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  1. Your issue is the larger gap between the PW and the GW. One way is to practice different yardage with your PW like golfers used to do before the specialty wedges came out in the late 70 early 80's. Another seemingly easier solution is to hunt for a wedge that you could fill in the 110 yd. distance. Pretty certain with your distance you could forsake one of the long iron or mid irons to add one more wedge for the 110 yd. Keep in mind, even the iron Byron could not dial in exactly the same yardage each time, the human body definitely could not fulfill the supposed perfect yardage each time we swing the golf club. But we have a brain which is not matched by the A.I. at this present time. Throughout the ages, all great golfers started with just one golf club and learned to play different yardage with that one golf club........ which may seem to be too much work for the modern day golfers, so...... Go on a hunt for a 110 yd. wedge for your bag and stop messing around with your current set up, which by the way is very nice.
  2. you are certainly entitled to your own opinion.
  3. I believe it depends on what type of position you're holding and the staffing situation. If you're not in a tightly staffed office and your work can be cover by the other for a few days a year.... I know a guy getting messages from his HR office that he has too many hours accumulated in the "sick leave" and vacation time. The HR actually recommended him to take some of these hours off work. So he started making his medical and dental appointment on either Monday or Friday and taking the whole day off work. This way he gets a long weekend every month. Not bad life. Catch up with a few thing , play a round of golf, do some shopping to avoid the weekend crowd. But if someone is in a position which will influence the performance of the whole office should he take days off, then, it might not be a good idea to take "sick leave" weather the policy require a doctor's note or not. Adult is supposed to make a reasonable decision and live with the consequences. There will always be someone looking to "get ahead" or "cut in line", whether you want ot be in their camp, is totally up to you. Just as long as you could live with the consequences and especially, yourself. I believe, no matter what you do, it'll eventually catch up. Good deeds or sneaky ones.
  4. Hold on to your hat ! They forecast it'll get worse progressively in the next decade ( they stopped at longer predictions since no one is sure about the continuation of the past weather pattern ). so the waves of tropical storm is not quite over< we started to have snow in the higher elevation. In September...............More rainfalls forecast for this Fall/Winter. Is there a better place to move to ? Even the "it never rains in Southern California" is not true anymore. A couple of families I know had just retired to Florida and Arizona.... I'll wait for them to give me some feed backs in a few years.
  5. Your local hardware store or if you have a sod farm close by, they will have the better mix of grass seeds for your area. Common question they'll ask are the location of the property , the type of climate you will have over your property, sunny, Shade, or sun/shade mix........ Your local source will also have information on which type of disease are in your area. It'll pay to talk to an expert in you local area whom will save you lots of time and money. This year, for whatever the reason, many of my neighbors lawn are looking pretty sad. Growing up, I thought the grass never dies, they always come back from bad weather, however, in the past several seasons something is going on there. Even the neighbors whom thatched and overseed their lawn every Spring are having the brown patches in their lawn. The ones redone their yard by removing the turf and put down top soil and new grass several years ago also having issue. Pretty sure you'll have a local supplier for sod and seed ( sod farm ) in the suburb, get some advice from them.
  6. Careful, working with the golf clubs can be as addictive as playing the game. In fact, not too too long ago, playing the game and working on the equipment are two peas in a pod. Have fun. The only advice I can give you is, start with some older equipment to practice if you had never done it in the past, just in case you mess it up ( hard to do but it could happen ). And open your mind to all possibilities and to think for yourself. It's a piece of cake than repairing other tools you might have in the household.
