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  1. Lol. Sad. But funny. My dad hit into a tree about 175 away last week. We found his ball and a dead bird under it. I told him that was bad luck. Then he took my money and has every time out since. Maybe i should find a bird
  2. Yes forty from a new set. I was blown away. My old set was 20 years old......but still. Funny thing is, i thought my hc would drop like a rock. It hasnt but the potential to make it so is there. I just suck lately. Iron play is great. Now i have tee trouble and putter trouble. ahhhhhhhh. Great game!
  3. Sometimes its not a loft issue. Sometimes its old tech For example my old pings were a 7i for 115 yards. I bought new taylormades. Now i hit a 7 at 155 yards Easy to stick the green Used to have to hit a 4i at 150 and it would come in too hot to stick the green
  4. I bought a membership at the local nine hole last year. Total dog track. Hate the course. I sand trap on the whole thing. One water hazard. Skunk torn greens. But i played it. A lot. At sunrise twice a week and whenever i could during the day. I went from shooting 120 to mid eighties by the end of the summer. That course began my golf journey. Now i hardly ever go there but it birthed my game. I found it worth it. You might too if you are looking at it as a free range and realistic practice more than playing "goff"
  5. I sit my butts on the hand cart or cart floor so the mouthpiece never touches. Is it important? Who knows. Surely there is plenty of weedkiller on the smoke itself from when it was grown but u gotta try.......
  6. 82 at winding brook valatie ny I just remember feeling in control. It was "boring" golf for me
  7. Hey hector. No worries. I have picked up and hit womens clubs by mistake at golf galaxy. Likely they are very much less stiff of a shaft than your mens clubs. So they kick over at a different piont and feel totally different. The club doesnt care about genitalia, it only knows seing speed and angle. I think thats why you are liking them, but i could be wrong.
  8. Lolllllllllllllll. I teach pistol. I never touch without asking Ever
  9. All the time. An inch for every five yards or so. Also lowers ball flight
  10. Im around a 15 hc right now. Was 13 most of the summer last year. Average straight drive carries 220 or so. A bomb with a slight draw can carry 260 When i hit a fade on purpose its about 195 carry
  11. Howdy. Ive been there. Also while doing swing changes. My best advice is that a pros swing may not fit you. Simplify things. Take a few days off from golf. Start again with your old swing. And then work on one thing at a time. I try to limit my swing thoughts as much as possible Right now for me i think two things Backswing : stack Downswing: push off of my right foot Any more than that and i find myself undecided midseing and all kinds of contact problems arise. Since i limited my thoughts my rounds have been steady eighties.
  12. You dont have to walk back. U can hit edit, add tee shot. Lots of good stuff in there. Im still learning it. And yes, amazing how i drive longer than most i play with, but now know i avg only 220. Been working on it all week now that i know its so short
  13. Im not close to scratch, but what works for me is the tees under arms drill. Impossible to lift yiur arms while holding them. And feeling my back of the right arm attached to my side in the downswing. Huge leap forward for me using this thought. Shot an 85 first time out with it, vs my usual mid low 90 at this course. And i had 38 putts. All long game. Longer flat spot
  14. Id be fine with a forced carry topped out at 185 or so from the whites. That way, short or long hitter, as long as the ball is struck well you are rewarded. For me it could be just a 50 yard carry. If i hit it wrong i wont clear that either
  15. Thanks gents! I enjoyed making it and am loving playing it. Sank a birdie put on the eighteenth with it yesterday from about twelve feet to make 88 for the day. Always a nice suprise to make the eight handle on a lack luster day.
  16. Thanks guys! It is balanced stright across face. 1 degree of loft. Ive been working on a low stroke, and this allows me to forget the big forward press to deloft the putter. Its extra weight (i didnt weight the head alone but figure it is 75% heavier than my blade putter) takes the wobble i had out of my backstroke. Most of all it just gives me confidence. Something i only had on certain days previously. And i named it BB. (Ball beater) :)
  17. Hey all, I blacksmith for fun and by necessity on my farm, and have been wanting to make a putter for a long time. I stroked many at golf galaxy last year and there was always something i didn't like about them. a couple of three putts this year finally got me off my butt and i made this ball beater out of spring steel off of one of our big farm trucks. The steel face really strikes the ball nice. lots of feel to it compared to my old synthetic insert mallet putter i had. anyway, i was able to create the weight i like (heavier than anything i found on the rack), and of course the o
  18. On the legs thing, they are very active in that the leg leg thrusts up on the downswing, adding power by the bundle. The hip slide seems pretty important to my shots as well, for good contact and therfor power. But i dont have it all nailed down yet. And i am no single digit.
  19. What works for me is setting up striaght on the ball. But when i swing through i try to have some lag for speed and that effectively does deloft me. I have a 160 yard 6 iron, and 120 yard 9 iron currently to give you an idea of where i am
  20. S and t works for me. N or at least all the parts i can execute now. I knoe i have some old swing in there still. I can still fade. I can draw. And i can hit striaght. Trouble is just amount of draw. But i am going to work on this alot today
  21. Yes the thirty yards is push right off the fairway, then returning to center pretty consistently. I am not drawing the irons hardly at all and am happy with that. I use an old taylormade driver that has weights set to draw. I think ill move them back to neutral and see if that takes it to a more normal draw. It is hard to count on it drawing that much. But i want to continue to hit the swing because im driving an honest 250-265 now. 25 yards better than my straight ball old swing
  22. Good tip thanks. I didnt have any hooks. But a straighter draw would be nicer. Right now the ball is moving about thirty yards. So i have to trust it. I hit one striaght and was in the rough right. Luckily it was a forgiving hole
  23. So i switched to stack and tilt, and have begun hitting a nice draw off the tee. Trouble with that is i am hitting a draw when i shouldnt sometimes. Mental errors. Yesterday i shot a 39 on the front and then starting playing with things on the back and ended with a 46 like hitting a big draw around a dogleg to find out it was an optical illusion and i hit a great ball right into the trees. Unfamiliar with the course obviously. But anyway just wanted to lament having a new shot be like a new toy, and cant help but use it even when you shouldnt! But still. 85 is my best this season a
  24. 85 at dinsmore in ny Hit all fairways but one. And made some great up and downs Approach still needs work as only 33% gir.
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