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  1. Bought a dozen E6 balls earlier in the year. Liked them off the tee and for long fairway shots. I didn't like them around the green.
  2. I have an Adams Speedline Super LS. Easy to hit and the ball just flies.
  3. I had a 3w that had a dent on top and the club performed like it did before the dent. I used it for 2 more years.
  4. Wish I had your distance. It depends on your budget. You can get fitted and get the latest equipment if you have the money. If your on on a budget , look at stuff one or two years old or used on EBay. If you're not able to get fitted at least try to demo clubs before you make a purchase. Once you find what you like there are some good golf equipment sites look around for the best price. I went the one or two year old route and replaced everything accept my putter, LW and SW for around $500. Including a new bag. Have fun with your search.
  5. Anyone using xtd irons? I tried them last year and liked them but I wasn't looking for irons at the time. I have a chance to get a slightly used set fairly cheap and since I only tried them the one time I was wondering if there is someone out there that regularly plays these irons and what they think them.
  6. An STX putter. One of those cases where I went into the store to buy a new putter and I decided I would try putters without paying attention to the brand and price see what I liked best. The STX was the winner. Price ended up being pretty good too.
  7. Cobra amp cell or cobra baffler, Nike vrs, taylormade rocketballz or maybe Rocketbladez. You can find those new in your price range.
  8. Wilson Duo can usually find 2 dozen for $30. I like them better than the e6.
  9. I put a Supperstroke 3.0 on an my old putter and it's made the putter feel like new. It was $25 at the PGA superstore and they installed for free.
  10. Rip62

    Playing Through

    When this has happened to me I will point out usually people are decent enough to back off when you point out that we are not the problem the group ahead is.
  11. I was hoping there would be some kind of team format like they do in gymnastics to go along with the individual competition. Hopefully by 2020 they figure out a team format.
  12. Waving down a ranger or calling the clubhouse is definitely is the way to go.
  13. It's kind of a sleeper but I have an Adams Speedline Super S. I find it very forgiving and long. Someone mentioned Cobra and the Amp cell and Bio cells are good also.
  14. You could try a 4 or a 5 wood. 19 or 22 degree hybrids might help also. Whatever you do you should get fitted or at least demo clubs until you find ones that work for you. There are a lot of choices you should be able the right clubs to help you.
  15. Agree about getting a few lessons. When I started to update my bag last summer i started with the clubs I struggled the most with.which for me were my 3 and 4 irons which I replaced with hybrids. Then I moved to my fairway woods because the hybrids made them obsolete. Then it was the driver. The rest of my irons and my putter work well for me so for the moment they will stay in the bag. Get yourself fit and don't be afraid to demo a lot of clubs.
  16. I know they weren't on your list but if you're looking to save some money if you have a Nike or Addias outlet store near you can you can usually get last year's models at least 50 percent off.
  17. When I was looking at putters a couple of months ago I noticed that all of the odyssey putters I tried that had oversized grips had SuperStroke grips on them already. Most seemed to be the 3.0. The stores I was at were Dick's and the PGA Superstore. I don't know if the stores regripped the putters or if they came that way.
  18. I wouldn't consider it a problem. When I use a 3w of the tee it's usually on a tight fairway where I want more control so if I was a little shorter off the tee that would be a good thing. When I'm hitting a 3w off the deck trying to reach a par 5 i want it to go as far as possible. Let it fly!
  19. Not my favorite type of finishing hole. Would,prefer a par 4 or 5.
  20. I vote yes. It would be great if they did like they did for the U.S Open last and and have the men and women play om back to back weekends.
  21. I've played the Duo,since last year and have good results with it. I've tried against the E6 this year and I like the Duo better I get basically the same results with the driver it is around the green I like the Duo better.
  22. I put a 3.0 on my putter this year. I was thinking about replacing it but thought I'd try the 3.0 before i spent the money on a new putter. So the results have been good.
  23. I would go with the 5W. I've always found them easy to hit and pull it out several tomes a round.
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