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  1. Nothing wrong with that. If you can't handle the pressure get off the course. If you're looking for some internet forum justification that he may be a douchebag. I'll give it to you. But if you're looking for some justification that you're game isn't sound enough to handle some trash talk.... maybe another poster will give it to you. As long as he's not talking crap in your backswing you get no sympathy for me. Just to reiterate my opinion in case it's too subtle. Golf is the most mental sport I've played -- work on your mental toughness.
  2. Thanks for the replies. Since I've started keeping stats I'm at 26% overall. A lot of that is that my driving KILLED me. I'm hiting roughly a third of GIR on par 3s (150-200 yards for the most part) and par 5s. This month I really figured some things out off the tee box with the driver. For July I was at about a third of GIR overall with tons of fringe putts that (correct me if im wrong please) don't technically count as putts so my stat tracker doesn't count the GIR. Trying to hit GIR with mid-short irons and wedges is much easier than hitting long irons into greens..... As per the reason of the thread: GIRs are what make golf worth playing for me so it's my favorite stat. When I started out my irons were by FAR the weakest part of my game. Somewhere along the line I lost my driving distance completely and was struggling even reach GIR. Now I've gotten my distance back and then some... Currently working on hitting fairways and it's going well. Short game was always my saving grace.... Basically, I gave up everything and worked really hard on my iron game. In the process I lost some short game magic. But the short game is coming back now. since I feel my irons are at a good and reliable level given the amount of time I've put in I've started focusing more on that again. (example being.... for a long time I basically 3 putted ever GIR.... haha. now I'm averaging a birdie a round give/take). So basically.... using this thread as a very very general guideline I'm trying to decide if it's ok to feel that I have a good GIR percentage (read as solid iron game for the time being) so I can start focusing more attention the driving and short game.
  3. For the sake of this thread..... let's assume a 6500-7000 course. Also let's assume a 125 slope give or take. @pikapp.... thanks for bringing up that article.... I know what you're talking about -- im gonna try and find that magazine
  4. BEST irons i've seen/felt/handled (but haven't hit) for under 200 are the wilson di9 irons. Saw them in golf galaxy in houston when visiting my bro. On sale for $150. I'm STILL wondering if I shoulda bought them just to mess around with.
  5. Awesome irons. Go for those. those bstones are the only other irons I really liked when I demo'd looking for irons. And don't they come stock with proj x shafts?
  6. So I'm coming up on my year anniversary with Golf........ My question to you all is what would you define as a "bad," "average," and "good" Greens in Regulation percentage after one year of playing a lot of golf (1-3 rounds a week).
  7. i tried on a bionic glove in the store and it fit amazing. you can feel the support on the hand. felt so good i was gonna give it a go despite $25 for one glove. then I found out it's only legal for people with arthiritis or something.
  8. For me, I just take time off and seems to do the best job. I was sorta in the same situation. I was working on improving my worst score. For a couple weeks -- even playing what I considered bad -- I grinded out rounds all in the 80s. I was proud of myself... setting my new goal "never shoot 90s" again! Then one day I was playing with my brother.... played well on a tough course for the first 8 holes. Tee'd off on 9, and hit a good drive. From that approach shot on..... I kept shanking shots! I couldnt hit an iron or wedge to save my life. Felt like I kept hitting the hosel. No idea what happened.... as I still can't remember the last time I actually struggled to make good contact. The problem plagued me for a week or two. Decided to take a break until I FELT like I really really wanted to play again. It wasn't all better magically, but it was far better than it was.
  9. Yeah... I really enjoyed it. I played it while visiting my brother in Houston. The course is technically in Pearland, TX.... but it's basically a houston course. It's called Southwyck. Supposed to be part of the Arnold Palmer golf management company or whatever. Great deals too! We played it for $25 each on a weekday morning... included the cart, greens fee, and lunch. Kinda links style.... which was fun considering we played when the british open was going on. The funnest part was the really easy holes were suuuuuuuper "risk-reward".... going for it was definitely a viable option enough to tempt even the most level headed golfer!
  10. how do you figure out which eye is dominant? I'm with the OP. I don't understand offset whether it be putters or any other club. It messes with my head. I putt best with no offset, im pretty sure -- i settled for half offset in my putter due to other factors.... but i cant deal with more than that.
  11. Happening a lot recently. Went to play a really fun 7000 yard course with par 4s as long as the par 5s I'm used to playing. (It had a 250 yard par 3 surrounded by tons of trouble too!) Anyway, I just recently figured out how to cream drives at least 250.... and could get a couple about 300 if I really got a hold of it. Thing is I had horrible control as it was a new swing. I shot high 90s but AT LEAST 10 strokes were just penalty strokes. Really fun time. THEN, tried toning down the drives a bit.... since I finally found the power (i didnt care about accuracy anymore) I could go back on working on controlling the power. Anyway.... I hit about 9 GIR...... but never putted so bad in my life. I had 5 3 putts in the front 9! Definitely a new frustration that really took the fun out of hitting GIR (funnest thing in golf for me). If I could have just putted decent, I should have easily had 5 strokes less. as I was about 7-8 strokes above my average per round.
