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  1. Do not comment on my thread before you know the fact. Our State requires face masks to be worn at all times, indoor or outdoor in all public places , where human contact occurs . If you believe being outdoor changes anything for the spread of the Virus, please read all published articles of what is a Virus and how this COVID-19 is being spread. Mandate of how and where to wear a facemask is not cast in iron. Use your knowledge and exercise caution. People like you are exactly why the spread of COVID-19 is not under control in this country. There is no way of eradicating the Viru
  2. Sensible and responsible people would try to protect everyone else, especially it'll be such a small effort to just put on a facemask. I had seen no one else wearing a facemask today at the driving range ( except myself and a couple of Korean golfers ). Most of my family members work at hospitals, thank goodness outside of the ICU. So I was reminded everyday of the importance of wearing a facemask. In the beginning of the pandemic ( late last year), I sort of argue with wife and my kids that even the N-95 will not block out the Virus since the Virus will go through even the ceramic ( o
  3. I went to the local driving range which is attached with Muni golf course. I had not set foot on the golf course since early March. Our State is under the ordinance of facemasks in all public places. I saw golfers wearing facemasks inside the proshop and everyone was observing the safe distance and following the direction of moving around by the taped arrows on the floor. Outside on the driving rang, no one, I mean no one had the facemask on. I get it, because it was kind of awkward to hit range balls wearing the facemask. But I saw no one was wearing facemasks while golfing and
  4. Length and mass do matter, just as important, if one knows how to swing; time of staying afloat.. One can taste the first shot of vodka, but everything taste about the same after the 2nd, 3rd..... as long as it keeps coming.
  5. Why not try put the golf ball an inch or two back in the stance ? Think elongate the bottom of the swing a bit more toward the target. Experiment the ball position to find the optimal spot to suit your want and need. Yes, the shaft is important and so is the golf ball. That will keep you busy for awhile.
  6. Agree, it ultimately rest on the player's shoulders for reach of a rule. Even if the onsite rule official gave the incorrect interpretation of the rules, the player will still be responsible for the action taken. I'm with you on that she's been in the similar situation more than her share, it seemed. For her best of interests, learn the rules or get a caddy who will have a clue or advise to have the official take a second look. Whether the penalty matters or not, she needs to get on track so it won't happen as often. What if the one shot penalty matters in the outcome of a major ?
  7. Theoretically, the shorter the length, the thicker the shaft, the heavier the weight of a shaft will feel a stiffer flex. When you need to play an iron length 1" shorter than the standard , you may wish to explore at least one flex softer than what you used to ( or been fitted for at standard length ). Typical graphite shaft length in the irons is 1" longer than the steel counterpart. Cutting 1 " off across the board is never a good idea. You're not looking for uniform staggered length across a set of iron at 1/2" - 3/8" between each. The best way will take more effort but you
  8. Talked to a few friends who are still running quite a bit of golf clubs through their shops. Most of them agreed that the light weight construction of the modern golf equipment was the main culprit for the equipment failure. The golfers these days are stronger, many of them are not eh typical golfers from just a few decades ago. Before we'd picture mostly retired folks, those not in their top physical shape in the sport of golf. These days, many golfers cross over from other sports, young, strong and fit. The promotion of lighter, faster, more distance had been going on for quit
  9. From a golfer who had accumulated close to a dozen and a half set of irons over the 4 decades, yes, I constantly go back to another set and then another set........ Issue is not the head design, the differences in the total static weight from different sets often takes some time to get back into the grooves of golf swing. They have similar rated flex and swing weights but because of the different shaft weight which produced different total static weight which will need some necessary changes to the timing and the retheme of my golf swing. When I was younger, it'll be a day on the
  10. Time is changing, like decades ago I'd laugh and dismiss the idea of selling bottled tab water. Who knew ! However, I do worry about digital currency. Especially about the ways it was transferred and the way they store the information. There are ways to intercept the transmission. The mobile units ( Square,,, and the likes ) can be easily intercepted and the information copied to some deep cyber space to be sold. Better than robbing the bank physically. These information then lumped together and sold as a package. Sure, institutions have ways to combat the stolen id issue but still
  11. Decade ago, every bank had the counting and sorting machine for their customer. Just bring in the coins and they'll credit the count right back into your account. These days. only a few local credit union banks has the counting and sorting machine. On top of all the work to sort and count the coins and wrap them up...... the warping paper tubes are not free. Did you search online for the cost of the sorting paper tubes ? Sure, bank will give you a few if, you ask for the wrapper, and they're very stingy of giving them out by asking how many do you need ?? I don;t see the hard
  12. Nationwide coin shortage. No bank give free coin counting service so no one bothered to bring back the change. I had a big jar of coins sitting under the kitchen counter. Love to put it back into circulation, just too much hassle counting and package them to bring to the bank. The services like CoinStar is worse than one armed bandit You have to bring the coins to their machine and pay them 11% and get a gift card...........
  13. BTW, would someone who had a chance to game these sets for awhile , please, give us some feedback and post photos of your set ?
  14. I agree, the price point is very attractive, as the line has blurred into getting the components and put them together. I wonder of they'll ship components to the hobbyist instead of assembled set. I'm sure someone would take that choice if the price point is meaningfully different. My personal preference is a blank head with only the numbers on the sole nothing in the cavity except for moving the weight around. A plan functioning tool is more beautiful in my eyes than something with fancy decorative design or promotional logo. Pretty certain those design in the cavity was
  15. I'd missed that part, didn't have time to review all of the content. That would my guess also, since even the OEM are shipping the components from China to be assembled here. I know the major manufacturing and factories were gradually moving from the SE China to inland because of the increased wages, increased overhead had brought up the total cost of manufacturing, so the factories moved their equipments inland. Next step would be moving to Vietnam, like some of the factories already done so. Know a few shafts were made in Vietnam now. Whether Vietnam or other countries could
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