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  1. I just was fitted for new irons and they were shortened by a half inch. I used them for the first time yesterday and the first thing I noticed was how much better my accuracy was.
  2. Used to play 2. Now I just play a 3h. As my swing got better I started hitting my long irons just as well with a little more accuracy.
  3. Try the Cobra F7. I picked one up last year and I just love the thing. It is very forgiving and long.
  4. I rented a set with Speedblades when I was in Hawaii last year. They were really easy to hit. The ball got up air easily and I was a lot more accurate than I thought I might be since it was the first time I ever tried them. I also rented a set with the RBZs and didn’t like them at all.
  5. I’m pretty comfortable with a 1inch putt.
  6. PW- 115/125 50- 100/115 54- 75/100 58- 75 and in
  7. I try to always bring my “ A” swing but I forget it way to often.
  8. Tour Edge actually has some solid inexpensive putters.
  9. I bought an F8 back in August and have not had a problem with it going left. I had been using a RBZ and one of the reasons I changed was because I hit it left more often than I liked. The F8 has been a big improvement.
  10. I also have the F7 but I tried the F8 at the same time and there didn’t seem much different so I went the the less expensive. I also felt the same way about the hybrid but I got the F8 because it was my birthday and I deserved it.
  11. Used is a good option as many others have said. If you really want new there plenty of online equipment dealers that have new stuff from 1, 2 and even three years old that are really inexpensive. That is how I usually buy stuff.
  12. Rip62

    The $5 Bucket

    The range I go to has a small bucket for 5 or 6 dollars.
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