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  1. I went out full of confidence today. Hit some balls on the range, had my new to me irons and just thought I was gonna go out there and scorch the course! That didn’t....exactly happen. Granted I was playing a course I haven’t played since high school. But it’s pretty short and I’m generally a good driver. 10 GiR, 7 FH. Birdied the first and birdied the last. But I had a blow up hole and made an 8. And I carded a 6 as well. Shot 84 (41/43). Which is actually pretty good for me but I also don’t generally make birdies. So I kind of feel like I let a good round get away with some inconsistent crap in the middle.
  2. Only 9 players (including Koepka) have shot a 63 or better opening round. But only 2 of those went on to win.....so don't consider it over yet!
  3. I could not believe that when I read it. Seriously......can we not get a normal hero-type actor?? First Afflac, and now Sparkles.....jeez man
  4. Does he have something in his pocket there...or is he just really happy to see himself?
  5. I heard him say 'my path is off'. So he's got a bit of us mid-high handicappers....where what you intend to happen when you hit it, might not be the actual outcome. And with the rough out there.....he's not going to be able to play if he doesn't start hitting some fairways. Golf is hard!
  6. 0 FiR, 0 GiR for Rahm.....and he's only +2. I'd take it any day of the week, but for these guys that ain't gonna get it done.
  7. And Rahm is laying 3 on a par 5 and hasn't seen the fairway OR the green yet! This hole is a struggle for real!
  8. Meanwhile, Jordan is looking hot through the first few holes....and he's looking at another short birdie attempt now. Interesting to see how Brooks starts after watching Lee drop strokes early today.
  9. So wait...is it luck or skill? Because if it’s luck then the skill of the putter doesn’t have anything to do with it.
  10. I voted 50-70%. But I'm aware that is the 'wrong' answer, and this is one of the things I'm working on as I go out to practice and play lately. I did hit some magnificent 9 irons from 125'ish 2 weeks ago. That would normally be a pretty full PW, but I chose to club down and take some off. The results were much better than I likely would have had hitting a full PW. Reading the 'flighting your irons' thread and watching the pros leads me to believe this is a solid path forward to improving accuracy for the reasons you stated, @iacas
  11. Same for me. I get the 3 minutes of commercials every now and then but the streaming has not failed yet.....and I have crappy East Texas country internet too.
  12. Agree. You cannot 3-putt and score well.....I know first-hand how true this is..... they all missed that green by a very small margin.
  13. Either way is viable. I think you will find most suggest the second method, as you may find a different manufacturer's clubs fit you better than the one you may be focused on. However, if there is a certain brand you like and are committed to buying, then you can surely go to their fitter and get fit for the right set of their clubs/shafts.
  14. Then followed it up with a double...... That rough is....well, rough!
  15. To my untrained eye, yes. Your hip turn in the backswing seems to be a little lacking. More hip turn on the backswing will automatically lead to more in the downswing as you bring them back forward. And that should equate to more power. Right now it looks like a lot of your power is coming from your arms. This, I believe, would also contribute to your high ball flight as you're 'lifting' while coming through the ball.
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