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  1. I will only speak from my own experience. I played a bit, after a few lessons in my late teens, and early twenties, I never got better than high nineties, but I really wasn't trying, it was just for fun. Then many years "off". Started playing again in my early forties, no lessons, just me. Some range time, sometimes could hit the ball a little. Did that for fifteen years or so. Best score, 87, happened once, not because I hit the ball, just because I stayed out of trouble and made every putt under five feet. More likely scores, 95-105. Finally, about a year and a half ago, after a bit more than a year off for some medical issues, I decided to change something. So I took some lessons. Indoor. I didn't necessarily agree with everything the pro said, but he knew more about it than I did. I actually started to hit better. Scoring improved too, not leaps and bounds, but more under 95, and a few under 90. I've taken a couple more lessons with another pro, outside, and have an 85 and an 86 in the past couple months, and many more good shots. There's no way that happens without the lessons. The direction both pros gave me give me keys points to come back to when things start to go south, which they still do regularly. I still need to practice more, to get consistency. And I need to work on sand (but that's coming with the second pro). And short game. I think that with the help of instruction there is a round under 80 in me, and perhaps a handicap below 15 (23 now, still work to do, for sure). The short summary is that sticking with my mostly self taught swing wasn't going to cut it. Maybe if I practiced it ten hours a day, but I think I would have just had well practiced crap.
  2. I like the combo of a watch and rangefinder. Many times I won't use the rangefinder, as the watch is enough, but if find that the actual hole distance is important, or if the watch doesn't seem right (sometimes a hole can be mismapped, or you can be coming from a direction when front and back don't make sense) the rangefinder is handy. I keep score on the phone, but grabbing the phone, and unlocking it to see the distance for every shot is time consuming.
  3. I didn't hear the original comment when he made it, only when they replayed near the end of the show, and he tried to apologize. I'm not going to try to classify either Hank or the comment as racist or sexist. But the comments were at the very least insensitive, and perhaps offensive to Koreans and women. And they were not useful from someone who is always claiming to be about growing the game, which mainly seems to be based around bashing the USGA. He always claims to be data driven, at the least he could have done a quick Google of the rankings, and thrown out some name from the top. Or looked at results from the past few weeks, or picked a previous open winner. But, worse than his original statements, when he tried to apologize near the end of the show it was clear that he didn't realize that what he said could have been offensive to anyone. Of course it wasn't meant to be, most of us don't go out of our way to be offensive, though many of us fail at times. But he apology didn't feel sincere, it felt like he was placing the blame on anyone who might have ben offended, and not on himself. I don't know if he should be fired, I'm inclined to give someone one goof. But he perhaps should follow the lead of some of the other hosts on PGATour Radio and actually go meet some of the LPGA players. From everything they say, the LGPA players great ambassadors for the game, and if Hank wants to grow the game supporting them might be a great place to start.
  4. If I am not mistaken, this would be a condition of competition issue, not a rules issue. The Rules of Golf do not disallow carts (buggies), but certain tours/tournaments may.
  5. Also, to remember. An unplayable lie does not guarantee you relief from anything! You can take S&D. and drop within one CL of that spot, not closer to the hole. You can go back on a line defined by the hole and the location of the ball, pick a spot, and again, drop within one CL, no closer to the hole. Or you can drop within two CL of the location of the ball, again, no closer to the hole. Any of those options is available at the cost of on PS. You could take the unplayable, and drop on the path, for one PS, and then take free relief from the path, which might be a useful move. Also to remember, once you pick the ball up, you can't decide that you didn't want to and just put it back. (I am trying to verify that this is still the case in the updated rules, and have not found it definitively, yet. I am also not 100% sure whether you must state which rule you are invoking, in this case unplayable vs. relief from obstruction, before you pick up the ball.)
  6. I get self conscious, then I realize two things. One is that half the people there hit worse than I do. Two is that they don't care how I am hitting, anyway. If I notice someone striping it, I will sometimes watch them for a bit (not go over behind them, just from where I am) to see if there is something obvious to be learned, like great tempo, or whatever. But really, everyone is usually in their own bubble, so it doesn't matter. It amazes me that at the range we can hit balls with someone fifteen feet on either side, swinging, muttering, etc., and yet on the course I sneeze two fairways away is a distraction! And yet, it is true!
  7. What is this, "warm up"?
  8. I don't see any other answer than to change club selection. Why wouldn't you? Having a similar issue, took a couple lessons, making changes, but they still flash in and out. So it's a bit like a box of chocolates! The seven might be 150, or 175. Waiting for consistency to come. But I am playing for the better shot, unless short is really bad, and it is happening more often every time out.
  9. Yes to both, which is nice! I took a series of lessons at Golftec about a year and a half ago. I decided I didn't really like the idea of comparing with "tour average" for everything, since it's really unreachable given what I am able and/or willing to put into it at 58. On the other hand, he did pretty much eliminate my propensity to slice, after many too many years. It took a while, but scores eventually started to go down. My index went from about 28 to 23 in the past year. I recently took a couple of lessons with another pro (a former winner on the "big" tour and the "old guy's" tour), who did not want to change a lot in my basic swing, which he said was pretty good (on plane, at least). He did give me some things to work on to help me get more consistent, as the thins, and especially fats are issues. I have seen some improvement there, obviously at a 23 there is still work to do there. The next step will be some lessons focusing on the short game. Bunkers, especially, are a problem for me. And I'm sure he can help me there. So I anticipate improvement in the next year a well.
  10. jlbos83


  11. I am not a good player, and not an expert. But having never seen those clubs, nor having Google find them, I am wondering if there are perhaps differences between clubs, beyond the expected. I am thinking QC issues, lofts not right, weights not consistent, etc. For fun, and enlightenment, I would take one of your other sets (hopefully some we've heard of) to the range, and see what happens. If I have misrepresented the clubs based on my (and Google's) lack of knowledge, I apologize!
  12. Check out interpretation 9.4a/1 – Procedure When Player’s Ball Is Dislodged From Tree
  13. I just voted no, which feels really silly, considering. And given how hardheaded (we believe) Tiger is, it might not matter. But it does feel that LaCava is quite passive. Of course we don't know what's going on in the quiet conversations, and it really isn't our business. It does seem that Sunday Tiger was really playing smart once the tournament was in his grasp. Did Joey contribute to that? I don't have any idea. Perhaps Tiger has become even more of a thinker than he was previously, which could be a bad thing for everyone else. I have no doubt that he could have played 18 more aggressively, but he knew before his second shot that 5 was good enough, and he made darn sure that 6 was not in the cards. Concluding, though, Tiger 2019 knows more about his game than anyone else on the planet. He knows what he can do, and it seems he actually knows what he can't do. He seems to actually be able to play within those limitations. And, really, who knows more about playing championship golf than Tiger? Perhaps all he needs is someone to carry his clubs, snacks, and gum?
  14. I would think so, as well. It might work with a "+" sign type thing, line one up to the target, the other would be perpendicular. What do I know? I usually don't even mark my ball.
  15. I heard someone (but I don't recall who) say that for some people lines on the ball are useful, for some not. Perhaps a left brain/right brain sort of thing? I have also heard the suggestion that one should place the ball with the line perpendicular to the target line, making it easier to actually align the putter with the ball. I do imagine that if one was trying to align the ball, the three lines would make the process more accurate. But I think it would drive me crazy.
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