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  1. This is me too. I used just walk up to my ball and take a hack. I figured i could duff it with or without a warm-up swing so why bother. Now i've gotten better and need to slow down sometimes. A few weeks ago i went out as a single and was playing really fast and poor b/c of it. Then i caught up to a foursome that was playing at a decent foursome pace. They looked shocked when i said i didn't want to play through and not to feel rushed b/c of me behind them.
  2. I play the callaway x-prototypes and love, Love, LOVE them! They aren't much/any harder to hit than the TM MC, for me at least. Now they are called the Razr X Musclebacks. Callaway also has the Razr X forged which is a forged CB iron which i like too. You should look at the Titelist 712 CB's, and ping S59(?) and Ansers. they look sweet but i haven't hit them myself. Anyway, are you more of a picker or digger? The callaways have alot of bounce and are better for people like me with a steep swing. They have honestly made a HUGE difference in the size of my divots. Like i s
  3. OK, I'll be honest. I wasn't offended at all. In fact i don't think what SW said was racist. I was just trying to prove a point about how easily almost anything someone says in regards to race can be seen as racist. I honestly don't think you are racist. However, what you said could and is considered prejudiced. Look at the second definition here. http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/prejudice Something as simple as saying "Tiger Woods is a very articulate black man" is viewed by some as being prejudiced because it means you wouldn't expect a black man to be articulate. Y
  4. What are you, racist? Are you trying to imply all black people like to fight and resort to violence immediatly when they don't like someone or something they said? Are you implying he'll get "jumped" by a "gang" of black guys for calling one of them "black ----?" I honestly can't believe we are still stuck with this mentality in AmeriKKKa! all you are doing is perpetuating the idea that all young black men are "Thugs" that will commit assault if "dissed." I bet you hope stevie gets some "capps" in his white "a******" ETA: i'm sure you'll come back and try to say you really aren't r
  5. i just finished playing my first non-practice round with my blades. I tied my personal best 10 over. but this was my lowest round of 81. It was also on a tough course, that i've never played before and the greens were airated (sp?)!!! i had 3 birdies and missed 2 more from inside 10 ft!!! I don't remember where i was going with this but the blades helped me focus more on solid contact and distance control. Usually i tried to squeeze every yard i could out of each iron. Today i took all variables into consideration and then picked the iron, no matter what the number on the bottom said.
  6. On monday i got a set my set of Callaway TA x-prototype irons in the mail. I've played 25 holes with them so far and from that time, i would only say a CB would have helped 2-4 times. Now, i hit some shots that no club would have helped like a thinned or heavy shot. On the other hand, i've hit more GIR's and i've been money with the short irons and PW. I'm like a 12 hc and im a good ball striker who was scared of blades before but there not that bad. Life is too short to not play with what you want.
  7. try choking down on the grip. When i really need to find a fairway, i do this.
  8. They don't get paid so they are not pro's. And to the above post, bethpage is only like $65 for state residents...thats not that bad. And its not accessible b/c its such a great deal.
  9. As long as it was open to the general public (public or semi-private) i would putt to your hearts desire. I could only see this being a problem on a private course. Anyway, i just got back from the putting green at the muni 20 minutes ago...good session today.
  10. Look into the Callaway FT-iz. They are right in your price range and long and stupid straight from everything i've heard. If your normal miss is a slice i'd recommend the regular version. If you're a hooker, then the tour version may fit you better. I'd still go to dicks to at least get a good idea of what type of shaft you need. And If you do get the ft-iz, then maybe get the i-mix version. It makes it very easy to change shafts with it. Since your new, your swing may change, and if it does, you may need a new shaft as well. just my .02 http://www.callawaygolfpreowned.com
  11. it also has a shorter and oftentimes heavier shaft. the shorter shaft will make it easier to square the club face. the heavier shaft slows down some people's swings and improves tempo. Also, 3w isn't as long (distance wise) as driver. So balls hit off line won't go as far into the rough/trees as driver.
  12. Once i got to the 16th tee at my course and saw a coyote puppy by the bushes to the left. Well i hooked my ball near him and he pounced on it like a toy. then he picked it up and ran off with it. Coolest way to lose a pro v ever!
  13. I think Adams Golf is a brand you should really take a look at. They make great irons, (i game some a4r's) and do not hold their resale value very well. So used sets can be found cheap online. Heck, i got my irons new for $299!!! Take a look at adams. Also, check out callawaygolfpreowned.com/ Its a great place to fine used callaway clubs in great shape at great prices. And if you sign up to their website, they will e-mail you promo codes.
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