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  1. Umm, is Fleetwood wearing the same shirt Finau had on yesterday? Maybe he picked it up from his laundry pile?
  2. If you’re not from Ireland/scotland or spent much time there, I can see your standpoint. But I’ve been there a bit, and cursing is not looked at quite the same way as it is in the US or other places. I heard more f bombs on a bus in Howth from a 6th grade class, including the teacher, than I’ve heard on any one of Tupac’s albums. Fleetwood is gonna need to add a Stihl weed eater as his 14th if he doesn’t stop hitting it into the junk!
  3. The worse it is the harder it will be to catch him, too! I’m pulling for him to take this one, and have been since round 1!
  4. Another reason I like Lowery. He rarely even takes a practice swing....just steps up and sends it.
  5. I gotta be honest, I'm pulling for Lowery. Seeing him laugh after catching that approach into 18 fat.....and the hometown crowd is just loving him. It would be a great story!
  6. This is where the regimental kilt would really shine. Air flow directly to the nether regions!
  7. Limited flight range balls? It would seem counter-intuitive to have yardage markers out there, then use balls that don't fly true......but I can't imagine what else would cause that?
  8. Tough courses are going to make it tougher. Struggling off the tee will make them even harder. I started playing golf at 13. I made my first birdie at 17 in my senior year in HS, but only because I chipped it in. I actually made a couple eagles this way as well. I never putted for a birdie until well into my 20's...I just wasn't good enough with the long game to give myself many chances. I practiced my short game like mad all through high school (it was easier and faster than improving the long game - but the long game is the key to improving long term), so I managed to shoot decent scores bec
  9. Wow you guys carry a lot of stuff! Other than balls, tees and clubs....I have a towel, a divot repair tool and a 1977 half dollar (that my dad gave me the first time we went out to play when I was 13) for ball marking. That's it! But I do walk a lot, so I ain't trying to carry around all this extra stuff you guys have. Plus I live in Texas, so no need for gloves and jackets and all that stuff.
  10. Dang! Wish I had seen this a week ago. I was up that way, just west of Terre Haute for a week visiting my mom. I would have driven over for a round! I get up that way twice a year usually, so I'll try to remember next time I'm up. Having lived in Indy for a couple years, I'm also curious which course you are referring to.
  11. Athletes foot spray works great too. Spray it down, let it dry and you’ll be able to see where you’re hitting. Should work on any kind of mat! Also works great on the clubface to see where you’re hitting the ball there too.
  12. I mean...$360 for a new driver for a year is not that bad. But then you’re out the whole $360 again the next year....no trade in value for the previous one, just trade and pay the full price again! Seems silly
  13. Likely this is the most accurate statement I've heard today!
  14. I broke 80 for the first time in a long time!!! Shot 36/42....actually even on the front! I was walking and it was pretty warm today and I’m terribly out of shape. I hit a lot of good shots though and only had one double! Super proud of today’s round!
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