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  2. Tight lies are solid but if your on a budget try the Adams Speedline Super S from a couple of years ago. Really easy to get up in the air and long. I picked up a 3 and 5 brand new last year for around a hundred. They are even cheaper now.
  3. Heroes is great but I've always liked the man who stole the world as much.
  4. If it was Augusta or Peeble I'd ride a bike there if I had to.
  5. It was the time I saw him live at the 2009 BMW championship at Cog Hill when he shot a 63 I think it was. I went with my son and he wanted to follow him for the day so,we did. It was amazing the way he dominated the course.
  6. Adams Speedline Super S driver and Xtd irons.
  7. I've been married 32 years and my wife doesn't play because of back issues.vshe doesn't have a problem with me playing.
  8. I have a driving range about 15 minutes away with heated bays so I'll give that a try.
  9. I would take him to the range a few times and show him what you can. Make sure to let him know about any struggles you had when you first started to let him know that struggling is normal. When you finally go to the course just play 9. Make sure it's not the hardest course and pick a less crowded time of day to play. Just go out and have a good time.
  10. I'm fine with ready golf from the tee and even from the fairway but I don't think anyone should putt until everyone is on the green.
  11. Rip62

    Fast forward

    I have a 9 hole by me I play. Usually when I go there it is spur of the moment. They have always been good about letting people start at there 7 th hole if it is clear. The best part is when they do this you get to play 12 for the price of 9.
  12. If money isn't the issue then get some lessons.
  13. Take your lessons before you buy your clubs. Chances are after the lessons your will change. Then ask your instructor what he thinks might be best for you. Then go out and try SGI vs GI vs players irons and get what works best for you. Don't get hung up labels. It's results that matter.
  14. It's from a couple of years ago but the Adams Speedline Super S is very easy to swing. You can still find new ones for around $50 if you look around so if it doesn't work out you didn't spend too much.
  15. Rip62

    Glove or No Glove

    I use a glove but I have this weird thing I started doing this year where I don't put it on until I get to the second hole. I have no idea why.
  16. Definitely it was the driver. I was longer from the start and then I made a swing change and started finding the fairway most of the time. Now if I can figure out chipping I'd feel pretty good about my game.
  17. Well last year I decided I needed hybrids to replace my 3 and 4 irons. I bought the hybrids which I hit as far as my old fairway woods. Then of course I had to by new new fairway woods. Got the new fairways and I hit the 3w as long as my driver. Of course the driver had to go and I got a new one. Well then I noticed a big gap between my 4H and 5i and it was time for new irons. Think it's time to take a break......but my wedges....
  18. I feel I control a blade better than a mallet.
  19. To restrict my hips on the backswing. Improved my accuracy and my distance stayed about the same.
  20. Tough one since I've replaced almost my whole bag in the past year. If I had to pick one it would my Adams Speedline Super LS 3w. The first time I hit it I could not believe how far and straight the ball went.
  21. I changed my irons this year. I bought some Adams xtds. I liked them when I tried them when they came out last year so I bid on a set on eBay this year and got them several hundred dollars cheaper. Glad I waited.
  22. I was told once I wasn't old enough. I was 50 at the time.
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