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  1. I just logged in! When I get a chance, I will see if I can get the rounds I have played "blind" will upload, and how well I tagged without being able to see what I was doing!
  2. I'd pay a small annual fee. Obviously they have to have space and some computing to do their thing!
  3. Still can't log in. It's been a week and a half, if I remember right. Of course I can't see my last round that was successful, since I can't in!
  4. I have not been able to log in for a week and a half now, and no response to emails to the addresses I have. Getting a little discouraged. For all of the issues I have had from time to time, I still like it.
  5. This weekend (and still) I could not login on the app, or on my desktop. Email has gone unanswered, so far.
  6. One can probably improve through practice and self realization, but why would you not want to take advantage of knowledge already gained by others? My son can hit the ball a mile, mostly self taught, but he's not going to get much better than an occasional 90 without actual instruction, and practice based on that. I can't hit it a mile, and can shoot 90, now and then, but I am not going to get better without actual instruction, and practice based on that! I know that what I think I am doing, and what I think I am feeling are not what's happening in real life. And even when I see a video, and can see what looks wrong, I don't really know how to fix it. I can make some guesses, but I could spend a lot of time working on things that are not helping. There are the few players who can "dog it out of the dirt", and get really good. Even they get better with good instruction.
  7. Take a few lessons. I spent years slicing. Many years. A few lessons, and really not that much practice, and the slice is pretty rare. I can still hit one now and then, but it isn't the most likely goof. (I have plenty of others!) I don't think what I changed really matters, since it could be different for everyone, but it's the swing, not the club! The weights in the club might be able to move you between a little bit or a draw to a little fade, but the banana? I don't think it fixes that.
  8. By doing the right thing he set a great example for the other tour players, up and coming player, and even lowly hackers. Integrity and honesty are meant to be part of the game, if they are lost, it's not the game we all are so obsessed with. Even playing by myself, when it matters to no one, I try to play be the rules, possibly to a fault. It's just part of the game.
  9. Thanks, Nave. I don't feel inspiring, but I think I'm too close to the issue to see it! I just had to live through it, and do what I was told. Thankfully, I had good insurance and good Long Term Disability coverage, and could focus on doing what I needed to do. And during chemo, that was sleep a lot! though I did sneak out to the course near the end of each cycle, when I felt closer to human! The one who was inspiring to me was my wife. I do not know how she did everything she did to get me through. She say's it was no big deal, but I don't believe her!
  10. I have grown to seriously dislike this disease. My dad has similar, though more aggressive variety that has invaded his liver. Nothing they can really do, just a matter of how long it takes. They hoped they got everything with surgery earlier this year, but obviously not. They didn't think he was strong enough for chemo when it might have helped. Did I mention that I don't like this disease?
  11. I have four, only one caught the bug! Hopefully we will be able to play together until I can't stand up!
  12. But I should have! I have been hanging around here for a long time, more than four years it seems! I started playing a bit back about the end of high school, and played (only for fun) though my early twenties. Then kids, etc., I didn't play much until I came to Arizona in 2000 (so I was 40). Started playing a lot more frequently about ten years ago. I've never been a good player. I took a few lessons right when I started out, but nothing after that for years. I was generally around a 100 shooter, with the occasional accidental low 90s, mixed with the 115s. I broke 90 for the first time probably in 2011 (maybe 12), but it was a fluke. One of my sons started playing with me near that time (he never thought he'd like it, so he waited way too long). I wish he had started earlier, as he has some natural skills, but he needs professional help. But, he's also getting his life sorted out, going to nursing school, so that will have to wait. So for now, even though he has the occasional 300 yard drive, hits a seven iron probably 190 (and high), I still beat him most of the time. In April 2016 I sent in for a somewhat late colonoscopy, and found out I had stage 3 colon cancer. GET SCREENED, just do it! After radiation, surgery (with an ostomy bag for eight months), and chemo (still neuropathy in my feel, and a little in my hands), I seem to be cancer free, and very much appreciate that! After I got back to playing, I finally took a series of lessons at GolfTec, and lost my lifelong slice. I might go back, but so much more expensive than others. And yet, a degree of success. Anyway, I finally feel like I am getting my strength back, and my golf is improving. I was about a 29, now I am 22.2. The 84 I shot a couple weeks ago, best ever, didn't hurt! The 100s are becoming more rare, the low nineties more common, and the 80s at least in the realm of possibility! I try to play once or twice a weekend, and in the summer, I'm in a 9 hole after work league. I don't practice enough, I would rather play. I am trying to improve on that, one reason I hang out here. I will end by saying, I believe that we all need to remember to appreciate what we have, and enjoy every minute of green grass, warm sunshine, and blue sky. I discovered how quickly it can go away, but was lucky enough to get it back!
