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  1. If he loves golf and has never been to a tournament any day is fine. The first time I took my son we did a Saturday because I didn't want to pull him out of school so it had to be on the weekend. The Saturday was the better weather day so we chose that. He especially liked standing behind the tee box on par 3s and watching how guys shaped shots. Even if your not that into golf that was pretty amazing to watch.
  2. I usually give myself one mulligan off the tee and maybe one from the fairway. As a rule though I almost always use a mulligan on shots in the water so I don't really feel I slow things up since I'd be taking another shot anyway.
  3. When I was looking for new irons last year to replace a 12 year set I was using I didn't have the money for a fitting and a brand new set of irons. I decided to look at models that were a year or two old. I went to Dick's, Golfsmith and the PGA Superstore and tried as many clubs as they would let me. Finally I got it down to 4 sets that I liked. I searched the discount golf equipment sites and started making bids on eBay. I ended up getting a set of Xtd irons for $150 that I've been very happy with. It took me a couple of months but it paid off being patient.
  4. I've been known to crank it up at home or in the car. I would never consider it on the golf course.
  5. Rip62

    Left hand low

    I started using it last year because I was missing too many short putts. I fixed that but I really struggled with long putts judging the speed. Anything over 10/12 ft. especially up hill putts I was either way long or short.Two weeks ago I switched to using a coventional grip for longer putts and left hand low inside of 10ft. and I haven't 3 putted in my last 2 rounds.
  6. I bid on a set of irons on eBay once. Play was slow enough I bid three more times.
  7. I won't give anyone advice. If someone I'm playing with is having a rough day I'll just try to keep things light and offer encouragement.
  8. Don't buy clubs without trying them first. Reviews and getting advice on a site like this can be very helpful but nothing beats seeing which clubs actually work best with your swing.
  9. I really liked the Wilson Duo last year. This I'm trying the Top Flite Gamer Soft and I like that a little better. It seems to hold greens better. Both are pretty inexpensive.
  10. I picked up a brand new set of Adams Xtd irons for $150 on eBay. I also picked up an Adams Super LS 3w for $50 two years ago.
  11. I have the same issue. The UA are close but still a little loose. I've pretty much given up and just get adjustable ones now.
  12. eBay and used is a good place to start. Look at equipment a year or 2 old you you'll save yourself a lot of money. Someone suggested an Adams Super S 3w. The whole Super S line are solid clubs and you can find great buys on them.
  13. I have a neuromuscular disorder that causes my muscles to fatigue quickly. It also affects my breathing so no walking for me and 18 can really wear me out.
  14. I think about baseball. Oh wait that's for that other activity.
  15. I would wear a hat from the course I played the most learning the game.
  16. Gotta agree with this one.
  17. I never felt comfortable with the overlapping grip. The interlocking grip works best for me. It felt comfortable from the beginning.
  18. I tried them a couple of times last summer and they were pretty easy to hit. They felt a little heavier than I liked..
  19. The 2 ranges I normally go to I'll wear pretty much anything. If I go to a course range I'll wear golf clothes. Mostly because I'm at that course to play a round.
  20. I played with graphite shafted irons several years and switched back to steel last fall. I didn't play very regularly until a couple of summers ago and they worked well for me. Since I started playing more my swing got more consistent and my swing speed increased some. I lost the control I had previously and was consistently missing greens. I only played with the new new irons a few times but my distances and dispersion improved almost immediately . I would demo some before you go spend the money.
  21. I like all 8 but I would add don't spend all day looking for lost balls. You'd think balls were $10 a piece the way some guys will waste time looking for balls they are never going to buy.
  22. I switched to a left low grip and the ball started following my line much better. It did take a few a few practice sessions to get speed right.
  23. Never try to hit through trees, always just get back to the fairway.
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