  7. If you can get the long cure shaft epoxy ( 24 hr. ) be the better choice, any reputable source will be fine. Most of these epoxy all came from the same source in bulk volume then the store will package them into smaller retail samples. Many of us had used off the shelve two parts epoxy for golf. What you're looking for are the shear strength and the breakdown temperature. There is a minimum shear strength you want in the golf epoxy and of course lower break down temperature ( 120-130 F).. You can basically use any type of two part long cure epoxy from 3M or the other major OEM for adhesive. If, you don't care to change the shaft in the future. The low temperature break down point is to allow easier access for removing the shaft for repair or replacement. Steel shaft is okay to use some stronger epoxy with higher break down temperature point. Graphite shaft is a must to use lower temperature break down point for the simple reason that you do not want to toast the layers of graphite sheets that made the shaft from high temperature if you wish to re-use the shaft. If the ferrule is tight from the supplier ( it happens since high quality control is not essential to manufacturing the plastic ferrule ) use a rat tail file, passing through the Inner sides of the ferrule to get it fit. A larger ID of ferule is often not usable, cause can't make it smaller to fit ( can tape the shaft to make it fit but not often done ). Larger OD of the ferrule can also be fixed . If you have a belt sander with linen belt, you can turn the ferrule to fit the smaller hosel, or hand sand and polish off the difference ( time consuming ). Again, after you had done it a few times, it's not difficult if you like to work with your hands and have the average of life experience. It's not like cut and dry, don't need to have the exact parts and many different way could make it work. Of course, the exact replacement OEM parts will make life a little easier. No brainer to just put the parts together and epoxy them.
  8. Well, let's measure the diameter over the hosel length. they're all .370. Don't tell me that they've changed the taper tip to more than 5/8" these days ? Something new to me.
  9. Long time ago I had a chance to golf in other parts of the world and many of them not only have a fine dinning room, typically there were snack shacks midway through 9 holes. So everyone stop for a snack 4-5 holes in the rounds. Usually a short stop of 5-10 minutes and the grab and go scene was quite eye-opening for me in the beginning. They had some really yummy snacks, sandwiches, cup of soups, bowel of noodles, freshly squeezed fruit juice.... lots of choices. Not like here with the usual hot dogs, hamburger.,sandwiches......
  10. When I have my better days, maybe close to half of the full swings felt good and the golf ball went where it supposed to with the expected trajectory. I had played with golfers whom did this day in and day out at much better rate. I don't know if they feel their game were up to their own standard but sure looked fine for me. During the off days , maybe 10%-15% or so did what was expected. Busy stopping the bleeding throughout the 18, sometimes can still salvage a decent game for a weekend golfer.
  11. Just these two or the whole set is looking like so ? On second thought, if these two had problem then, probably should redo the whole set. If you have done this before, the ferrules can be saved, it might take extra effort but can be done. Otherwise use a caliper to measure the dimension of the OD of the top of the ferrule and order the length you want in a collared ferrule. It matters not whether it's a .355 or the ,370 advertised ferrule. The tapered section of a .355 shaft is but about 5/8" down the very end of the tip of the shaft , all shafts measure at .370 just above the ferrule. Since the OEM used the collared ferrule ( which means they coned the hosel at the top to accept epoxy to prevent the ferrule slipping) , obviously in this case is the failure of the epoxy cause the slippage, or by storing the golf club in the trunk of the car in the hot Summer days, the shafting epoxy will soften at temperature over 100 degree F and starting to break down at about 120 degree F. If the set of clubs had been sitting in temperature over 100 degrees F for hours and taken out to be played immediately then this could happen. This is why most of the golf club builders use a slow cure epoxy which will resist heat break down a little better than the 5 minute tour ( fast ) cure epoxy. If you want to spend some time to save the ferrule. wrap the plastic ferrule with leather or paper towel dowsed with the cool gel to prevent direct heat from pulling the shaft ( I just wet the material with water and keep it wet). Heat up the hosel and full the steel shaft. Careful not to touch the warmed up plastic ferrule to deform it. Clean up the old epoxy on the ferrule shaft and inside the tip and of course the hosel inspect and dry fit before you mix the new batch of epoxy. not a rocket science, it takes some practice.
  12. Well stated, if I may add that you can always "grip down " if the extra 1" in length is tough to adjust to in the beginning.. Cutting the shaft shorter will be difficult to reverse the process ( you can add extension ). and it will make the shaft feel a bit stiffer than before the shortening. The light flex in man's will play similar to lady's flex, the R flex shaft will be slightly heavier and thus play a little stiffer. At 45.5" ( 1" over the lady's 44.5" ) the R flex should feel about the same flex with the lady's at shorter length, If you cut the R flex shorter than it'll feel a bit stiffer. Many had suggested to give it a test drive. It is recommended to do so if you have a chance. Launch monitor is fine but driving range is better. Launch monitor on a driving range is the best. Next to be able to demo the driver on the golf course. Some golf shop will let golfers demo the golf club with a deposit. Good luck to you, and remember the extra 1" in length might take a little time to get used to. But if you're athletic, don't be afraid of trying the 45.5" length. It will give you extra distance over the shorter length if you can handle it..
