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  1. sis anyone try tilt their chin up so that the shoulder goes slightly under the chin instead of pressing directly against it? which of these ways is better?
  2. Currently i'm using really old irons which are standard length, though i have to bend my knees a little more than usual and my upper back more than usual, i used another set of irons which were 2" inches over the standard and they felt too big and awkward, the charts say i should get + 1" clubs but most people say these are too long and 1/2 an inch is long enough, does anyone else have similar stats, and if so what size fits you?
  3. I have a net similar to this, where the poles travel diagonally and intercept each other in the centre of the top area http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000GGVCXW/ref=ask_ql_qh_dp_hza but it's difficult to put up, does anyone know of any videos or a guide on how to put it up easily ? I didn't find any for a similar net to this
  4. I'll take a look, it may be because my clubs are too small, as when i try it with my driver (which is longer than normal) it doesn't happen plus when i move them out farther t doesn't happen though i have to bend my back and knees more to do this
  5. Yes i already have the foot turned 1/4 like hogan says at address, but it turns to 3/4 just as i strike the ball
  6. For some reason i do this without thinking, does it cause any loss in distance or any other negatives?
  7. There was an exericse that a guy said to swing a broom/ yard stick really fast that would give you more power and distance in your shots but he deleted it, did anyone ever hear of this?
  8. I want to change my slow twitch fibres to fast, which are the best exercises for this?
  9. That makes sense, would you think it's better that way, or should you try and have all your body parts moving at the same time, so that there's no recoil?
  10. Some people just say the double hip turn occurs because his hips turn very fast, others are saying it's fast twitch muscle fibers, can these be acquired with good technique?
  11. Wouldn't this also increase your driving distance if you have a faster hip turn?
  12. I'm a small guy and i see rory's hip turn is a lot faster than the average tour pro, how would i speed up my hip turn?
  13. Isn't this the best way to putt? You know exactly where you want the putter pointed as your looking directly from the putters point of view rather than above it
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