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  1. Those are nice.. enjoy them !! I went to Golfsmith and like you hit the AP2's, VR and Ping i15's and I almost went with the set you got, but went the way of the Pings.. didn't hurt that they were $200 discounted.. But, I have yet to receive them yet... 3 weeks ago.. ughhh.
  2. 91... played with my new Cobra L5V driver. 3rd game of the year, so I am getting the game back in order.
  3. Not at all.... Life happens and there were other hobbies I had and were more into. As I started to get a little older, those hobbies were no longer as enjoyable as they once were. Picking this game up came at the right time....
  4. To break 90 and stay inthe 80's...but life happens and getting the time to commit to the practice is tough... I hope everyone achieves thier goals !!
  5. Drew Estate Acid 1400CC.... excellent smoke !! A box of 18 will set you back around 100 bucks..
  6. Cobra S9 II... sweet !!
  7. I have been on the lookout for a decent pair of sunglasses to use while on the course, but have not been able to find any decent pair that won't put a dent in my wallet. For those of you who wear them, what recommendations do you have for me...
  8. Squaddie...if you want a friendly course to play, there are several actually..Being on the west side as I am, Bear Creek has the Presidents course that is very "new player" friendly. Also, a little more challenging, also on the west side, Cinco Ranch golf course. It is still new player friendly. Let me know if you'd like to play a round when you come into Houston...
  9. I have tried them twice..Played a set of Callaways and Mizunos. The entire deal is great..You get them FedEx within 2-3 days and can play for a good 5 days with them, plus they eat the shipping back via FedEx with a prepaid,preprinted label. For the cost of it to see what set you like, it's a good bargain...Try them out, you will like what you see.
  10. well today I received my Cobra S9's. I have played with the Callaway X-20 and demo'd the Cobra's, both felt good, and I was undecided on which one I was going to purchase. Well after alot of reading and an hour at the range demo'ing the Cobra's, I decided to buy these. So my question to you is this, have any of you played with the Cobra S9 Irons. I have the Speed LD driver and it hits really good. Any feedback is greatly appreciated... Hobie
  11. Hey guys...Just a little intro. I picked up the game again back in April '08 after about a 10 year layoff. I enjoy it alot more now than I did back then. I stumbled across this site and have been in the shadows for a while until I joined in. Anyways, ya'll have a nice place here and I look forward to being a part of it... Hobie Ps..if you are in my part of Texas, west of Houston, look me up. we can play a round.
  12. I prefer 10:00 on the weekends and if I am taking a day off from work and can get a round in, 11:00 is my choice..
  13. Well I agree to the ready golf theory. Usually where I play, there are marshals out there that keep the pace of play pretty much on time, but if I had to actually tell someone I was playing with, I would be nice about it at fist and say that he needs to pick up the pace. I have a few other things to say, but being a public forum, it's best they stay with me..
  14. Hey there...I'm in Katy. Play at Bear Creek...