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  1. Yeah, I know I am flipping... you should have seen me a couple months ago! I will take a look at the drills for sure!
  2. Should be the same swing, using YouTube, figuring out which I like best.
  3. Ok, I finally have video, only 7I, as I have not hit driver into the net yet. Hopefully this works, I had a heck or a time getting slow motion uploaded. But this is a start, perhaps!
  4. Forgot this, it was last week! Eighth hole at El Rio, good drive in the middle of the fairway, about 125 out. Nine iron, right at it, bounced a couple times, and thought I heard a clank. As I got closer, I could see the ball, it stopped about three inches from the hole. Would have been a nice eagle!
  5. GolfForever again this morning. Hip mobility was the focus of the stretching, then core stability in the strength.
  6. I do not believe there is any way it could have been perceptibly moving for over a minute, from that distance. There has to be some time limit. Folks might quibble about whether it should be 10 seconds, or maybe even 30 seconds. Maybe go to 45, beyond that is slow play? But I don't see anything wrong with the current rule. Once every few years we might see a case like this, but I would say that's just the breaks. Sometimes the wind blows one in that would have set forever in still air.
  7. When I watched the video, I sure didn't think it was moving. Hard to see how it balanced there, but it did not appear to be moving.
  8. I like my 5 wood adjusted strong (so near to a 4 wood). Easier to get off the deck than a 3 wood, goes almost as far.
  9. I shot 86 yesterday at El Rio in Tucson. Best I've had since things went south last fall. 46/40, five pars on the back, so that was fun. Three three putts, which was unusual, and maddening. Also three fairway bunkers, and four greenside. Got out of all of them in one, which is an improvement. Starting to get better at that, hit a couple too long, but not the skulled, look out type. Some really good chipping and pitching, so only 32 putts even with the three putts. Summer league starts Thursday, maybe I am ready! Oh, on the side, there was a group of three coyotes on the fifth hole
  10. Today GolfForever workout was hip mobility, and then shoulder strength. I am so out of shape it is embarrassing. Hopefully in a few weeks I will start to see results, and not feel like so much of a potato!
  11. Well, I am trying to get more physically fit. I have a LONG way to go. I am a 60 year old desk sitting engineer! After four abdominal surgeries (including a hernia repair to fix the results from one of the others), in 2016 and 2017, I got really protective of my middle, and let what little "core" I had go away. Radiation and chemo didn't help either. I've also got asthma, which makes some types of exercise a bit difficult, but to be honest, that's more of an excuse, than a reason. Fortunately, a new drug over the past couple year has helped significantly with that, walking that would mak
  12. Every club has its spot. Sometimes my caddie messes it up, I have to fire him! I am still adjusting to how my clubs ride on my electric trolley, since they are at an angle they hang differently than they did on the back of a cart.
  13. I play with progressive lenses. I think I noticed the first time or two, but I am used to it now. It is possible that it is not ideal, I suppose, but I don't notice it to be a problem. The progressives do take some time to adjust to, but your brain is pretty good at figuring things out.
  14. I still plan to post video soon! I got the Covid shot number two Tuesday, and my arm has been pretty sore! Finally getting better today. I'm playing tomorrow morning, so I hope it is really better! I am happy to be vaccinated, though!
  15. I guess we are in a bit of a threadjack, but... I got a MGI Zip Navigator AT from Costco in January. I have almost 100 miles on it, so I can say a bit about it! It operates with a remote, though it will also operate from the control box on the handle. At first I would "drive" from the handle in tight spots, but as time has gone on I find I can do just as well from the remote. As far as the remote goes, in the fairway and on the tee, I just set the remote on the flat area on the handle. I kind of wish that there was a "holster" on the top side. there is one under the handle, but
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