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  1. Best places to live with great muni golf

    Tucson has a lot of public golf, and isn't nearly as expensive in the winter as Phoenix, though the best courses are steep. The payoff is in the summer, when you can play better courses for less.
  2. More Career Majors- Day, Rory, or Spieth?

    I "guessed" Jordan. Day's game is incredible, but I think his health is a serious issue, as far as winning multiple majors. Rory could be the one, if he can stay consistent with his putting, which is questionable. Plus, Jordan has the age advantage on both of them.
  3. Putting with the Flagstick In

    I play by myself a lot, so leaving the stick in had advantages for me, at times, just from the standpoint of saving time. When I read of the proposed change, I played a couple rounds leaving it in, and I am pretty sure I putted worse. I think my eyes and hand decided they didn't want to hit the stick. So, on putts I don't expect to have a prayer on, I would leave it in, but anything I hope to make, I think I will still walk up and pull it.
  4. Provisional/hole finished/ball found

    From the description, the second ball was never a provisional, it was the ball in play when it was struck. You can't go look for your ball, and then return and play a provisional. You are allowed to go forward a short distance (they say about 50 yards) to determine whether a provisional makes sense, but you don't get to search for the original, and then hit a provisional,
  5. Leaving a Mark to Help my Swing

    I believe you can place something on the ground to help with alignment, but you have to remove it before you make your stroke. Or, for instance, your partner could stand at the top of a hill while you line up, and then move out of the way before you hit. I believe that would be similar to using a club for alignment, and then removing it before the strike, which is allowed.
  6. Playing a Round of Golf Solo

    The rule says you post them if you are not unaccompanied. It does not request bloodlines, or friendship history.
  7. Rule 14.4

    Though if you are extra skilled, and manage the triple hit, it's still just one penalty stroke.
  8. Attending the Flagstick

    The definition of the flagstick says that it is straight, and centered in the hole. I don't see any way that asking it to be straight, and centered in the hole while it is attended could be a violation. One might actually have more of an argument to say that holding it any other way with the intention of not showing the hole's position might be a violation on the part of the tender (though I think that a serious reach.) The flagstick, while in the hole is certainly not a swing aid, an alignment rod, nor equipment of the player. And it is certainly not being used in an abnormal manner. So, based on the definition that the flagstick is straight, and is centered in the hold to show its position, I don't see any possible case for a violation. The stick could be made of a steel rod, and not even be bendable.
  9. Or the non-environmentalists are killing their predators?
  10. Lost Ball Rule is Stupid

    I have to agree with you there. Had a lesson the other day, the pro was trying to fix my posture... I find that the ball is just about at the bottom of the frame of my glasses. I'm still working to find the spot where I can see the ball, and improve my posture! The things you never think of!
  11. Lost Ball Rule is Stupid

    I guess my regular glasses help me find the ball, or even give me some idea of which direction to go to look! I don't think the rules have a problem with them. I would say as long as your eyes remain the only "sensor" with only standard optical enhancements (glasses, binoculars, spotting scope, whatever?) there's no issue. If there were aided by some sort of enhanced image processing that specifically enhanced finding balls one might start to have an issue. Though even then I would differentiate a device that enhanced vision of any ball from one (RFID) that could particularly sense your ball.
  12. Lost Ball Rule is Stupid

    If your group is keeping up, one player going back to hit on the occasion where they didn't hit a provisional isn't going to hold up the course, if you want to follow the rules. If you were not keeping up to begin with, then it's not going to help! Any change to the rule that would make "sense" would have to add enough penalty strokes that going back to hit again would seem a very good idea, in my opinion!
  13. Putting rules question-unique

    If he takes the putter back as "normal" I don't think it could be called a push. If he actually manages to maintain contact that long, I can't see how he could avoid an occasional, or even frequent double hit!
  14. Preferred lies!? Tee on fairway?

    The course could be in good condition in the morning, with a deluge in the forecast for the afternoon. If there is a reasonable expectation of needing to play LCP during the round, they will implement it under sunny skies, since they will not change it during a round. They might get it wrong from time to time, but getting the golf in is a high priority.