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  1. the end is coming...man isn't to know the exact date,which is the way it should be....what we DO know,is that Prophecy was fulfilled in 1947...it was fore-told thousands of years ago,and it came true( as all prophecies have to date). the only calendar/time reference that effects us is : when the time of the Gentiles is filled?? you figure that one out ,then add 7 years, and you've got your answer to when it all ends...but don't waste your time,we will never know the answer.....
  2. I can remember all campaigns from 1964 on.....nothing really has changed in the way the sides go at each other for votes, and neither has the negativity changed from each candidate towards the other. The news outlets have always spun their own agendas into campaigns, so that is nothing new,either. What IS new is the total weight of American debt this nation is under, with no hope of ever getting out fro under it. That's bad news for whomever wins the election, as neither can stop what's coming. So I look at this election like this: who REALLY cares who's sitting in the Captains chair while th
  3. interesting fact is, that according to many PGA teaching pros, the handicaps have not truely risen over the past 20yrs..even with newer technology being introduced along the way. that tells me something: it's the Indian, not the arrow. It also is a fact that thousands upon thousands of golfers are quitting the game every yr for the exact same reason: not improving to enjoyable levels. Is it the instruction? is it the instructors? is it our limitation of time constraints on practicing? Could it be that we have an predestined amount of skill that cannot be improved upon one we reach our max? Is
  4. next time I head out to Moorefield to play with my pal, I'll let you know and you can slip over...takes me 90 min to get there from here, but worth the drive....
  5. those figures are from 2014,as far as decline of courses go....not the 90s..... courses are closing to an astronomical rate compared to those openning. anytime you lose 10 fold in 1 year,the signs aren't good.
  6. after reading 10 pages I gave up trying to read the entire thread..I feel sorry for the Pros who lost jobs..know what that feels like.I feel amny of the posts/opinions about economics are spot-on...here's why: http://www.turfnet.com/page/news.html/_/construction-play-number-of-golfers-decline-in-2013-r249 you can't have one slip and not the other..they are tied together. I don't recall hearing many stand up against Walmart when they drove hundreds of Mom/Pop stores out..and they did very effectively. I grew up when ALL stores were retail specific; clothes,furniture,jewelry,food,etc..now
  7. golf's hard enough w/o worrying about some cork-sniffers house....thats' why I prefer to do woodworking..less stress
  8. how come I hear noone saying these same things about Zach Johnson/K.J.Choi/others who've openly given Thanks after a Victory ???? huh ???????? Bubba is not alone in his beliefs, and that's why he/they will ALWAYS be sucessful on/off the course. Bubba is Bubba, and I like that.
  9. you have a right to your belief, that does NOT make it correct. When you PROVE that mankind was made from the "Big Bang", then you'll have my attention. AFAIC, that theory takes more "faith" than what I've stated.!
  10. yep,but some think they're close,tho....
  11. hmmm... must be the only Mountaineer here.....thanks for the invite, and welcome any/all for a round here in WV(Eastern Panhandle).. we have a few nice courses locally: The Woods/Locust Hills/Sleepy Hollow and my Favorite Cacapon State Park..very loooong,a Robert Trents Jones, Sr. golf course. very nice. Thanks once again
  12. people lie, or exagerate, due to one reason: self importance. Some call it ego,but it's the same. "Don't think more highly of yourself (or your results) than you ought to" .....sound advice from 2000 yrs ago. honesty and integrity are the ultimate assets to posses, even beyond the ability to hit 300 yd drives. it' really is a Spiritual issue.
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