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  1. Titleist 909

    i hit a few of them today.i liked all of them...my favorite's were the d3s and the f3s both with the voodoo.i flew the driver about 295 everytime and then the 3wood 13 degree about 265. the only downside is the titleist exclusive voodoo is a weaker shaft then the real vs6 or the vs7 which is what i'm gettin tomorrow both the head and the shaft are the tour spec.gettin them for free:) then i have to figure out what shaft i want for the three wood.....but i love these absolutely....
  2. What to do with my Scotty?

    Send it to scotty...thats what i did....the only thing i did to my Studio Design 2.5 is got the pro platinum finish which makes it easier to take care of.He putts the scotty stamp on the putter for alternate finishes and i got the orange custom shop midsize grip and the matching head cover along with authentication.
  3. Am I the only one who doesn't believe in golf lessons?

    I've personally only had one lesson and didn't practice it enough to keep the knowledge he gave me. They aren't a waste of time....i plan on startin with a pro in the spring because i'm gonna try to qualify for the knoxville open or monday in at the chattanooga classic. you don't know everything instantly
  4. Driver: 310+ Hybrid: 260 3 Iron: 230 4 Iron: 220 5 Iron: 210 6 Iron: 200 7 Iron: 188 8 Iron: 173 9 Iron: 160 Pwedge: 150 54 degree: 130 60 degree: 110