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  1. Tough one since I've replaced almost my whole bag in the past year. If I had to pick one it would my Adams Speedline Super LS 3w. The first time I hit it I could not believe how far and straight the ball went.
  2. I changed my irons this year. I bought some Adams xtds. I liked them when I tried them when they came out last year so I bid on a set on eBay this year and got them several hundred dollars cheaper. Glad I waited.
  3. I was told once I wasn't old enough. I was 50 at the time.
  4. The xtd line is considered the better quality club. I have the Speedline super S fairway woods and for me they performed very similar to the xtds. You may find the same if you test the hybrids against each. I have RBZ hybrids and really like them if your looking for another option.
  5. I used to get pretty nervous when I didn't play very often. The last couple of years since I've gotten to play more regularly I am pretty comfortable with my game so really the only time I might get a little nervous around is short chip shots around the green just not very comfortable with those yet.
  6. I have the xtd irons and the more I use them the more I like them. Check on eBay I was able to get them for $153 brand new. The biggest knock against them seems to be the look of the cross cavity design but I can tell you they performed as any other iron I demoed.
  7. Lessons are always good. Test some new clubs and see how they compare to your old equipment. Start out replacing the ones where you see the biggest difference in performance. That s how I replaced my older equipment. It took over a year but that way I wasn't putting all that money out at once.
  8. Why don't you try hybrids. Most people find them easier to hit than fairway woods and the distance should be much better than a 5i.
  9. I think most everyone would tell you your irons should all be the same. Go back for more lessons and ask the pro,what he means get suggest for you.
  10. You should try different lofts to see what works best for you. I played 10.5 for years then last year I bought an adjustable driver and went up to 11.5. I was only a little longer with the new driver at 10.5 but at 11.5 it was more like 15/20 because of the higher ball flight. My brother in law has his at 12 or 13 and he also gets improved distance.
  11. I have Adams Speedline Super LS and S fairway woods. Both are easy to hit and long. The LS has a lower ball flight than the S. They replaced some older Tight Lies that were just as easy to hit but not as long. I've had good luck with that th Adams fairway woods.
  12. It's only cheating if the clubs aren't legal for some reason. Use what works best for you and helps you enjoy the game.
  13. I carry a 5w and a 3h. There is a 10/15 yard difference for me so they both are a good fit. I carry a 5w and a 3h. There is a 10/15 yard difference for me so they both are a good fit.
  14. Look at the speedline super s or LS. I have both and like them better than the Tight Lies they replaced.
  15. eBay is always a good option if you don't have a lot of money and some idea what you wants.
  16. It's changed a lot. I just replaced 12/13 year old irons recently and what a difference. With your budget I'd go to a good golf shop and get fitted. You will really notice the difference as you demo clubs.
  17. I just replaced most of my bag where everything was 10/15 years old in the last year. I'm not sure what your budget is. I was told by a salesperson try as many clubs as can and see what works best for me. He also said to look at things 1 or 2 years old since I was replacing so much of my bag to keep my costs down. Once I narrowed down my choices I did a lot of price searching on the web. In the end I got a majority of my clubs brand new off eBay for a lot of savings. You will find when you try newer clubs drivers, fairway woods and hybrids have improved quite a bit over the years. I didn't not
  18. I switched this year. I also regripped my putter with a Superstroke 3.0. between the two my putting has improved significantly.
  19. I played 9 with the new irons I got for birthday today.
  20. Gotta agree with everyone that's telling you to try as many clubs as possible and buy new clubs from that are one or two years old. I've replaced just about every club in my bag in the last year and it is amazing how much money I saved.
  21. I heard Zach on the radio today and he admitted Jordan won and he had to buy Jordan dinner and donate money to Jordan's foundation. I agree It has got to be intimidating throwing out the first pitch at an MLB game. I had to do it once at a Little League game and was so nervous I almost threw it over the backstop.
  22. Go to the range and try all three settings. That's the only way to know for sure.
  23. Just throw this out there but i liked the Wilson better than the E6.
  24. I just replaced Cleveland quad pro irons which are around the same age as yours. I replaced them with Adams xtd irons. They are much longer and more forgiving. The Clevelands were good irons for me and my dad before me but when I started hitting more recent irons it was hard to deny how well they performed.
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