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  1. I was at the game last night and we walked around the entire time to see the game from different vantage points. Though I'm a passive Mets fan, I was excited to go to the game more to see Kershaw. And I must say, watching him pitch from centerfield was incredible. He didn't have his best curveball, but the slider really kept the Mets guessing and made many of them look silly at the plate. I agree...there was too much focus by both the fans (and I'm assuming the Mets players) to get revenge on Utley. IMO it took players' and fans' attention away from the game and from focusing more
  2. So excited that I broke 90 for the first time today. I shot an 89 on Bethpage Blue (my best score to date!). My short game was on fire and I really felt like I was playing golf the way it was meant to be played. Got a little nervous at the end once I realized I might break 90 and ended up with a double on 18, but thank goodness it was still enough to put me under!
  3. Good news for me - got cleared by the doctor to play! Interesting note - he mentioned it would be more difficult on my back when swinging shorter clubs and less strenuous for longer irons and woods. He said it was because of the deeper divots associated with shorter clubs.
  4. Interested to see how Spieth comes out playing on Thursday and Friday. He's repeatably told the media that he's over the Masters and ready to move on. I get the feeling he's being honest. I know there's more talk about Rory, Rickie, and others, but I think at the very least we'll see Spieth in contention on Sunday.
  5. After the Master's, Geoff Shackelford on his new golf podcast Shackhouse, mentioned that multiple foreign TV broadcasts of the tournament had been showing the shot tracker on most or all full shots. I think it's possible, but it takes some investment on the part of GC, CBS, NBC, etc. Between CBS and NBC, NBC (and thus GC) does a better job with their shot tracker. Though I would say both fall way short of what golf fans are looking for.
  6. It will be good karma for him come the weekend!
  7. Anxiously waiting to go to the doctor tomorrow. It's been 2.5 weeks since my first doctor's visit and a week since the one after than. I was very methodical and committed to the workout he gave me, so I'm hoping I'll get some sort of clearance to begin swinging and/or exercising again. I've been antsy all week to get out on the course - doesn't help that the weather in Boston has been sunny and 70 for the last three days.
  8. That's also something I see pros doing often during a round. I can only seem to get myself to do it on those hot, humid summer days. Maybe I should get into the habit of doing it every time, even if it just means avoiding the infamous glove tan. Not to mention the day after the round when you check your bag and all the sweat dried and the glove is all crinkled up.
  9. My mistake, I can't do math in the morning lol. When I played it, it was 608 from the back tees, or about 130yds farther than the white tees....my original post said 180
  10. Last year, I started to remove my glove when I got to the green and my putting speed greatly improved. The putterhead just felt so much more free flowing.
  11. Black doesn't distract me, but I feel so much more confident with white. I started playing golf with a black glove, but I quickly realized how much better I felt on the tee with a white glove. Some weird psychological thing, but hey, whatever works right?
  12. Since I usually don't play from the tips, I think the longest par 5 I've played was around 530. But I do remember playing the par 5 13th at Bethpage Black. From the middle tees, it was 480, but from the tips, it was 608. I remember just looking back 130yds and trying to actually locate the tee box. It looked like it was on a different hole.
  13. When I started playing, I used a Footjoy Weathersof because that's what my father gave me. I haven't used any other glove since. I love the feel and the durability. For Christmas, I received a few new gloves (I think Top Flite), but I can't get myself to use them. I tend to build up my stock of Footjoy gloves whenever the sales happen, and usually I have enough to last me through a full season at any given time. Perhaps I should consider being a little more open-minded. I would be open to suggestions.
  14. Do you notice any difference in your grip pressure or in anything else (other than the fact that you're playing better) when you played without a glove? I always just assumed that if I didn't wear a glove, I'd be getting major calluses.
  15. http://www.pgatour.com/power-rankings/2016/05/09/the-players.html/?cid=HP_T1 Any idea why they leave Day out of the top 5 in the power rankings? He's #1 in the world and arguably the best short game player right now. I do remember reading that some were concerned about his driving accuracy. Is Sawgrass a particularly narrow course?
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