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  1. I'm heading to Las Vegas with week to meet up with family. I'm wondering if any of you have some input on some of the better course at the lower end in pricing $40-$60 per player. Either 9 hole or 18 hole courses work for me. I'd prefer an 18 hole with carts, but a 9 hole walking course that's fun to play is fine with me too. Anyone have any recomendations?
  2. My current sand wedge has 15* of bounce and I really dislike using that club. I absolutely love my gap wedge which has, I think 8* of bounce. With the sand wedge, I end up skulling the ball at times (especially if I open up the club (which adds even more bounce)). This got me thinking... is 15* too much bounce for a SW at the courses I play at? I'm located in Southern California and the rough's around here are nothing like I see on the PGA or in teaching videos. Sand, at the courses I've been playing at, has been pretty firm for the most part as well. I'm thinking that for the most part, I'd be happier with a SW with less bounce since the rough's aren't too bad and sand is usually firm. I'm thinking about picking up a SW with 12* of bounce instead of the 15* I already have. Anyone have any thoughts/opinions? Should I just practice even more with my SW and learn to hit it better? I absolutely love my GW though and use that for most shots around and near the green... but I have a heck of a time hitting my SW consistently. I'm sitting here thinking that less bounce will help me hit the ball more consistently.
  3. I've been working lately ok getting better with my hybrid and I'm getting better every day. I know you're supposed to hit a hybrid like an iron... but I find I'm positioning the ball like I would my 3 wood (directly off the inside of my left heal). If I were to position this like I would a 3 iron, the ball position would be about 2 inches off the inside of my left heal. If I position the ball like I would when hitting a 3 iron, I almost always push the ball. But if I move the ball further up in my stance it goes straight. The problem with putting the ball that far forward in my stance is that I'm no longer hitting down on the ball (I'm hitting it more like a wood/driver). So... is moving the ball up to the inside of my leading foot okay? Or do I need to change something in my swing? If it's my swing, I can only assume that I'm not releasing my wrist's soon enough in my downswing (thereby leaving the face of the club open on impact).
  4. My girlfriend is going to buy a set of golf clubs and we're wondering if we should get a petite set (if available) or regular. I know we can always cut down the shaft, but I'm wondering what height most womens clubs are built for? My girlfriend is 5'2" and I think when she does get a set of clubs over the next couple of weeks, we may need to cut them down 1/4 to 1/2".
  5. Thanks. I just submitted a WTB thread and I'll see if anyone has anything to sell :)
  6. Thanks for the link. That set meets our needs and our price. Question though... are those even decent? We're looking at a used set of Adams A2 OS clubs on eBay right now and I feel like the ADAMS would be better quality. She may not continue to play this game, so we don't want to blow a bunch of money on clubs she may never use again, but if she does keep playing I don't want her being stuck with really low quality clubs. I think I've seen that set before, but the Wilson name keeps throwing me off :).
  7. My girlfriend has been getting more into golf lately and we've made Saturday day our day of golfing. She's currently using my old set up clubs which are my grandfathers old clubs from the 70's. Needless to say, they're too long and too heavy for her to even begin swinging correctly. She bought a new putter and a new bag recently, and now she's looking to buy some irons/hybrids to replace the old hand-me-down clubs. Her limit is $300 and she'd prefer to spend about $250. She's happy to buy a used set if she can find some good clubs at a good price. She's looking to buy all the clubs needed for under $300. We're thinking 3-5 hybrid, 6-9 irons, PW, SW, and a driver. We don't care if they come in a complete set, we just need to total for all those clubs coming in under $300. Are there any new sets out there we should look at? Or perhaps there's some good set on eBay right now we should take a look at? She's been checking craigslist but she said she hasn't found anything yet.
  8. Depending on the distance to the hole, either SW or LW. I've been practicing at my local course hitting out of the sand and the pin is between 8-16 feet (depending on where you stand in the sand). With my 56.15 wedge, I'm hitting most of my shots past the hole. I'm finding it very difficult to get any loft on the ball and it rolls too far once it lands. My SW is great for 15-20 foot greenside bunker shots. But those really close ones I'm having a tough time with using my SW.
