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  1. Thats right, Tiger woods doesn't need to take a lesson from anyone .
  2. 2 Balls and a bush. US open disaster. Lets give him some credit, junior mick does it backwards.
  3. When he's banked 100 million he'll pay 10 million for the rights to the video and photos when he looked like a garbage man.
  4. He looks like a cross between Mcilroy and a pizza delivery man.
  5. Or does he just have a funny head?
  6. Heres a picture of the former girlfriend he cheated with:
  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/10242347.stm ride her cup?.
  8. I think you missed the bit where he intimated the need to work with Butch Harmon on his wrist action.
  9. It was a reach for the sick bag moment at the end when he sniffled and then hugged his mom.
  10. I don't think they do, ignoring the odd significant tourney.
  11. Cheesey beyond belief. What's Tiger Woods trying to do, be the next Michael Jackson. The ending was embarrassing.
  12. I just don't think you can play the Euro alone, to be the next big thing I think he'll need success on the american tour plus a few majors, if he doesn't I guess he could be the next Euro biggish thing. How many Euro golfers go out and compete on the American tour, many of the big names do, I think he needs to compete and win at this level.
  13. Apparently he takes the Tiger Woods approach when managing the golf course. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage...icle706242.ece
  14. I doubt he has the personality to somehow set the golfing world alight. That said he looks the part, seems to have the swing mechanics and appears unflappable. Somehow can't see the Tiger 'ego problems', the Mickelson course 'blow ups' (usually with the driver) or the Padraig 'bit of self doubt' getting in the way. More a question of the hunger to make it to the very top and stay there. Appears at the right age, with the right experience and in the right frame of mind to really put it together. Obviously needs a couple of Majors and a number of American wins to really hit the big time. But he's starting to put the results together, even in the Majors at the back end of last year he was not shabby at all. T6 in the PGA Championship and last year had significant wins, maybe a few more but had a foot problem. Move over Rory and co, fast coming up on the rails, its Martin Kaymer.
  15. God, not a sex addition clinic, i'll give him 6 months and anything remotely approaching Lady GaGa before he's back to his best , not sure on the golf front.
  16. Who said he's a crap human being, how much has the Tiger Woods Foundation raised to help people?, he certainly appears a horny little devil though.
  17. I know plenty of Brits who think Monty is a big sour puss, if it wasn't for the Ryder Cup he would have gone down as a nearly golfer. The Ryder Cup has elivated him to being something a bit more. I think he's having a pop at Tiger because Tiger has never liked the Ryder Cup and its now Montys be all and end all. He might be the perfect Ryder Cup captain, but i'm hoping Europe lose, it'll be great watching sour puss and what he has to say. 'Montgomerie said negative thoughts about his own private life were difficult to shrug off when he was going through turmoil.' Nahhhh, you were just a bit overweight and not quite up it .
  18. How can you not like John Daly , Daly is fantastic. Tiger was practically born into golf, he was in many respects made into what he is today, he did what was expected of him, ticked all the boxes, then thought but what I really want to do is shag about a bit, and so he did. Is anyone suprised, I hope Tiger comes back, plays his golf with a big smile on his face and says I got caught shagging about and just gets of with his golf and shagging about a bit more . As far as his wife and kids etc, they won't go penniless, i'm sure they'll be well looked after, whats the probs, its not as though the wife and kids will be homeless after the probable marriage split, many wifes and kids have a much much worse time.
  19. I'm not sure this is the principle Tiger is applying, try every else but your wife .
  20. Does that mean he's admitted to being a bit shag happy.
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