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  1. HA! Thought you'd like that! IMO, Rory isn't nearly as stubborn as Tiger...I think he's the type of person/player that will evolve with the game, HIS game and move towards what works, and not get locked into specific swing positions.
  2. Sounds like you are a proponent of the Somax School of Thought
  3. I dont have one, my thought...not thoughtS...is completing the backswing. I think it's just a reaction after that. Swing takes roughly 1.5 seconds, it's extremely difficult to think of more than one thing in that period of time....certainly not several swing thoughts...JMO
  4. I do it several times a week...my club is slow in the afternoons.....most of the time I walk in 3 hrs and never see a soul on the course. Very tranquil. I love playing golf alone, I am used to it, I was an only child growing up in the 70s, and no one played golf back then...played many, many rounds by myself.
  5. All Ping shafts were stiff flex....until the started labeling them specifically. The weight on those are both 115g....1.9* torque. Very similar shafts.
  6. Bingo. The thing is, they ARE good, but most of the dominant players are non-US players, and that's not popular with a majority of your country club, white male crowd. And I'm a CC white male...but I'll watch hot looking chicks shoot under par all day long. Far better entertainment then the LPGA Tour in the 70s and 80s.
  7. LOL...well played. Not implying he said that, I am. I'm saying Haneys comments that swing fast and don't worry about balance is a green light for most Joe to continue doing what they already do.
  8. Maybe....but for your average Joe, swinging out of your shoes and hitting it all over the park isn't good either...and that's what people who hear this will do. You know why? Because they ALREADY DO IT. This just solidifies that approach for them. People dont realize the number one reason for loss of distance is not hitting the ball in the sweet spot. Swinging like a monkey pretty much ensures that trend will continue.
  9. Haney might be the worst high profile teaching pro out there....and I use teaching loosely here.
  10. To remove grips with air....it's best to get one of those old style black bag tubes cut to the length of the grip.....then the grip won't bulge out.....you'll have twist the grip starting at the but end and work your way down. Good luck.
  11. Five Lessons has some great stuff...but there are issues with what Hogan said to do, and what he actually did. NTM, stuff that is a recipe for disaster for the average player. JMO. Grout's book Let me teach you golf as I taught Jack Nicklaus is a great read.
  12. Why dont you ditch the 56 and 60...get a 58 and the 2 Hybrid?
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