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  1. When your son out drives you.

    My 21 year old out drives by a lot. I find the fairway more so it evens things out.
  2. How would you play Augusta?

    Slowly so I could enjoy playing there as long as possible.
  3. I have a Tour Edge CB pro that I picked last year. It has really helped me.
  4. TopGolf - when you mix golf and alcohol

    I heard he pulled a Lucy and swallowed the ball right before the other guy was about to make contact which caused him to lose balance and he fell off the platform to the ground.
  5. I love Golf!!

    I think twice a week and one other day at the range would be just about right.
  6. Fly Z deal!

    It is. The cheapest I've seen either one is around $150.
  7. Fifty-Nine

    He's having a pretty good couple weeks.
  8. Older And Playing Golf

    If I can stand I'll still play.
  9. How do you grip and swing your putter?

    I went mostly left hand low except on really long putts this year and I became more consistent. My second to last time out about half way through and for no real reason with my left hand I put the grip between my index and middle finger. I got really hot the rest of the round. I went out the next day tried it for the whole round. My results were really good ( for me) again. I've only been able to try it again on the carpet in the basement but who knows maybe I found something. Then again maybe not.
  10. Used clubs for beginner

    I second using eBay. I've had much more success finding better prices there than on the two sites you mentioned. I've never bought anything from Rockbottom Golf but have seen good prices there on equipment. The last bit of advice I'd give since you have a tight budget don't buy anything before you can demo it. You want to make sure a club works for you before you spend money on it.
  11. How many three-putts (or more) did you have today?

    Only one for me today. Driver was pretty solid but the rest of my game was a disaster.
  12. Golf Beginner Club Question

    I would look at getting a better sand wedge and hold off on the 60 for now. I found it hard to be very consistent with a 60 and I know some of the people I play with aren't real confident with their 60s either.
  13. Best budget complete golf set

    I'd second what someone mentioned earlier about Adams. Someone suggested them to me when I wanted to replace most of my set but I only had a small budget. I'm happy with what I have and there are lots of great deals out there.

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