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  1. hey all, my set of irons came with a pitching wedge, approach wedge and I have a 60 degree wedge that I love. I was wondering which degree wedge should i buy next in order to hit some shots from the fairway around the green from about 50-75 yards? any thoughts.
  2. About to quit!

    Hey sorry, I have taken 2 lessons during this time and have gotten worse. I honestly just want to make solid contact with the ball and if i could break 100 i would be satisfied. I keep hitting fat shots, hitting the ground before the ball almost everytime. I used to be able to hit my short irons wherever i wanted and now I cant get them into the air. Right now i just am trying to make solid contact, but seem not put it together. each time its worse.
  3. About to quit!

    This is my first post and hopefully not my last but I had to ask. I am about 10 months into golf and I started off well and could get around 107 consistently within the first few months. The past 6 months have been a total disaster. I can't even get the ball in the air, shots that were easy for me I can't even hit anymore. I practice at home and seems great but when I go to the range or the course I can't get the ball in the air. I've had 2 lessons and I just keep getting worse and don't know why. Is this normal for golf? Will I eventually snap out of it. It's not fun anymore as I am getting worse and not making progress with all the work I'm putting in. My friend who's been playing for years told me not to quit and I'll break through it. Any advice would help.