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  1. I recently started playing the TM Burner Plus irons as well and love them. I decided I wanted more forgiveness than my Titleists had been providing. I don't know what Wilsons you were playing, but the TMs are essentially one club stronger across the set from most irons I have checked out. My TM 4 iron has the same specs(loft and length) as my Titleist 3 iron(and my old 1972 Walter Hagen 2 iron). I just ignore the 4 on the sole and treat it as my 3 iron and so on. The stronger loft and added length is how the TMs can provide more distance than the competitors. I also tried the S&T; swing a few
  2. I have always replaced the flat faced grip with round ones. My first putter was an old bullseye style that came with a round grip. When I got my first ping anser, the flat grip just felt wrong. My Odyssey 2 Ball and Cleveland Classic both have Tacki Mac wrap style regular club grips on them.
  3. I called Nike Customer Service and they verified that a few non-STR8 Dymo's were released with the STR8 upgraded shaft. I had a $20 off coupon and a $30 Rewards certificate, so went to Dick's yesterday and picked it up. $50 for a new Dymo 10.5 ain't bad at all. Now if I could just have some days off without rain, I would be happy.
  4. I went to my local Dick's Sporting Goods last night to get some tees, balls, and such. I just happened to be checking out their sale items and ran across an odd Nike Dymo driver. I have the Dymo2 3 wood and love it, and have thought about getting a Dymo driver. Although this Dymo is not a STR8 fit, it does have the yellow UST Proforce 79 shaft like the STR8s. All of the non STR8s that I have seen, have the black 55gram Wide Body shaft. One other thing, the top of the club had no alignment marking. The salesman had no information about these differences. It has a legit serial number on the head
  5. I'll try not to make this too long, but here goes. In Feb 2010, after alot of hard work and practice, I got my handicap to single digits(barely at 9.4). In March 2010, I had to put a sudden stop to golf due to injury, surgery, and work. I realized that the small amount of free time I had, was going to be devoted to my wife and kids. Now, I am healed and work is easier and less time consuming. The problem is, I can no longer swing like I did previously and will not be able too. I no longer have the hip and spine rotation that I did. Due to this my distances have dropped approx. 2 clubs from pre
  6. One box of Titleist NXT Tours, two Titleist visors, and an Alabama Crimson Tide headcover for my driver.
  7. I play a Nike Dymo2 15*, that I absolutely love(my signature says so). I played a Callaway Steelhead until a few months ago(10 years in the bag). I never thought that club would leave my bag, the 5 wood is still in there. I wanted to try some newer clubs since I have had success with a newer driver, the Nike won me over. What I like most about the Dymo, is the sole. It is shaped and deep, making it ideal for the fairway, rough, and tee. I hate fairway woods that have essentially a flat sole and shallow face. If I wanted to play a hybrid, I would get a hybrid.
  8. OK, I demoed three drivers today; the Diablo, Dymo2, and Monster. I really disliked the Diablo, I simply did not like anything about it. After a little while on the range, I did not take it to the course. The Dymo2 was very nice. It has to be the straightest driver I have ever hit. The Monster was wonderful. Since my broken driver was an XLS, it just felt normal for me. So guess what, I got the Monster in 10.5* with the Aldila Voodoo regular. The head shape, sound, shot shape, and feel were all in my comfort zone. Thanks guys for the recommendations and advice. The Monster just won me over.
  9. Is that the range next to Intergraph where the driving range targets 565? If so that may be my ticket. I know of one shop in Huntsville that has a 4 day demo also. I think I might check them out this afternoon.
  10. OK, I have been thinking about a new driver for awhile. Luckily for me , my daughter accidently broke the shaft on my HiBore XLS(no encouragement, she did it on her own) last night at the range. By the time I pay for a new shaft, I could get new driver. The two drivers I am considering are the Nike Dymo2 or Callaway Diablo, due to new models released and lower prices. I absolutely love my Dymo2 3 wood, but the Diablo looks very interesting. Any advice on these two drivers would be appreciated. I have limited funding, so please don't advise a $300-$500 driver. I would rather spend that extr
  11. If anyone watched the episode of Trump's Fab World of Golf or whatever, they would know that Jerry Rice is nowhere near a 2 handicap. I wonder how many of these guys actually have an official USGA handicap or even understand how a handicap is calculated. It ain't just strokes over par.
  12. Yes, I played on my high school team. My freshman handicap was 11 or so, by my senior year I carried a 4. I am positive I could make the team today, if I had the amount of practice time I had back then. I actually got to play against Stewart Cink's high school team, we lost.
  13. I love my NXT Tours, but thinking about trying something different. The Taylormade balls are peaking my interest.
  14. I have TT DG R300 in all of my fairway woods(3,5,7), I just prefer the feel of steel. I did have the stock graphite in my Nike Dymo2 3 wood, but changed it out a couple of weeks ago.
  15. 14 are in the stand bag, but I find myself playing alot with just a Sunday bag and 6-7 clubs. I still shoot close to my handicap too.
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