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  1. Thanks for the info. I'm hoping to go to the course tomorrow morning when I get off work. I was thinking I was going to take both drivers with me and just see how I do with the Cleveland again. But I have always hit Nike drivers good. I played the 1.0 performance head last season with the KK black in the X flex. But found I was having to swing way harder it felt to get it to work. I know my SS is around 100-105, which was why I got the X with the covert. I haven't hit the silver enough to see how good it is, but have read reviews that favored it. I'm just kicking the idea around with the Miyazaki, looked on ebay and can get that shaft for 130 with shipping but thought it would be best to research and get opinions first before I go pulling the shaft from one driver into another.
  2. To start off I have two drivers, a Cleveland Classic XL and a Nike Covert 1.0 performance. I currently use the Covert, I have two separate shafts with the flexloft in them a KK black in X and a KK silver in stiff. I decided the X was too much for me and I was having to change my swing for my driver to hit it and started messing up my iron game. So with that said I switched back to the silver. But I also have the Cleveland and I was actually fitted into that driver back in 2013 when it came out. I hit it the best but didn't try the Covert. I remember the guy that fitted me into it said I needed that certain shaft more than the head. It's a Miyazaki b.Asha 4s. Now with all of that out of the way I was wondering would I be able to pull that shaft and add the flexloft to it and fit it into my Covert. Would it be worth it? Also the XL isn't adjustable so I would have to either buy the flexloft and have it put in or pull from the KK black. I intend to sell the KK black and don't know if it would hurt the resale to pull the flexloft or not. Also if I add the flexloft to the Miyazaki will it need to be trimmed down any after the addition of the flexloft adapter? What are some of yalls thoughts on these shafts and how much would it cost me? The only places I have around here that could do it is Golfsmith, Dicks, and Edwin Watts if they do it.
  3. RBZ or Aeroburner iron set

    Thanks, I was just curious about it since they are giving them for joining.
  4. I'm just curious as the club I'm bout to join is running a special for new members that join they can get the new Aeroburner driver and iron set. I figure that's a good deal since they just came out. But I can't really find many reviews on them or how they are compared to the RBZ. I currently have the RBZ irons and I hit them good and I'm not in the market for a new set of irons but I'm not going pass up a free set like this. I'm just curious if anyone on here has tried them or anything and would it be worth it to switch to those or sell them after I get them or keep them till later or what. Any info on the driver would be wonderful too, I'm currently gaming a Covert 1.0 and love that thing. Thanks in advance for the input and if I need to put anything about my swing or anything just let me know.
  5. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I'm a MLT working in the blood bank of a level 1 trauma center. Never a boring night lol
  6. New here

    Thanks guys!
  7. New here

    New to the forum, read some stuff on here before and decided to join.