  9. Thanks for the replies guys. After reading your suggestions I have a lot of clubs to start testing. The Ping G10 and G15's seem like a favorite in this thread so I'll definitely spend some time with both of those. I've been spending the last few months hitting bothing but irons 2-3 days a week working on my swing and my iron game has greatly improved. Almost all my shots go about where I want them and it's made this game so much more fun. Now that I've got my iron swing down, I've just started to work on hitting with my 3 wood. This week has been great though because now that I put an emphisis on swinging more in to out (instead of chopping out to in like I used to), my slice is gone. I actually started to play around with trying to fade and draw the ball yesterday at the range. Now that my swing is finally started to come together I feel more confident in trying out a driver and actually getting to use in on the course. Thanks again for the suggestions everyone. I'm excited to test out some drivers later on today :).
  10. I'm curious to see what sand wedge and lob wedge lofts and bounce angles you guys have in your bag. I currently have a 56* SW with a 15* bounce angle and I'm in the market for a lob wedge. But now that I think about it, I'm thinking of getting a new SW as well with a slightly lower bounce angle. I just want to see what you guys keep in your bag to judge what I should be looking at. I'm pretty sure I'll stick with 56* and 60* wedges because it keeps a nice degree spacing with my PW and GW. But I'm really interested to see what bounce angles you use and why.
  11. I understand clubs are a personal preference thing... so I won't ask what the best driver out there is. But, I'd like to demo some drivers this week and I have no idea where to begin. I've actually never owned a driver and I've always gotten by with a 3-wood instead. I'm a high handicapper so I want something forgiving. I'd prefer to hit more shots straight and short rather then long and possibly off the course. I don't want a driver that corrects a bad swing (such as a draw). I typically slice a lot of shots with my 3 wood and I'm sure I'll do the same with a driver... but I'd rather learn to correct my swing then to get the club to do it for me. With that said, what 3 drivers would you recommend I demo? Price is not an issue and I'm only interested in purchasing new from a local shop (so no 07 drivers that I may not be able to find locally).
  12. My set only came with a PW and SW. I bought an AW (or GW) to fill the gap in my current wedges. I don't have a LW yet so I'm curious if I should stick with getting a Callaway for a complete matching set, or going with the Titleist Vokey which seem to be one of the best wedges out there.
  13. My current set of irons are Callaway X-22's (4-9 and a PW, AW, and SW). I've been under the impression that it's usually best to keep all your irons the same brand/model for more consistency. But viewing this board, it seems like a lot of people use a Titleist Vokey wedge (58* and 60*) even though it doesn't match their current iron set. The X-22 60* Wedge has a 11.0 bounce angle and the Vokey at 60.10* has a bounce of 10.0. From what I've been reading, a bounce of 10.0 is the most preferable for a 60* wedge. With that said... would you stick with the 60* X-22 to match all your other irons, or would you get a Titleist Vokey wedge instead?
  14. I'm curious how my wrists should be involved in my swing. Is the correct wrist involvement: 1.) Wrists don't sway from side to side. If the club is in front of you and you move only your wrists, the club should only be moving straight up and straight down. 2.) Wrists sway from side to side. If the club is in front of you and you only move your wrists, the club head moves from right to left. 3.) A mix of both of the above. With #2 above you could hit the ball using only your wrists. No body or arm movement is needed. With #1, you could only chop down at the top of the ball. I've been swinging usually mixing both together, but after watching the Swing The Handle DVD it seems like my wrists shouldn't be swaying the club horizontally. That DVD made it sound like my wrists should only allow my club to go straight up or straight down (not side to side).
  15. I've seen it mentioned and I see the pros hitting the ball on their downswing with their irons. I'm just curious how that happens. I know that with a 9 iron the ball should be placed between both your feet. As you move down to more distance irons the balls moves further up towards your leading foot. Without moving your hips you would always be hitting those balls on your upswing. I'm guessing then that to hit the balls on a downswing it would be due to both your hips moving forward and your hands moving in front of the ball before the club face makes impact? So while you may line up a shot with the ball 1" in front of your center line, after your hips swing into the shot and your hands move in front of the ball your swing will still be headed downwards instead of hitting the ball on the upswing? I was told by a few people not to move my hips at all... but watching different pros swing it appears their hips don't move on the back swing, but they do move forward on the down swing. Is that the correct way to swing? One of my many swing problems I've been trying to correct is not moving my body (hips especially) backwards on my back swing. I've been trying to only rotate my upper body on my backswing. But I guess it's only to move my hips forward during my downswing? And back to my iron question... if moving my hips is ok during my downswing I would need to move them more so for each greater distance iron right? So a 9 iron would see only a little forward movement from my hips. But a 4 irons would see a lot more since the ball is placed closer to my leading foot? At the same time, my sand wedge would see very little (if any at all) forward hip movement because the ball is placed behind my center line.
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