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  1. Sure it is made of metal. Does that make it smart to hit a tree root or a rock or gravel with it??? Im my opinion, you would have to be an utter and complete moron to do so. I do not play in tournaments, I do not care what my handicap is. I am quite aware that hitting into this crap is not what I want to do, I don't need to "learn" not to do it. Hitting from this crap will not teach me to hit the effin ball straight. I work my azz off to be able to afford to buy my golf equipment, and I will be damned if I will purposely put it in jeapordy. Remember, I said I may have to do this ONCE every 2-3 rounds. Get over yourself!!!
  2. I will also improve the lie just enough to keep me from potentially damaging my club. This equates to improving my lie once every second or third round. I guess this is in theory cheating, but my clubs are worth far more to me than 1 stroke every 2 or 3 rounds.
  3. Have only played 2 real memorable courses. Old Waverly in West Point Mississippi, host of the 1999 Womens US Open. The Govenors Club in Chapel Hill NC, brother in law sells real estate their. Got to see Michael Jordon's locker...pretty cool.
  4. I try to if I have the time. A little 0 hole muni that I play quite a bit does not hav e a driving range so I just put for about 10 minutes on the practive green. Alot of the time I don't have any extra time, I work till about 11:00pm fairly regularly and try to play at about 7:30am so the sleep is fairly precious to me. Also right now it is so blasted hot and humid that I hate to waste too much energy.
  5. I see it from a different point of view...I play regularly with a few of the guys who work for me...I would be PISSED if I thought they bagged it on even 1 shot because I am their boss...To me that shows that they have no respect for my ethics...We all have things in common aside from work, and we have almost an unwritten rule that we don't talk shop on the golf course...If I expect to talk shop with them, I make sure that I pay for their round...That is only fair in my book and I have done this several times...In my opinion if your boss holds it against you or if you even think he will, he has not earned your respect and it is time to find other employment...Good luck.
  6. I am ready to take a few lessons. I do not belong to a club. How should I go about finding a teaching pro? I do not want to get someone who is just a good golfer, I want a good teacher. Do you all think it is worth taking 4 or 5 lessons or is it only beneficial if you take a bunch of lessons. I really don't have the time to devote to a full set of lessons. I really hoping to have someone identify my swing flaws and give me some pointers on getting rid of them. Thanks Sam
  7. I certainly understand always wanting to get better, that is what drive me professionally and personally. I guess I was just "feeling my oats" the other day. Reading about your "bad" round of 76 just kind of made me feel silly for being proud of my 98!!! I guess we all do have to improve to keep having fun. By the way...what does the reference of "pin high" mean. Is it the pin physically at a higher elevation than the ball or is it the ball not going past the pin? Thanks and sorry for the "negative" post. Sam
  8. I shot the best 98 today that I have ever hit!!! I sure do feel sorry for you shooting a lame 76. Not to sound like a jerk, but maybe you need to take a step back and learn to enjoy the game again. I hope I do not offend, that is not my purpose, but I would certainly give major body parts to shoot a "lame" 76 or 86 for that matter!!! I guess my time will come, I have only been playing for about 2 1/2 months. Fairways and Greens Sam
  9. Which way will the ball go in each of these situations? I know there is a rule on this, but I cannot remember. Thanks Sam
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