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  1. The Golf Center in Des Plaines, IL has a short game area... $6 is the fee and its good for the entire day. So I would go in morning and then go back late in the afternoon... well worth it. Short Game Area Feature: 1½ acres of rolling hills Two large practice greens Multiple sand bunkers Ability to hit pitch shots up to 60 yards away Nominal daily fee Balls supplied Separate putting green http://www.desplainesparks.org/golfcenter/short_game.htm
  2. I've been in his shoes and my thought process was exactly the same as his... * Its a public course and my money is just as good as the next guy. * I always ride so that I can get to my errant shot as quick as possible. * I always let faster groups play through. * I always play ready golf. I felt obligated to play as fast as possible because of my bad play which probably contributed to the bad but I tried to aware of those playing with me and those behind me. I did invest time and money in lessons and getting better... Nowadays, I often find myself waiting on the tee box for guys who spend more time admiring themselves and each rather golfing
  3. Joe Mauer vs Albert Pujols

    Pujols does have arm issues... That's how he ended up at 1st base. He was initially an outfielder but he had that elbow problem in 2003. he needed the ligament replacement surgery then but he managed to keep himself in the lineup by agreeing to not make any throws from the outfield. They would have the short stop run out to him for him to make a short throw and let them handle it from there. They settled on 1st base because the long throws would be virtually eliminated... and he turned out to be a gold glover...
  4. Joe Mauer vs Albert Pujols

    Pujols... Aside from being the most feared in baseball for quite sometime... he is probably the smartest player I have ever watched. I watched a game last year where the Cardinals were tied late in a game... nothing exciting about either offense... he came to the plate, fouled off 7 pitches, and ended up drawing a walk. The stole 2nd base... and then on the next pitch scored from 2nd on an infield hit (part his hustle and part his awareness of the defense around him). he ended up being the winning run... and I thought to myself, "that is why this guy is the mvp"... he's a power hitter, that hits for average, has arguably the best eye in baseball (Ichiro might be a little better), and can beat you in a number of different ways. Oh yeah, and he's a Gold Glover @ 1st base.
  5. Your Club Cleaning Setup

    I did the same thing on my Yes putter grip and had the same results. The yellow and white had turned ugly but now the grip looks like new.
  6. Ping G15

    I picked up a used one at Golf Galaxy today for $170. I am happy with my Nike driver but I heard sooooo many great thing about the G15 that I had to give it a try. If its works for me as well as everyone else then I'll be making a switch. I am very optimistic.
  7. Making friends at the golf course

    I used to a course and practice all the time by myself. One of the resident old timers came up to me and asked if I wanted to play in their group. Their group ranges from 4 to 16 depending on the weather. So I started playing with them weekly and meeting the others in his group. As I met the others, they would mention to me that they had other groups that they played in as well and they would invite me out. So i would play with them and then meet more new people and so on and so forth. As far as moving and meeting new people to play with, going to the local public course is an easy way. Here in Chicago, they often times put singles or 2 somes in groups of 4, especially when the course is crowded so you meet new people by default. Also, if Im in a 2some and playing faster than the 2some in front of me, they will usually allow ius to play through. If they seem fairly cordial, I will ask them if they just want to play with us as a 4some. it's worked out pretty good. And the driving range is always a great place to meet players.
  8. Your Club Cleaning Setup

    I keep a wet towel and brush on the course and wipe off the club after every shot... Maybe once every 6 weeks I give em a 5 or 10 min soak in scalding hot water and few drops of Turtle Wax car wash... light scrub of the grooves and wipe dry...
  9. Square Head Clubs

    I've played the Nike one's... they go high and straight which is just fine for me. it helped gain my confidence back after battling a slice for a while. the sound is what it is. you can't control the sound and if it yields the results you want then go for it. you game is more important than someone elses preference. I play on public courses all over the chicago area. constantly hearing planes, trains and automobiles. if all I heard was a loud driver a couple times a round, I would be ecstatic.
  10. My handicap came down tremendously after I added a 3 wood and 3 hybrid to my bag... the 3 wood allows me to be more accurate on narrow fairways and my 3 hybrid is a wonderful rescue club for me. And I hit my 3 iron much more consistently than my 5 wood. My club selection varies based on the course Im going too...