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  1. Erin Hills 2015

    The answer is yes. Tall stuff is wedge out or take a penalty (knee deep in most places). Tee shots are visually intimidating but fairways tend to be generous at the landing areas (provided you choose the right tees). Approach shots are difficult as greens are multi-tiered and fast, or hidden from view, or both. Trust the yardage and trust your feet on the greens.
  2. Erin Hills 2015

    Hit it straight and far. Bring a dryer sheet (keeps mosquitos away), vanilla extract (keeps gnats away), and extra balls. If you can afford it, take a caddie.
  3. Erin Hills 2015

    I used to caddie at Erin Hills and the bottom picture is of the old 4th hole. The green isn't there anymore. It's up and to the left. If you can't drive the ball in the 250 range consistently don't play the blues or blacks. There are a ton of forced carries that require 250 yards in the air to get over the tall stuff from the backs. The caddies normally played the blues on calm days for a challenge and greens when it was windy. That's just my 2 cents.