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  1. I bought a set of irons from them last year. They were great to work with. I was looking at several different sets and read about them and decided to demo their 739 irons which seemed to fit my game. They performed as well as anything else I was looking at. I live close to their facility and was able to have them fit me. I tried several of their other clubs in their fitting studio and was impressed with their different clubs. I will definitely be buying from them again when the budget allows.
  2. I bought a set of their 739 irons last summer. Those are their game improvement model. I was close to buying a set of F9 and decided to demo these out of curiosity. I honestly really didn’t really notice a difference between the two. Distances and dispersion were very close. The owner Jason has been great to work with. The demo program is pretty easy to use if you want to try their clubs. I had a pro who gave me lessons look at my set and he gave them a try and he felt they were solid.
  3. I use a variation of the 5 iron rule. For me I like to play from where my average drive puts me in the 160 and under for a second shot. At most of the courses that still will leave 3/4 par 4s over 18 that I have to us a long iron or hybrid to reach in 2. Seems challenging enough for me.
  4. Driver seems way out of wack.
  5. Can’t really comment about the driver but like a previous poster said give their demo program a try. I was looking for a new set of GI irons this summer and gave their 739 irons a try. What I found is they were excellent quality and performed as well as anything else I was considering from the big OEMs. Their customer service is first rate. I ended buying their clubs, one because of how they performed and two because of the fantastic way I was treated.
  6. Agreed but I got a lot better using the 1 out of the sand instead of a traditional sand wedge so I think I’ll stick with what’s working.
  7. I have the 1 out. It was a throw in with some other wedges that I purchased. I didn’t try it for about a year. At first I didn’t like it. Once I realized that all I had to do was hit it a little fat and don’t decelerate I started getting out of bunkers no problem. I also love using it for that short shot from just behind the bunker. I rarely end up short in the bunker anymore.
  8. I had my retina detach and had emergency surgery about 7 weeks ago. I started playing the last couple of weeks and had my only 50 for 9 and shot my only 100 of the year. They put a gas bubble to hold the retina down and my vision isn’t great. I normally wear contacts but can’t because of the eye drops I’m using and the only pair of glasses I have are trifocals so even closing the bad eye it still doesn’t look right. It seems every shot is fat or thin and I’ve topped more drivers than I probably have in the last 2 years. I thought it wouldn’t be that hard just stand over the ball and take my normal swing. I can feel myself hesitating in my swing because I don’t trust what I’m seeing. Hopefully I can see normally before the season ends.
  9. I’ve took a ball out of a couple of muddy sand traps and hit from the rough behind them. I did ask if anyone minded.
  10. I just was fitted for new irons and they were shortened by a half inch. I used them for the first time yesterday and the first thing I noticed was how much better my accuracy was.
  11. Used to play 2. Now I just play a 3h. As my swing got better I started hitting my long irons just as well with a little more accuracy.
  12. Try the Cobra F7. I picked one up last year and I just love the thing. It is very forgiving and long.
  13. I rented a set with Speedblades when I was in Hawaii last year. They were really easy to hit. The ball got up air easily and I was a lot more accurate than I thought I might be since it was the first time I ever tried them. I also rented a set with the RBZs and didn’t like them at all.
  14. I’m pretty comfortable with a 1inch putt.
  15. PW- 115/125 50- 100/115 54- 75/100 58- 75 and in
  16. I try to always bring my “ A” swing but I forget it way to often.
  17. Tour Edge actually has some solid inexpensive putters.
  18. I bought an F8 back in August and have not had a problem with it going left. I had been using a RBZ and one of the reasons I changed was because I hit it left more often than I liked. The F8 has been a big improvement.
  19. I also have the F7 but I tried the F8 at the same time and there didn’t seem much different so I went the the less expensive. I also felt the same way about the hybrid but I got the F8 because it was my birthday and I deserved it.
  20. Used is a good option as many others have said. If you really want new there plenty of online equipment dealers that have new stuff from 1, 2 and even three years old that are really inexpensive. That is how I usually buy stuff.
  21. Rip62

    The $5 Bucket

    The range I go to has a small bucket for 5 or 6 dollars.
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