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  1. Club Rat I suspect it is going to end up being flat because I am actually putting it on a terrace. From what I am hearing I am hearing 3-4 holes will be fine but placed so that they can be approached from different positions. Russ, I very well could end up with a clown face and a windmill on this thing. It is really for my husband and his friends (I'll take the good wife award now thank you lol) but we have a competitive 9 year old son who will probably use it for target practice!
  2. If I thought about it I would have made the question into a poll. Great thoughts everyone. I get it re not too many holes. Thanks
  3. I am thinking of putting in an artificial outdoor putting green in a 16x23 space. The width will be 14 or 15 ft. How many holes would you suggest? What can I do to make it interesting. Thanks Sherry