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  1. Playing with friends helps me a lot. Using game golf during my rounds has helped a lot too. It allows me to focus on my shots instead of my score.
  2. I need new shoes and I would like to get a new set of irons.
  3. I went to the range today and hit a bunch of balls. I focused half of my time on my priority pieces(less shoulder/hip turn during back swing). I hit most of my shots with my 6 iron. I also worked on pitching, chipping, and some putting today. For pitching I was work on distance control. For chipping I worked on chipping the ball out of deep rough.
  4. I worked on the same thing I did yesterday. I did some mirror work before showering this morning. I focused on not over turning my hips during the back swing.
  5. Mirror work today. I made slow back swings focusing on not over rotating my hips.
  6. Today I went to the range and hit a small bucket of balls. I had 2-3 practice swings before each shot. I worked on not over turning my hips during the back swing. I would hit about 5 shots then I would record a shot. My lower body is becoming very quite during my back swing.
  7. I did the office chair drill today. I focused on not over turning my hips during the back swing.
  8. Today I made slow swings in the yard. I worked on not over turning my hips during my back swing. I did this for 10-20 mins. I recorded all my swings so I could make sure what I was feeling was correct.
  9. Pushed my office chair around. Worked on getting my weight forward and not turning my hips to much during my back swing.
  10. I think the rest of my season will take place on the course. I'm way to comfortable on the range and way to nervous/timid on the course.
  11. 36 holes today. Thick rough is brutal. Chipping was a nightmare today.
  12. Game Golf along with some NxT Tour balls. What a great investment
  13. Over the past month I've been working on getting my weight forward and shortening my back swing. I'm more consistently getting my weight forward. I've noticed that it's starting to happen with out me thinking about it. Things really started to click after i changed how i practiced. I'm trying to do less range work and more mirror work. When I go to the range I practice really slow. I also stopped hitting large/medium buckets. I'm starting to work on getting my weight forward while keeping my head behind the ball. Is there a good way to practice this? I've been using the sh
  14. Slow swings in the yard working on getting weight forward and keeping my right tricept against my rib cage.
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