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  1. Best way to maintain and keep grips tacky.

    White vinegar. Smells a little like salad at first, but cuts the grease, is non-toxic, all natural and cheap.
  2. My 8 year old approached by college golf coach

    That's really cool man. Take it for what its worth now, and let everything else come naturally. There is a lot of time between now and college for your son, and many things, including golf, to enjoy between now and then. It's nice that golf is the game of a lifetime, and that it can be enjoyed at many levels, whether its at the range, a Sunday round with friends or playing competetively at any level. It seems ti me that you have the right things in focus.
  3. The myth if GIR

    Very salient point. Damn statistics! They can be so misleading wehn out of context. Wehn presented as the OP put it it is interesting. Considering this, it is entirely understandable.
  4. The myth if GIR

    It has to say a lot about the difficulty of tour leve greens too, right? The guys hunting for flags are likely to miss their GIR more often than those shooting for the fat part of the green. And a 15 yard putt may be more difficult than a 15 yard pitch, IMO. Sometimes it helps to be able to fly two thirds of the break.
  5. Your Personal weakness & Strength

    Strength: Around the greens- chipping and putting. Scrambling out of trouble. Weakness: Consistency with ball striking. The driver can be long at times, but is too often errant. Ball striking doesn't inspire the confidence to be more aggressive with mid to short irons.
  6. Better than a Sharpie?

    Try using a darker color.
  7. The Putting Game

    Thanks. Looks cool, but that's damn pricey! My whole bag didn't cost a whole lot more than that!
  8. The Putting Game

    What is this, a sort of putting mat? A video or computer game? Link? Edit: Sounds awesome, like to know more.
  9. Hybrid driver?

    One of the better players at my course and a good friend, who plays off a 5, uses a 1 iron (not a hybrid) almost exclusively off the tee. He is more accurate and many times just as long as anyone in the foursome. I carry 16* and a 19* hybrids and find the 19* quite a bit easier to hit. Recently I have taken to hitting it off a particular par 5 that I've having trouble with the driver on and it has helped. 20-30 yards less distance but in the fairway is a tradeoff I'm willing to make. But the best case scenario fir me would be to learn how to hit that driver with consistency.
  10. I Need More Golfing Friends!

    A league is a good way to meet people in your area who are interstedin golf. It's also been a great way for me to improve my game, playing competetively every week and getting to see a bunch of other golfers play theri games. Some you might not want to emulate, but there's always something to learn. Also my advice would be to find one friend who is as rabid as you are with a similar schedule who you can usually count on to play. I have one friend in particular who I have played probably 70% of my casual rounds with.
  11. When does questioning a handicap go too far?

    Good for you man, that's the attitude. All you can do is stay positive and affect your space. Whatever they do is out of your control. Best of luck to you.
  12. 2010 PGA Championship

    Did anyone just see Yang's shot on the sixth, where he hit the pin from the rough and an awkward lie. Cool shot.
  13. Gamesmanship with buddies

    A good one I use after a putt or chip left short is to ask 'what'd you go in the wrong underwear drawer this morning?" Also, I call one of my frequent playing partners Shankman, as in "Your shot, Shankman"
  14. When will Steel Spikes Disappear?

    I'm too young to have ever used metal, though I remember when that's all that was worn when I was still playing in sneakers. I know there's absolutely no replacement in baseball and I would like to try them in golf now, but all of the courses I play at ban them.
  15. Jerkoffs on the green

    Funny. I saw the same thing on my course this year, a huge beaver pelt taken just below the cup. Hackers.