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  1. I see $300 as a good deal for a club I use for just under half my shots.
  2. Between $165 and $2700 for my collection. My $165 putter was a Pro Platinum that I couldn't get new when I bought it.
  3. Getting rid of mulligans

    As someone once told me 'mulligans are the dog shit on the pavement of golf'. I never mulligan. I'd much rather shoot a genuine 120 than a 80 with mulligans. One per hole is ridiculous.
  4. Japanese fountain

    I've seen this. It's in Canal City Hakata, Fukuoka. Pretty amazing...but in Japan it is easy to get blase about these kinds of things!
  5. fake news

    Fox News, least bias news channel? *snigger* I can't stand anchors like this woman, the network invites this guy on and then she never lets him finish making his point and interrupts him? FFS!
  6. Age

    25yrs young.
  7. Thanks hawkeye, he's looking to buy new and when I suggested ebay it didn't go down well! I looked at TGW and it mentions specifically on some Callaway clubs mentioned that shipping is only for international. Titleist ones seem OK.
  8. Scotty Today!

    I love my Scotty Camerons! I seem to end up fishing around on ebay and Cameron Collector for ones I like there. I have a little fun picking which of them I'll take out on the course, some of they I don't game at all but I like to keep a couple of the Tour ones amongst the gamers.
  9. A friend of mine back in the UK was asking me about buying a driver in the US. He is looking to buy one online (from a reputable store) pay for it with UK credit card and have it shipped to him in the UK. Does anyone know of an online store that will do this, or because of potential customs/duty issues do they avoid this? If not I said he could send it to my house and I'll USPS it on to him, so anywhere that would accept a UK credit card would be great. Didn't know if there were any British members that bought clubs stateside. Thanks Alexander.
  10. Fastest Speeds in Golf

    Wow! What's his handicap? But more importantly, how bad is his short game?
  11. What Do You Do for a Living?

    I work in New York as an investment banker.