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  1. Welcome Gus. I have never been to the Orient but isn't it nice that with the internet you can get onto Google Earth and literally be in the States within a minute or two?
  2. I like to make my mental picture of Phil Mickelson on his backswing and Annika Sorenstam on the follow-through. I understand that I have a good-looking swing so something must be working!
  3. No one beats Jan Stephenson in a tub of golf balls!
  4. You made it! Another birthday in the history books! Congrats Erik...I hope you have a special day. I know you couldn't play golf today because it was too cold, but thinking warm might help Hope you get lots of cool gifts. If you contribute your organs to someone who doesn't play golf, will that person then become a "natural" at it?
  5. I recently took a lesson myself, Finn, and discovered that I also have a steep takeaway. My instructor informed me of the baseball swing and to also swing a couple of inches above the golf ball a few times before hitting a ball at the range.
  6. Annika Rules! Okay so I believe (comparing apples to apples) in their respective tours Annika has it a bit easier than Tiger as well. Although the competition is gaining on her and one day she might be toppled from her throne, her footsteps are always following the leaders on Sunday. Woods used to be able to dial it in on Sunday but since he got married his spirit seems a bit different than it once was (even though his stats this season are great). He also doesn't seem to be able to take the bad shots as well as he once did (and he's throwing alot more clubs too!). Annika's divorce actually made her stronger.
  7. Maybe Elin's influence has something to do with it...
  8. Not only is iTunes the best download source but it also integrates seamlessly into an iPod.
  9. I really dig "Caddyshack 2". Jackie Mason is one of a kind! I also like the "Greatest Game Ever Played". I didn't even remember to list "Follow the Sun" until it was mentioned here but that's an oldie but goodie too!
  10. Come on Kugino, you know the answer to that one! IF BBIV was made for the ladies we would see more skin and the guys would be sweaty and playing golf in their boxers, posing all the time for us!
  11. Come on guys...BBV is MADE for the guys! A sexy calendar, all women and a trash-talking one at that! Heaven for guys! Okay, I like it too!
  12. I'm beginning to believe that Michelle Wie thinks she is entitled to what she has gotten (exemptions, big $$$). Without a win, that all may dry up. Wie goes against Pressel next week at the Fields in Hawaii. Whereas Amy Yang won't be there I'm sure the two will meet up in the future. In the Fields competition, my money is on Pressel. She is tuning up this week at the SBS and I'll bet she's gunning for Wie.
  13. The more I look at Divina, the more she resembles Tiger Woods! I think the women are more popular than the guys because it's interesting to see women play good golf. Most of the time, on the course or driving range, the women either have very slow swing speeds or can't hit the ball at all! I'm watching tonight-Valentine's Day. Can't wait to see who gets the boot!
  14. I can't even imagine how Team USA would look in front of the ROW if Big JD walked off the course at the Ryder Cup finals. He would lose his fan base at the very least. Most everyone on television has a totally different side to them than in their normal lives. For example, let's remember Natalie Gulbis' attempt at stardom in front of the cameras with her dad.
  15. The possibilities are endless! Over-the-hill mutant ninja golfing turtle LIVES!
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