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  1. You know if you have your old set I would take them both over to the range and work it out. You don't want to make an adjustment like that and find out it creates another problem. At worst if you hit them side by side you can be confident if you have the lie changed that it was necessary. --------------------------------------------- In My Slazenger Raw Distance Stand Bag 400 Launcher Gold Stiff 8.5* Orlimar TriMetal 13* 3/5 Hybrid 19* DCI 981 3-PW TTDG Stiff RTG 588 52* Anser 2 E5+
  2. V - Did you hit the ball left much with your old clubs? I would be careful about adjusting the lie. When you get a new set of clubs the first thing you want to do is hit them farther than your old set. When I first got my irons I didn't realize that I was getting too aggressive which led to being over the top on more shots than not.
  3. Fantastic Chart! The "relationship" column kind of hits the nail on the head. MHers are going to have a high correlation between GIR and Pars per round because it takes double or worse out of the equation for the most part. Most of us MHers will post a good number when we avoid the big numbers. The question for most of us is how to make more pars than bogeys consistently. Ralph Maltby http://www.ralphmaltby.com/348 has a great template that he uses for club fitting by keeping stats on very specific things based around what clubs you use for each shot in a round. Anyone who is golf obsessed (guilty) can use it to identify strengths and areas needing improvement in their game. Avg for my 5 best this year (home course par 71/71.6/132) FIR 7/16 GIR 8/18 Putts 32 I would say that my "strength" in those rounds was consistent shot shape. Somedays was the fade and others were straight but it was consistent for that round.
  4. Played softball as a kid and was always a slapper. Learned to play golf in my 20's and found that lighter pressure kept my arms and shoulders loose and all of a sudden I was pulling the ball w/ some character. Still.... light and medium are very subjective. I'd suggest you can grip as firmly as you like without any tension in your arms and shoulders.
  5. The Big Breaks are either love it or hate it but both camps watch. I'm so lame I'd watch the Big Break vs Highway 18 vs School of Golf vs Celebrity challenge when/if they ever have one! Can't they come up with something for hackers? How about Golf Boot Camp where Instructors compete to see who can cut the most strokes off of their students round in 2 weeks?