  13. $25 for an old Bronze putter is a good price. Damage free without modification. Be better if the putter has the original shaft and grip ( std 35'/36' ). The grip won't matter much if you're going to change the grip and play it. Sweeter if you don't have to pay shipping for the putter. I would call up Ping to confirm on the putter model and year of production before heading over.,
  14. You should go see your health provider to get a referral to see a Specialist for Sports related injury. Let's hope you had only sprang a muscle strand , nothing more serious. I would not wait too long even if you starting to feel better. Lower back pain could be caused by many reasons, and it's a very common ailment among the golfers. Without a good back, you'll not only suffer with your golf game but also many other daily routines. The reason to see a specialist is to not self diagnose illness. I had the golfer's back in the Middle and Lower trap of the scapular muscle ( the two large loin next to the spinal core below the neck ) off and on for years. It got better and it got worse.... so I didn't pay attention to it. Until I had a mini stroke and lost a small area of my peripheral vision. Long story short, the spinal core injury was not the main culprit but contributed in my condition with other factors. Bad posture for decades ( reading and sitting in front of the computer) plus aging......only discovered this after the discomfort in my shoulders and the back resulted in seeing a sports spine specialist. After several weeks of adjusting my posture and exercise, I had not only relieved the discomfort, improved my posture but also improved on my vision. Strange isn't it ? How did the compressed spinal disc damage my health in other parts ? Go see a specialist, you'll be glade you did.
  15. You don't have an issue, you'll have to accept the concept that you don't need a golf club for every 10-15 yards. I know a lot of golfers don't like to practice the short pitch shot on the driving range , thinking this is a waste of range balls. In fact, the short game is as important as the long game in golf. If the range ball gets expensive, find a place of 200-300 feet long with privacy to practice your pitch and chip and run shots. When the driving range is having the 2 for 1 sale, we used to play a game of name your target with friends. We'll take one golf club, say a 7 iron, and rotate the target from 170 yards to 45 yards. After buying a couple of rounds of pitcher of local micro-brew, one learns really fast how to use the tools. A whole tool box of the tools might not be necessary to finish a simple job. If we learn to use fewer tools to do the job, the same job will be easier if additional tools are available. Up until Tom Kite won the Open at the Pebble Beach with 3 wedges that year in 1992, most every golfer carried only 2 wedges; the PW and the SW. Now I'd see golfers carrying 3,4 wedges in the bag. I'd tell myself that these golfers carrying 4 wedges must have a helluva long game that they would carry more short sticks. Learn to use the tools you already have. If your full-out PW gets you 130 yards, learn to take it off to 120, 110, 100, 90...… By either grip down on the club or 3/4 swing..... or both. It'll start as feeling odd and lack of confidence if you have used to full swing only. But you'll get the idea and the confidence after you learned that you can do these yardage. Plus it's fun. Many of the legions in the golf history started with just one golf club. Try to hit golf shots on the sandy beach with 3 iron. That's how Seve started. Ouimet and Hogan all started with just a few old golf clubs given to them by the members of the golf club where they caddied at. Travino and Rodriquez ( Chi-Chi) learned by hitting pebbles with a wooden stick. The tools you'll need for 100 yards shot are already in your bag, and the golfer has the skill to use the tools , just not self-discovered, yet. When you learn to use the 8 iron , or the 6 iron to make the 100 yard shot, the PW will seems like a perfect club. And, it's a lot of fun discovering just where your limit is. Let me put it in a simple way, if you know how to drive a car with manual transmission ( what's that ?), driving the automatic transmission will be a piece of cake. If you know how to multiply , add/subtract by heart, a calculator will even work faster and you can spot the error easier...... Sometimes, the shortest route to Rome might not be the best way to go.
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