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  1. The only one I ever got was on Tiger Woods PGA Tour '14 for PS3 haha Congrats, that's awesome!!
  2. I haaaate it. Of all the dumb@$$ things to say. Have always thought it was ridiculous, and let's face it - it's pretty played out at this point. Yell something else already, at least that fat redneck in his trucker hat and strip club t-shirt had originality a quarter decade ago.
  3. I'm not a good golfer, am still learning, but I do love it. Historically, anything below about a 5i I slice so wildly off course I rarely pull anything less. My short game is OK, but my 1st and 2nd swings are always rubbish. Then today, something amazing happened... I had the day off so called for a tee time for one. Got there and got put in with a pair, which made me kinda nervous. My first 3 holes were terrible, but the guys I was with were worse. One of them cracks a tallboy and says "F*** it, let's not even keep score", so I decided to goof off. Tee'd off on the 4th with my 3i for poops n giggles, but only used about a half backswing, maybe to 11 o'clock. It split the fairway at 180yds. I used the same swing on my second shot and landed 10ft away from the cup on a Par 4. I kept using the same swing, and had the same results. I know Turnberry is a relatively easy course with no crazy hazards or anything, but by the back 9 I was either paring every hole or +1, maybe +2. I was getting better distance. I shot STRAIGHT with my 3W and 3i both, which has never happened. I've never broken 100, but I kept score myself on the back 9 and played +8, which includes the one I lost in tall grass. I can't imagine that it's a good thing to not take a full swing, and it's not like I think I can play Muirlfield or Doral now or anything, but if I can play like this on the regular, WHY NOT?? Most fun I've ever had on a golf course, it feels freaking GREAT to play well. OK, most fun I've ever had on a golf course sober
  4. I hit a small bucket of balls last night for the first time since injuring my back in March, am sore as balls today, too. Hope you're back out there soon.
  5. will be really curious to see people's reviews. I am still on the fence, I kind of want one because the Apple Watch is cool, but I kind of don't want one because I have an i6Plus already and $500 is not exactly lunch money. It does have a shload of really great health features I like, though...
  6. That may be the greatest thing I've ever read! Even just coming back to things, I spent a whole lot of time (and cheddar! ) buying the best clubs I could afford and that felt right instead of the starter bag that comes in a box. I'm by no means a seasoned veteran like many here, but my money tree is still just a sapling - I didn't buy a full set of clubs with the intent to do the same thing again 12 mos later. If I somehow outgrow these too quickly, then OK, but otherwise...? Is a huge step up from the set of craptastic used clubs I learned on and had for 5yrs.
  7. I have had nothing but internet at home for about six years now. I stream Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime all through my game console, or tablet when I'm out and about. I'm an avid Bears fan living in Bengals and Browns country, and have both the Masters and Wimbledon marked off on my calendar every year, because that's when the world stops. With a little hunting, you can live stream just about any sporting event worldwide. I spend under $70 a month for everything when just the basic TWC package somehow always came out to about $110/mo after random fees and fine print, more if I wanted Golf Channel or anything else that might be interesting to me. I do miss something every now and then or have to pay a one-time fee to stream (like the Olympics at 4AM when NBC is showing Shark vacuum informercials instead of the volleyball finals. Not that I'm still bitter or anything), but I still get to watch almost everything I want without a hitch. Of course, people like me will probably lead to this.
  8. I played around with a few before sticking to GolfLogix. I really like how you can map courses and plan shots, track progress, etc. I know the other apps do the same thing, I just liked the mechanics and graphics better.
  9. Was just thinking to myself that I wonder how long it would take some redneck to Tim Taylor more power into one. If they catch on, you know it's coming!
  10. Anybody got thirty grand you're not sure what to do with laying around? [URL=http://m.hammacher.com/Product/Default.aspx?sku=12470]http://m.hammacher.com/Product/Default.aspx?sku=12470[/URL]
  11. Anybody got thirty grand you're not sure what to do with laying around? [URL=http://m.hammacher.com/Product/Default.aspx?sku=12470]http://m.hammacher.com/Product/Default.aspx?sku=12470[/URL]
  12. I found a used RBZ rescue 4 hybrid at Golf Galaxy for $29. For that price, just about anything is worth taking a flyer on, and if it turns out to not be something you'll use, you're only out a third of what it would have cost new. CL is great for getting some of that money back, too.
  13. It's hard to beat Tin Cup. Man, that's a great movie! Waiting for new Pixar movie comes out in June, they are always great. Avengers and Star Wars are the other big ones so far I'm looking forward to. Is a CGI Peanuts movie coming out late in the year, too - not sure how I feel about that, but will probably watch it.
  14. I loooooved the DDH back in the late 90s. Ball of choice now is Solo DT. Am back to golf after a long break (so basically new), feels the best for me. For just goofing around and hitting into the woods, though, I bought a 5-gal bucket of mower-fodder and pond finds off of CL. I figure the best ball in the world won't fly that much straighter if you're not striking the ball well to begin with.
  15. New to site, and did not read all of the nearly 300 pages of posts before this. Are we talking strictly about athletic talent and wins, or are we talking full package? I think Jack has probably done more for golf as an institution, but then again, is significantly older than Tiger. I just haven't see Tiger doing all the philanthropic things that Jack has other the length of his career. I find Tiger to be aloof and sometimes even abrasive in interviews, and Jack has almost infallibly been a class act. I'm from central Ohio and have met him a few times before, he is as kind a guy as he seems on camera, will take the time to talk to anyone. I'm biased, I admit. That said, though, Tiger changed golf more dramatically than what I feel like Jack did. Tiger elevated it and made it a major sport instead of something that old men sat around and watched on Sundays. Tiger pulled a new generation into the sport, and you can't deny the influence he had when you see the influx of all these new young golfers. So, Tiger is younger and doesn't have as many titles, can be a real jackass, but brought the game to a whole generation and may have been a major reason we have most of the young golfers we have now. I don't know what that makes either aside from very, very good. ...I somehow wrote this whole thing without addressing that both were/are just plain dominant on the course in their time. .