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  1. I'm just beginning my S&T; journey. I could go on about why I've decided to make the change, but that's for another day. I've been to the range a couple of times to work on things. Overall, I'm pleased. Saturday was a good session, I thought. What I liked the most was that I was hitting the ball flush 90%+ of the time and only hit a couple of fat shots (something I had struggled with lately). In general, my ball flight was a slight push (maybe 10 yard push with a 6I) with a baby draw. I assume that this generally would indicate that I"m still not hitting far enough back on the circle t
  2. picrig

    In a slump?

    I've been in an awful slump that's lasted a couple of months. I had lowered my HC from about 21 to 15 since last summer, and then early this spring got the shanks. Still haven't recovered. Can't hit my drive over 200 anymore unless I've got some wind to help me out. Irons have come back some. Doesn't help that I just moved and haven't gotten out much lately. I have a lesson w/a pro in the area on Friday...hopefully that'll help things.
  3. I think this is a little uncalled for. I don't think the OP is "pilfering chips and putts." As far as I know, getting in some short game practice is typically free of charge at most public courses. The OP didn't say he was heading out to the course in the evenings to "sneak in a few holes for free." Way to encourage golfers who are trying to do their part in the upkeep of their local course. It's something most golfers today should strive to do a little more.
  4. Well, they also have tees at 6200, 6700, and 7300, so it's not as if there aren't options out there for the rest of us. But seriously, I couldn't realistically play that course as a par 72 from the tips. More like a par 82 for me
  5. Definitely wanting to try out the short courses. There's the one at Oxmoor and Hampton Cove has a full 18 hole short course. I'm expecting my iron game to improve a lot. We'll see.
  6. I'm moving to Huntsville, AL in about a month and plan on getting an annual resident's pass to the robert trent jones trail (unlimited greens fees at 9 of 11 sites, 4 of which are w/in an hour of Huntsville). I've yet to squeeze in a round at the Huntsville site (Hampton Cove), although I'm going to try to get in a round when I'm up there looking at houses. Has anyone played at Hampton Cover or any of the other northern trail sites (Silver Lakes, The Shoals, Oxmoor Valley)? How are they?
  7. http://www.rtjgolf.com/rossbridge/scorecard/ Each 9 is over 4000 yards from the tips. There is another course on the RTJ trail (The Shoals) that is over 8000 yards. Don't think I'll ever be playing from the tips at either place. When the shortest par 4 on the course is 454 yards, you know it's for big hitters only.
  8. I just started working at the course where I take lessons (private club in town) and during some down time, the pro and I went out to the range and put my swing on video really quickly. I had developed a bad case of the shanks over the previous couple of days. It's amazing how bad your swing looks on video when you see it. We only reviewed it quickly since I was on the clock and will go over it a little more tomorrow when I have a lesson (I'd post it here, but it's still just on his computer), but here are the main things we saw. My backswing and position at the top look pretty good (in f
  9. As a career as in a touring professional? Odds are no, although I won't say never. Some other sort of career in the golf profession (sales rep, club pro, course general manager, etc), by all means. I've dropped my handicap about 9 strokes over the last year and am keeping that downward trend going and am shooting to pass my PAT in a couple years and try to make it as a club pro or teaching pro. To make it as a touring pro you would have to have sponsors/funding that would allow you to make golf your profession right now. Practice every day, all day, get the best instruction, and you coul
  10. Glebert, glad I could explain it. I used the "one wedge" chipping system for a while until my pro taught me the rule of 12. My chipping has been much more consistent since.
  11. For true chip shots (shots where there is no forced carry over a bunker, water, etc, and where you can have more roll than carry), I like to use the Rule of 12 . Basically it says that for any given club in your bag, (say a 9I in this example), you can determine the carry/roll ratio by subtracting the club number from 12 (12-9=3). So in the case of the 9I, it will carry 1/3 of the way and roll 2/3. A 5I would be 12-5=7, so it would carry 1/7 and roll 6/7. When chipping, I simply count off the number of steps to the edge of the green and the number of total steps to the hole. Say it's
  12. Just thought I'd look for more opinions on this because, hey, as golfers, we want as many thoughts going through our head as possible. I just got back from a lesson w/my pro. We've been working together for a couple months and have made good progress on my swing to the point where if you saw me on video, you'd at least say, "Yeah, pretty good swing." Problems still to be ironed out, but making progress. Here's my recent (and extended) problem. Inconsistent face contact. Occasionally, my pro will watch my swing and ignore ball flight and ask me where the ball went. He can say, "everythin
  13. 26 putts two times. Admittedly, I only hit 4 and 2 GIR in those rounds. I have several other rounds at 27 or 28, but haven't been able to get to 25 yet. I'd gladly trade some putts for some more GIR, though.
  14. A 195 yard 3H into a 20 mph headwind. Nice little 3-4 yard draw to 10 feet. I proceeded to burn the edge with my birdie putt, but man the shot onto the green felt good.
  15. I'll be playing Panther Lake and Crooked Cat at Orange County National in June. Not top of the line, but a whole lot better than what I'm playing right now!
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