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  1. I love the way every one talks about the temperature wind and rain.Just come to Ireland it doesnt matter what season it is you can be assured that you will never have experienced anything like it before but boy it is so much fun.I am playing the European Club next week(the toughest links in the world I would imagine)and let me tell you that place is open to the elements.
  2. Guys I know it is hard for you to comprehend because you live in America(I am merely suggesting that America is huge nothing sinister)but in Ireland because we are a very small nation every one in the golf circle knows each other.If this kid really got down from 28 to 3 in a year it would be all over the news in the papers etc.This kid is winding you up
  3. I disagree he is obviously the best player in the world at the moment and the fact that he won 3 majors in 18 months suggests that there is nothing that can stop him winning more.Fair enough Tiger will win some here and there but he wont win them all and as for next year I dont think Tiger will take home one major
  4. For me it was in our clubs Captains prize.I went out in 33 gross to a par of 36 and came back in 45.And I only hit 2 bad shots on the back nine which resulted in 2 triple bogeys 7.God it would have been nice to win it.I have about three disasters like that a year.Anyone else?
  5. I reckon Harrington will go on to be Europes best ever player in terms of major wins.He only gears himself up for majors every other tournament he plays is just used as preparation.The thing with Padraig is he doesnt have to be playing well coming up to major to win one.
  6. Irish golf is run by one body the gui.If this guy is for real everyone would know about him?Why,because the gui provide boys/youths competitions for low handicap golfers.If he was for real he would be playing in these competitions hence people would know him.Secondly he is a liar because if he had that handicap he would be getting free coaching and the use of practice facilities from the gui.Thirdly he says he has a swing in comparison to Anthony Kim who cares.He wonders why he cant hit the ball like the pros , let me tell you why it takes years and years of coaching and practice and then you need the talent.This guy is having a laugh.No one talks like that in Ireland.There are many golfers younger than him with better handicaps and yet they would laugh at the way he can hit a 3 wood 190 and yet he can drive it 280.Please dont tell me to get a attitude check you ignorant moron you no nothing about Irish golf.And I dont know what it is like in America but in Ireland there is a lot of cheating among the youth...
  7. I didnt the other guy did. I just merely stated that he wont win 4 majors
  8. This thread isnt about Tiger
  9. 29 shots in a year.The guy thinks he has a swing like anthony kim.he is wondering why he cant hit the ball as far as them.He is a liar and dont be so naive Put it this way Ireland is a small country if he was doing this everyone would know.And I know because I play all the boys championships over here. Since when is 9.6 a low handicap?
  10. poppy


    Anyone play?Any yanks play?
  11. he has done it before and anyway Tiger wont win all 4 if any at all
  12. Another thing you can hit a 3 wood 190 but can hit your driver 280.You are obviously a liar or else you know nothing about golf.Genuine low handicaps would only average 10-20 yards longer with their driver compared to their 3 wood.And most low handicappers would be able to hit a long iron 200 plus yards
  13. Firstly 28 handicap to -1 in a year never heard such rubbish in all my life.You are either cheating or playing rubbish golf courses.Secondly if you were genuinely able to shoot those scores you would be able to hit the ball a lot further.Stop lying
  14. I certainly think he will win at least one next year and probably the Masters as that is the one he really wants now.Also his record at Augusta in previous years has been very good.If he just found a way to play the 15 hole.What do the rest of you think?
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