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  1. Awful, just awful. I hate it every time he speaks. Zero stars from me.
  2. My brief takeaway. Bryson well done, not my fave player but kudos you're the champ. Didn't find anything wrong with Rorys comments. He's not one to play to the press, speaks as he sees it. Somebody shut Azinger up, he speaks drivel.
  3. Id be annoyed, not just that he's invited a 3rd person to join you w/out asking but also that person doesn't know anything about the game. There are times and places for beginners on the course and to my mind this ain't one of them.
  4. The buildings on the right are old out buildings from when it was a quarry. Being there and seeing them, they actually look better than you would expect and if I remember correctly there is a large hospitality area ( Rainier Village ?) set amongst them, the old structure hides a lot of this hospitality area from view.
  5. Too much talk not enough action and when the action starts they don't cover the whole field, too much of following the top 4.
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