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  1. Royal Links is an absolutely amazing golf course. Its modeled after some excellent European holes and it does a great job at remaking them. Great shape, you can get a caddie if you like. I HIGHY recommend it, as he did wonder's for our group and was always on top of where to hit it, how to hit it, and he knew where everybody's ball was, even if you didn't. Great course!
  2. You MUST ask permission from the courses. Its private property and you can get nailed for trespassing. The courses won't just "let" you dive in for free though. Often times, you have to pay THEM per ball you collect. Sometimes, you can get away with giving them a certain amount of balls back in return for diving rights. I was a certified diver for some time and had been on many dives before attempting hazard diving. It is considered the most dangerous type of recreational diving due to zero visibility. SO many of your lifelines are eliminated due to zero visibility. Can't see air or depth gauge. Can't tell which way is up because you cant see your bubbles. Your equilibrium can be EASILY distorted. Lots of hazards on the bottom easy to get caught up in and the most common cause of death in this kind of diving is drowning. Its not for the squeamish or weak of heart. I'd say if your dad is an experienced diver, he could probably handle this. It takes some time to get used to navigating in pitch black water, lots of noobs go in circles and don't find many balls in the beginning. I've heard horror stories of people dying under there because they just don't know what they are getting into. I'm available to answer any questions he might have though. Always willing to help.
  3. Yeah I dove for them. Most of them Im guessing can be cleaned by methods mentioned above. But some of them have discoloring due to being in the mud. I know this stuff comes off, because I can scrape it off with my fingernail, but Im not going to have fingers left If I attempt that method on 10,000 golf balls. If I can find an efficient method of cleaning them, you bet I'll sell them back on here at some pretty good prices!
  4. I have emailed 4 different distributors now. Closest one is in Iowa. I will wait till Monday Im assuming to receive a reply. If I can get a good method to clean all these balls, I would love to sell them back to my fellow golfers and very competitive price.
  5. This may be a long shot as Im not so sure many will have much knowledge on the subject, but here it goes. As of recent, I have been diving for balls in the water hazards at my local courses and some around the area. I have accumulated a very large amount of golf balls. I was just giving them back to the courses in return for season passes, range passes, etc. Well, I am at my limit. The courses have way more balls than they will need and I have season passes to like 8 courses in the area and they don't want/need anymore balls. Only one problem, I have thousands of balls left over and there are a TON more to be had in those hazards. I need to get rid of them, but don't really know how to go about it yet. Can I sell them to a used ball distributor like lostgolfballs.com, golfballsdirect.com, etc.? If that doesn't work, how can I clean them well enough to sell myself? I've heard lots of different methods on how to clean large amounts of golf balls at a time, but have yet to find a majority, positive answer that has been proven to work. From bleach, oxy-clean, dishwashers, washing machines, dish soap, dishwasher soap, and a range of chemicals I've read them all it seems like. Any ideas? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  6. www.lostgolfballs.com End of story!!! I've been ordering from that site for 2 years now. 1st quality ProV1's look, play, and feel like brand new balls. The 2nd quality balls are mostly only 2nd quality because they have a logo of some sort on them. RARELY any kind of scuff or bruise or even a mark. I buy the second quality and cannot honestly tell between a new ProV1 and a 2nd quality ProV1 from lostgolfballs.com.
  7. Another vote for SuperQuad here. I love that club!!!
  8. I totally agree with getting I5's if you want to start improving your game. I started with I5's at about a 20 handicap or so. I JUST switched to a more blade style iron after 2 solid years with the Pings. You cant go wrong with the I5's. GREAT IRONS.
  9. Not a bad looking swing to be honest. Like mentioned before though, the outside in is the main cause for your slicing/pulls. If you notice in the vids, the shaft of the club on the way down is not in the same line with your left arm at the top. If you work on that, then concentrate on bring the club down on the same plane as your leading arm, it will help a lot.
  10. I've been using the SuperQuad for about a year now. Switched to it from the 425. Excellent choice in my opinion. I love it and haven't looked back!
  11. grip size is more of a personal preference and/or hand size thing. Have you ever been sized/fitted for grips before? Are you having them done by a shop or are you doing them yourself? Either way, getting fitted will take the guessing out of the picture then once you're fit for grips, you wont have to change it unless the size of your hands or you develop a preference for a different size.
  12. Well, I wouldn't recommend doing this as a full time swing cure, but more of a fix in my opinion just so you get the hang of proper swing plane. Bring the club back WAY to the inside on the takeaway. This way, it will be hard to mock this plane on the downswing. Almost to the point of feeling uncomfortable on the takeaway, but more comfortable on the downswing. I wouldn't even watch where the ball is going with this swing as the results probably wont be that great. Its more of a "get the proper feel" type thing. After the downswing gets to be more comfortable and not so much inside, adjust the backswing to a more normal plane and see if you can repeat the downswing you felt comfortable with. This is how I taught myself how to play golf. It may not work for everybody and Im sure there are other tips you will receive, this is just what works for me. I've never had a lesson. Just video analysis. It can do WONDERS!!!
  13. Well, I finally pulled the trigger on a set of Mizuno MP 67's. The last 8 months I've been trying different irons and had them narrowed down to the either the Mizuno MP 60's or the 67's. I really liked the 60's and compared to the 67's, I didn't really feel that much of a difference. If anything, the consistency was better with the 67's. I walked into the Pro Shop and went straight for the demo MP 60 and 67 to yet again test the two out. Once again, Im still having a hard time deciding between the two. I walk back into the pro shop after hitting at least a bucket with each and he throws me a deal I just couldn't refuse on the 67's. He had a set of the 67's in stock on display but no 60's on display or in stock. He told me he would give me the 67's for what he paid for them just to get them off his wall. I said, "throw in installed new decade multi-compounds and you have a deal". He agreed. Im pumped to play these irons. I truly believe they will "force" me to become a better golfer. To the owner's of 67's, how do you like them?
  14. When I got into golf, I had no idea how much of an actual science it can be. It has taught me many things including how to harness my patience level. Im sure he will love the sport once he gets passed the "beginner frustration" that everyone of us has/or still is going through. It will be a great experience and Im looking forward to some warm weather!
  15. Well, looks like two votes for the "Golf for Dummies" so far. I did think about lessons, but not sure if even those are too advanced for him right now??? Would they teach him the very basics...setup, grip, basic swing mechanics? Im sure they would, Im just not positive as I haven't taken a lesson. Im more of a visual learner and so is he. We would both rather "watch" or "read" to learn something. He's a very patient, strong willed man. In his younger days, he practiced Japanese Karate for for 17 years so he knows how long you have to work at something to achieve your goals. He sais, "If I can do Karate, I can do this"...I chuckled. I told him he has no idea what he's getting into...haha. (Addiction) I will pass on all the advice and really take into consideration a lesson or two to get him on the right track.
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