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  1. Does another putter fall in the definition of "movable obstruction"? It's considered to be "equipment", but I'm unsure how it would be treated on the green.
  2. Yeah, please take 10 seconds and properly repair the ball mark. When done putting, kindly go around and fix any others you see. That's how my dad taught me, but obviously not how everyone was taught.
  3. You were correct. In the definition of "advice", the rules state "Information on the Rules, distance or matters of public information, such as the position of hazards or the flagstick on the putting green, is not advice"
  4. Cigarette butts and sunflower shells drive me insane.
  5. Some positive encouragement, especially when you sense frustration, will help more than you can imagine.
  6. Locker. Golf course I play does not allow cell phones.
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