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  1. Hey guys I am graduating with my MBA and undergrad in history. Every year my university selects 6 students to interview and I was selected because of my story. Watch an like please. [VIDEO]http://youtube.com/watch?v=EzVlMWBAELQ[/VIDEO]
  2. Hey guys use to be an ok golfer in my day but I have recently been trying to get back in the game and was having trouble. I read about pure strike and throught I would give it a try. I read about the 5 keys and watched a free intro video and it helped me at the range so I bought the program. I just received the dvd's and am going to document my review in journey through the program here.
  3. Hey thanks I went to the range today and took my old callaway x14[quote name="mvmac" url="/t/74261/losing-relative-yardage-as-i-go-up-in-clubs#post_984867"] Ok so you can look at improving your swing to do that or maybe look at irons with a wide sole/lower center of gravity. Without seeing your swing this is generally a good feel to practice, make sure the weight is forward and "thrust". [/quote] this helped i went to the range today normally i play with titlest AP1s but i found some llld big bertha irons i played back in 05. the BBs were much easier to get off the ground and i am getti
  4. It's where I was before I had my stroke. Before I had my stroke I could hit my 9 and pw further than what I posted too but 100 and 110 feels like a good starting point for me now. but my main point is the difference between what I can do now vs before my stoke, gets larger as I move up in clubs. In fact honestly I could be overestimating when I say 160 as I haven't taken a range finder to it yet as I have for my pw and 9
  5. Thanks I wouldn't say I hit them low but I defiantly could hit them higher
  6. Ok guys In a previous post I mentioned how I have lost my power after having a stroke. Now I have a similar yet different problem I hit my wedge about 100 yards and my 9 iron about 110 so those are in sync to roughly where they should be for me however as I move up in clubs my yards relative to what it should be goes down. for instance I am only hitting my 7 iron about 130 when I should be hitting it 145 and my 5 iron is going 160 when it should be 180 aand so on till i get to my driver which I am hitting no further than my 3 wood off the tee why am I losing yards as I go up?
  7. well as i said just because their are more racers in the race and the race is tighter but its a fallacy to think that means the racers are more talented than those in another race
  8. [QUOTE name="iacas" url="/t/74049/strength-of-field-in-jacks-day-and-tigers-day/54#post_981466"] We don't have to limit them. That's part of the whole point. The modern athlete (in all sports) is BETTER due in part to those types of advances. That's why Olympic records keep getting broken. Humans keep becoming better athletes - they're better at training, they're better at using technology, etc. [/QUOTE] but don't you see a problem with that its like saying Mark Mcgwire or Barry Bonds on steroids is a better hitter than Babe Ruth or Hank Aaron or having Danica Patrik in a Nasscar race M
  9. the problem you have is you don't take into account the resources available to the golfer take the golfers of today and limit them to the the technology and knowledge of the 60s and the would be lost
  10. I will always argue that the golfers of long ago were better than the golfers of today because of what they did with what they had verses what is available today. I mean its no secret Golfers of today have better equipment better training better travel capabilities more time to train better medical care better living arrangements better everything. with the evolution of technology it is logical that scores would get better but as technology gets better the skill and creativity of the player gets worse. Technology makes us stupid and lazy. it make things easier and makes for a better life a
  11. I am tired of this argument that tiger is better than jack things are so different now than what they were then its impossible to even compare what it would be like. On any given day one could beat the other but it would be impossible to tell unless you gave them roughly the same technology and circumstances. There is no doubt the golfers of today have better practice facilities better clubs better lives better nutrition better knowledge better everything. Let me add in ben Hogan to make my point clearer one could make the case ben Hogan was better than both of them think about it.
  12. Hey guys Like I said I am just getting back in to golf after my stroke been to the range everyday for the last 5 days and am progressing quickly but am going to be keeping many of my clubs at home for a while. When I was learning as a kid the 5 7 and 9 were the must have irons now today the dogma seems to be 6 8 and wedge so i decided to give that a try. I was at the range today testing out my clubs to see what I wanted to go with when I started playing in a week or two and I thought the wedge mould be easier than the 9 but I ended up hitting my 9 better today so now I am all crossed up
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