  13. The GPS seems accurate enough, most of the time, based on where it puts the shots. In my (rather educated, in this case) opinion, it is more accurate than a lot of people think. Though it is certainly more limited with the tiny antennae and relatively small processing there is in the GG device. Anyway, I don't think that's the problem. It's more of an algorithm thing, in my (also somewhat educated) opinion. It isn't really related to PRO, exactly, just to the changes that they made to the system at the time they started testing pro. There was an update, and then it started happening. I was in communication with them during PRO testing (not saying more than that) and there was a significant change to the way things work, under the hood. Invisible to the user, in theory, but a major change. I see how to add a hole now! I never thought of going to the "scorecard" view! One problem solved! Thanks! I think there are two reasons I often don't do the edits.... I'm a bit lazy, for one! And I know that once I try to edit, I am going to mess up the positions. Though really not enough to matter. So perhaps, back to number one! It's embarrassing, to a degree, but I have added my current GG username to my profile! I have a previous one, but during switching from one device to another, things got screwed up, so I started this new one. I don't think there's any way to bring them together, but there is enough history here!
  14. Last week it appears that I 111 foot putt from the second green to the third tee, and hit my driver 37 yards back to the green. Picked up , and went down the third fairway to carry on. Then I hit a 225 foot putt from the green on #3, then my six iron from 4 tee 73 yard back to the third green. And then I decided to start playing the next hole up by the green. From the eighth green I hit a 261 foot putt to the ninth tee, and then hit my driver 199 yard down the ninth fairway, before hitting my five wood 284 yard back to the eighth green. At which point I must have picked up my ball and gone way down the ninth hole to start playing that. My last putt on the tenth hole was a nice 179 footer over to the 11 tee, so that I could hit my drive 59 yard back to the 10 green. And then start the 11th way down the fairway. This is actually one of the worst rounds I remember for this kind of thing, though there have been cases where it puts all of the stokes for a hole on the previous hole, which isn't marvelous, either. It may be mapping problems on this course, as it does seem to happen there more than others, but it isn't the only place it happens, and several of the other closes I play are pretty compact, as well. I know you guys can't fix it, it's just a bit of a vent! Since GG doesn't seem to be able to, or want to, fix it.
  15. Unless you have figured out something that I haven't, which is certainly possible, there's no way to move a shot from one hole to another, without deleting it and adding a new one. Getting it in the right spot is a bit iffy at that point. I've had cases where it puts an entire hole one the next hole, and skips a hole entirely. I have not seen any means to even add the missing hole, the round will claim to have 17 holes. As I mentioned, it never did this before that update (that was in preparation for PRO, I believe). It doesn't always happen, even on the same holes, it doesn't happen on all rounds on the same course. It's a puzzler. The part that disturbs me the most is that even a tiny amount of software intelligence would eliminated it most of the time. If the previous shot was a putt on a green, and the next shot some other club from thirty yards off the green, it's probably a new hole. If not, that mistake would be way easier to understand. It happens to me when I've tagged every shot. I live with the results, and usually don't bother trying to edit it out. If I want to see, I can see where the shots were taken, and I know the total. It is frustrating when it shows my drive going back to the previous green, though. I could see that, but it doesn't seem to me what is happening in my case. As something of a engineer geek, it just seems sloppy.
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