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  1. I like how you resort to personal attacks everytime you can´t win an argument. Quote: I don't define it as that, clearly. I said no PGA Tour player has a swing that's not technically sound. How would you define technically sound then? Quote: No. I'm saying that you have no idea how fine the line is at that level. Tiger also didn't "take a lesson" - he essentially overhauled his swing (again). Apples and oranges. So did he become more c
  2. Quote: Make no mistake about what I've said and will say again: a good instructor can improve a good player's consistency within a single lesson. We do it time after time. Then why does it take Tiger 2+ years to make a swing change hitting it worse and less consistent during that time? Are you saying that his instructors suck? Quote: Like who? It's a biased statement because you'll cite people like Hogan and whatnot - people who existed before "instructors" became as popular as they are now. Plus Bobby Jones had an instructor (he l
  3. Quote: I guess I took your point to be: 1. The best way to get better is to trail and error your way through many thousands of golf balls. 2. Technique is not important because is does not yield immediate results 3. Once a player achieves good technique, practice should no longer be required because, as you put it, "Your technique didn't change." "1. The best way to get better is to trail and error your way through many thousands of golf balls." Yes! I believe that every movement especially
  4. I never said a golfer with "no swing flaws". I could make a list of almost every swing fault there is and then show you a player competing at the highest level that has this certain "fault". I´m also not saying that golf instruction is worthless provided your instructor knows what he´s doing. If the guy that hits 50000 balls works with a good instructor IMO he´ll improve faster than the guy that just goes at it alone. However if you have an instructor that constantly tries to force his student into certain positions and nitpicks the tiniest "flaws", having his student repeat slow motion
  5. They basically refer to it as a shot that moves from left to right. There are two different ways to do this. You can either hit a cut by opening your stance and opening the face a little at address a la Freddy Couples or you can set up with a square stance and cut across the ball with an out to in swing path a la Martin Kaymer.
  6. I have never seen anyone become more consistent after a golf lesson in my life unless he had an obvious move that didn´t enable him to hit the ball properly (reverse pivot, scooping etc...). Do you teach a lot of high handicappers or beginners? What you notice in advanced golfers is that after an immediate technique change their better shots might get better (more distance, tighter shot cone etc) but their worst shots also get worse. He´s gonna hit tops for example that he never hit before. He´s not going to be immediately more consistent though. Even you put up a clip of yourself shank
  7. You kinda contradicted yourself in the first sentence. Why is it that when you make a swing change that is supposed to eliminate barriers to consistency you start to get worse first and even less consistent? Shouldn´t you immediately start to become more consistent with a better technique?
  8. Provided you can already compress the ball properly, hit it far enough and have a predictable shot pattern any technical change you make after that won´t make you more consistent and is a purely cosmetic change. If a better technique made you more consistent then you wouldn´t have to practice and you´d immediately become a more consistent player as long as you "hit the right position(s)", right? Well everyone that has ever made a swing change knows that it doesn´t work that way. In my relatively controversial opionion I think consistency is simply a product of practice and h
  9. Yes, that something "extra" is called intense, efficent practice over many, many years. There isn´t a single world class athlete in any field that "did not practice hardly at all". Even seemingly underachievers like John Daly spent thousands of hours as kids working on their craft. Reminds me of the math geniuses at school that claimed to never really study then later on it turns out their parents made them study math for an hour and a half before school every single day.
  10. I've been Playing Golf for: 5 years My current handicap index or average score is: low 80s My typical ball flight is: draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: push Videos:
  11. At 16 years of age Bubba would have already been golfing intensely for 14 years. Nobody is born being good at anything. The people that pick up a golf club the first time and seem to have "talent" is because they already developed good hand eye coordination and athletic ability playing other sports in the past.
  12. And yet you have guys like KJ Choi who started playing golf at the age of 16 hitting golf balls on the beach because the next golf course was 3 hours away. He shot his first par round when he was almost 22. YE Yang didn´t even pick up a club until he was almost 20 years old and then served multiple years in the Korean military after that. What exactly is talent? Take Bubbas hook shot to win the masters for example. Many people after they saw that shot thought, "wow, that guy is talented". What people forget is that he has already been golfing and practicing intensely almost
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