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  1. jlbos83

    Provisional Ball Ruling

    The big question is whether the second shot with the provisional was played from a point closer to the hole than the original was likely to be. The actual location of the original ball is not important in making that determination. From the wording of the original post, I am not certain that this requirement was met. Only the original poster can really answer that question.
  2. jlbos83

    Rules of Golf in layman's terms.

    The danger in any "rules for dummies" type of book is that anything that is not the rules, is by definition incorrect. The official rules app on your phone can be searched pretty easily, and the sections give you a good idea of where you need to look. In my opinion, the rules that you need to play a round of golf are not that complicated. There are some differences between stroke play and match play. All of that said, most of the rules for relief just help you. You can almost always play it where it lies, and you can always take a penalty stroke and go back to where you last played. You could just do that and be right almost all the time,
  3. jlbos83

    Heavy Air?

    Well, when you hit an iron from the fairway, the face is pointed up, even with a slightly downward angle of attack. My understanding, which may be flawed, is that the lower the swing speed, the more spin has to do with getting height, and hence distance. The big bashers don't need as much spin as mere mortals. Their number lead to the low spin craze a few years back. But mere mortals couldn't hit the low spin drivers straight, or far. For every swing, and atmospheric condition, there is an optimum set of conditions. We just hope to get close to them now and then.
  4. jlbos83

    Heavy Air?

    Well, even when it's humid here it isn't very humid, compared to many other places. But, usually, as our humidity goes up our temperature goes down, a little. But the scientific fact is that humid air is less dense. I am wondering if in the less dense air spin has slightly less influence, and, especially at human swing speeds, decreases the extra lift that spin can provide. I imagine that the optimum spin and launch angle may be slightly different based on temperature and humidity (and of course, swing speed).
  5. The player can choose to call his ball unplayable in any circumstance. He is the only judge of this. In the case you mention here he was taking one of the water hazard options, rather than an unplayable lie. One could decide his ball sitting right next to the hole is unplayable, and go back to where he hit previously, at the cost a stroke. Of course, he could be rightfully called a sandbagger, at that point!
  6. jlbos83

    Should divots be considered ground under repair?

    And there is the problem. If a divot hole is ground under repair, we might as well play lift clean and place, because someone could claim almost anywhere was a former divot hole.
  7. From my viewing of it, it looked liked he never even let the full weight of the club reach the ground. The up and down motion, what little there was, actually seemed to be keeping weight off the ground. addressed the ball, then stepped back, and come back in I would be much more suspicious. I didn't see anything that looked like more than addressing the ball. So I voted no. I could buy inconclusive, since with angles and foreshortening almost any video view is inconclusive!
  8. jlbos83

    Does Sports (Golf) Teach Life Lessons?

    I voted yes. I don't think it even has to be "competitive" sport. I am a hacker. I play golf for fun. To get out in the sunshine. To spend an afternoon with one of my sons (the one who decided to like it). To try to get better. Last spring I had a bad result from my colonoscopy, and I've spent the last year and a half doing fun things like radiation, surgery (three times, though once was because my gall bladder decided it wanted gangrene), and chemo. With some periods to recover for the next wave. All through it I played golf when I could, not well, sometimes with an ostomy bag, but I kept playing. And it reminded me about the things that are important, and the things that are not. It doesn't matter if I shoot 110 or 90. Though I much prefer 90, and actually shot my best round ever between radiation and surgery, an 87. But I grew to appreciate even more the chance we have to play. Even on the bad days, it is nice to be on the green side of the grass. I've decided I want to challenge myself to improve, after years of pretty much being stagnant. Though I haven't been posting, I am up to nine days in a row of practicing at least five minutes. I've taken three lessons in the past month, and I am working on implementing changes. I see a difference, though I haven't seen the breakthrough in score I am looking for, yet. But, maybe tomorrow! I don't believe anyone ever said, or even implied that sports is the only way to lean life lessons, or the best way. But it is certainly one way.
  9. jlbos83

    Club innovation and sticking with the same set

    I'm content with the restrictions. I would not object to rolling back a bit, but that isn't really viable. As far as getting new clubs, I was wondering if the improvements that players attribute to new clubs might be more attributable to better fitting, or perhaps better said, better fitting to their game as it evolves over time. Clubs that were good for someone five years ago might not be a great match now, So a new set that fits might seem to be a great improvement, but was it the new heads, or the new fit?
  10. I voted no. He sure proved how hard it is, even on some "this close" to perfect shots. It looked like he had one in on the fly, and some of the misses were, so, so close! It takes skill to come close that many times, but I think there's a bit of luck in closing the deal.
  11. jlbos83

    Decisions of the Rules of Golf

    Go to USGA.org. Click down to Rules and Decisions. It's all there. For free, http://www.usga.org/content/usga/home-page/rules/rules-and-decisions.html#!rule-01
  12. jlbos83

    Best places to live with great muni golf

    Tucson has a lot of public golf, and isn't nearly as expensive in the winter as Phoenix, though the best courses are steep. The payoff is in the summer, when you can play better courses for less.
  13. jlbos83

    More Career Majors- Day, Rory, or Spieth?

    I "guessed" Jordan. Day's game is incredible, but I think his health is a serious issue, as far as winning multiple majors. Rory could be the one, if he can stay consistent with his putting, which is questionable. Plus, Jordan has the age advantage on both of them.
  14. jlbos83

    Putting with the Flagstick In

    I play by myself a lot, so leaving the stick in had advantages for me, at times, just from the standpoint of saving time. When I read of the proposed change, I played a couple rounds leaving it in, and I am pretty sure I putted worse. I think my eyes and hand decided they didn't want to hit the stick. So, on putts I don't expect to have a prayer on, I would leave it in, but anything I hope to make, I think I will still walk up and pull it.
  15. jlbos83

    Provisional/hole finished/ball found

    From the description, the second ball was never a provisional, it was the ball in play when it was struck. You can't go look for your ball, and then return and play a provisional. You are allowed to go forward a short distance (they say about 50 yards) to determine whether a provisional makes sense, but you don't get to search for the original, and then hit a provisional,

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