discussion Thread

    Jeez this is nail biting!!
  5. 2015 U.S. Open at Chambers Bay Discussion Thread

    Early on I was pulling for Jordan, but after seeing Day manage to get through the day on Friday and come back for more yesterday, I kinda wanted him to win. But I love Rory, and he is killing it today! I almost want him to post a -5 or so and watch everyone else try to keep it together enough to beat him. I also absolutely love this course, especially for a US Open. Haters gonna hate, and whiners gonna whine, but everybody plays the same course and that's nothing but fair. Whoa, Day totally hit that putt terribly....wonder if he had trouble seeing where he wanted it to go
  6. Vokey sm60-04 wedge?

    I have one, but it's the sm-56 08. They are great, I love it. Titleist makes some great wedges, along with most everything else they make. If you need a 60 degree wedge, I would say go for it! I got mine used at Golfsmith for around $20. Slapped a new grip on it and it's been my go-to club around the green ever since!
  7. 5 wood or 3 hybrid ?

    Assuming when your hook is gone, that it is gone from both clubs, and you hit them both the same distance, then I think it would be advantageous to keep the one you hit the best and feel most confident in when standing over the ball. If it's the same with both clubs, then carry whichever one you want and keep the other in the closet in case circumstances change!
  8. Nike Putters

    I recently went through needing a new putter. I went to Golfsmith every day for a week and a half, hitting balls with every putter they had that fit my putting style (arc). I ended up getting the new Nike Method Matter, but only because I hit it better than any other and felt confident with it in my hands above any other. I had originally planned on an Odyssey, but spending time with the others I settled on what worked for me.
  9. I'm gonna get one of these too. I hit one about a month ago and was just smoking it. I didn't buy it (was used, at golfsmith), and it was gone the next time I went back.
  10. Have you ever hit anybody golfing?

    I hit a girl once when I was in HS. Her and her coach were in the fairway on a long par 5 dogleg right. They were around the corner, and according to my buddies and our coach who was playing with us, "Way farther than you could ever hit it, bud". Well, the stars aligned that day and I crushed my drive with a nice fade that turned the corner perfectly. We all yelled, but the municipal airport was right next door and with a plane flying over they didn't hear us. The ball came down and hit her on the foot, broke the bone just behind her big toe....I felt terrible and her coach was yelling at me. Seems she was the star player and we had district tournaments the next day :( My coach assured them we had been yelling, and that he had told me to go ahead since they were so far down and around the corner, but it didn't seem to appease the girl's coach at all.. I was hit once, shortly after I started playing golf. I was probably 13, and out with my dad and we were walking up to our tee shots on a par 5. I might have hit it about 220 back then. Some boneheads came up on the tee behind us and hit their tee shots. I caught a one-hopper in the back. They never yelled Fore, and didn't have much reaction to me going down. Well, until my dad teed that ball up and hit it back at them, bounced it off their cart - it was the straightest ball I had ever seen my dad hit. They jumped in the cart and came charging down the fairway....my dad went all Braveheart and started running down the fairway toward them with his driver in hand, yelling his "war cry". They turned that cart around and hauled ass out of there!!! Never saw them out there again!
  11. A bad round

    I think it's also important to mention, if you are a double-digit handicapper (like myself most days), don't come off that blow-up hole and decide to try something miraculous to make up for it. As soon as you decide to make some "hero" shot on the next hole, you are on your way to blowing up 2 in a row. This has been especially hard for me in the past couple months. I come off a short par 3 making double bogey, and decide I'm going to get tricky with my tee shot on the next one and try to hit a hook around the dogleg (which is almost impossible for me....I only hook it when I "miss", and that's a much more violent hook then what I'm looking for here) to make the par 5 short enough to birdie......then I hit a fade, end up in the trees on the long side of the fairway, and turn it into a par-6 length hole.... Move on from the bad hole and just try to play golf to your ability level.....it happened and you can't fix it, so let it go.
  12. Had a cheapo Dunlop I got when I first started playing in 1990. Replaced it last week because my game is getting a bit better from tee to green, but my putting has been atrocious and I just had absolutely no confidence in it. I went to Golfsmith every day for a week, trying various putters for an hour or so each time. I settled on the new Nike Method Matter.....seemed to be able to get the ball on line better with it more consistently than any other one I tried. Maybe one day when I up my game a bit more I will get one of them fancy Edel's.....right now I gotta spend the extra golf funds on some clubs for both of my boys, who want to start playing now that dad is back to golf regularly.
  13. Thirty yards of movement right to left? Is it pushing that far right, then returning to the target line, or is it ending up left of your target line?
  14. I don't think I've posted here yet, but I just want to get in a thanks for this thread. It took my wildly inconsistent driver and turned it into something I can control. A small adjustment forward or backwards, and I can go from a slight push/fade, to a dead straight ball, to a slight push or straight draw.....all with the same swing, which is great because it takes me out of the equation....In the last 54 holes I've played, I only hit my normal miss (a straight snap-hook) one time....which is amazing, because prior to this I was averaging one every 4-5 drives..... I'm continuing to work on this, and am currently working on being able to swing faster to get back to my normal distance, but honestly being 260 yds down the fairway (or in the first cut) is a huge improvement over being 280 and in the trees on the right or left!
  15. This whole thread is weird.....and seems a bit sketchy