  12. I'll make it easy for you. The driver head is the exact same on the Tour Burner and the TP version. The only difference is if you look above at the posted pictures.... look at the picture that has the view like you would see when you take your stance. The Tour Burner as a little flame art decal used to judge the center..... theTP version has a "TP" logoed instead of that little flame. Aside from that, the TP is abotu 2* open face and the Tour burner is aobut 2* closed. Further, the Tour Burner only comes in one shaft option in different flexes. The TP version comes in 3 (or maybe 4... but pretty sure its 3) shaft options of premium shafts. And the shafts all look the same as well! They are made for Taylormade versions with the same cosmetics. If you look on the back of the shaft near the grip it tells you the brand diamana, fujukura,... etc. and the model whiteboard, rombax, reax superfast.... etc. And the number that indicates weight... like 65, 75, 85... or whatnot.
  13. Buncha weaklings!!! :P I walked 3-7 for 18 holes the other day in 100+ weather. It's definitely crazy hot, but I wanted to play. I get tired faster and sweat a TON but it's not bad at all. Being outside on grass beats tennis court temperatures ANY DAY! But I'm liking this.... finally an excuse to hit into the trees ;)
  14. Personally, I prefer fast greens MUCH more. However, on downhill putts on a fast green, it really hurts to miss. One of my biggest weaknesses in my game is long putts. I have a nice smooth stroke, but one the greens I normally play, I just can't use my normal stroke to put enough power on the ball to even make it to the hole. Just an example. Fastest greens I played by far at one course. I had a few 4 and 5 putts!!! But I had 2 birdies. Part of it was just adjusting to the crazy new speed. But I really liked being able to hit a smaller stroke and get the ball there without issue. I'd rather be in the game of taking something OFF my putts as opposed to adding to my putts. BTW, I've always wondered how many people have given thought to the saying that the amateurs usually leave it short of the hole, while pros hit it passed. Anyone else on my boat that thinks that's a skewed statistic? I mean... when I play on fast greens, I'm BURNING past the hole!
  15. The one golf lesson I took... the pro recommended I take note of Ernie Els since he's supposed to be a big tall guy.
  16. My point was moreso that some people play golf for score.... and other play just to hit good shots and enjoy it. I can't count the number of people I've seen so happy with that once in a blue moon shot that makes their day (or week or year!). It's been discussed everywhere that "Everyone" hits it short. Same problem plagued me. Until I TRIED to hit it long and get it to suck back. You know what happened? They didn't suck back, but I was hitting more greens and landed short less. I think it's a shame that every one of the "how do i suck the ball back threads" turn into something like this. I guess we just have different ways of thinking. If I'm aiming and hit the heart (or back!) with the thought process of the green and suck the ball to the front fringe where its likely to stop soon (ie no fear of flying the green), I'll almost always be in better position than if I hit it short because I did the sterotypical underclubbing because I was afraid hitting it flush would fly the green. Point being that being able to suck the ball back promotes aiming for pin high with no fear of not holding the green -- as opposed to being afraid of flying or not holding a green. In my experience the former has yielded much better misses. Then again, that goes back to the debate of whether it's better to be past the green or short of the green....... and I'm guessing it's just the courses I've played, but there's usually nothing but trouble past the green and I don't want to be there.
  17. Is it so hard to figure out why one would want it to spin back? 1) Golf is played to be enjoyed. If you think it's cool to spin the ball back then you want to know how to make it more enjoyable. You guys didn't read the article (that I completely believe) about the poll of golfers who were happier just hitting solid shots than scoring low? It all depends on your priorities. 2) If a pin is in the front of the green, being able to spin the ball back is an amazing and useful and practical skill. Not only does it change your mindset into immediately going for the heart of the green so you can spin it back (as opposed to trying to land it in th 2 yards between the fringe and pin..... but because of the change in mindset you're playing higher percentage golf. As per the topic. I'm still trying to figure it out. Nothing was cooler than watching my brothers and dads faces when I hit my old dirty v-groove wedge out of some hard dirt under a tree.... seeing it land on the green, bounce, and race backwards. From about 30 yards out. And you know what? I landed that ball right where I wanted it, and if it had rolled out like normal it would have been right next to the hole. Was I angry that it spun back and left me with a bogey? No.... I was fascinated with what just happened and still am. I've read many topics on this, but really can't figure out how to do it on purpose.
  18. Completely agree. They play the earlier rounds at Morris Williams though. You guys should really play Morris Williams when they get it ready for UIL. It's seriously nice. I had so many people I hit with say how they've never seen the course in such great shape. I'm wondering how it looked back when the UT teams used to play there. Hancock is such an odd course. Considering the central location, the history, and just how different it is... I'd definitely recommend it. I'd compare it to golfing through a 'museum'. It's just so different than all the other courses I've been on. I tell people it's like a cross between pitch & putt and a real golf course. Supposed to be the oldest course in Texas or something like that and it's only 9 holes now. I really wonder what the other 9 holes looked like (for those that don't know, the Hancock Center took over half the course.) That's the tricky thing about Hancock... the two easiest holes... #7 and the par 3 #4 are right next to roads and sidewalks. And theres definitely enough traffic on the #7 hole to screw with your head. Especially for me since chances I know someone around the area or not bad.
  19. You and me should play one time. I'm in the same boat. It's just something about the teebox that throws me off. Distance wasn't always an enemy..... but one day it just disappeared. And I'm just not mentally strong enough to deal with that much pressure on my shortgame a whole round. I shot a 45 on the 9 I played today. It went something like this: Last two holes: 3 putts each from ~10 feet. That brings my total down to 43 if I didn't do that. 2nd hole: Tried to kill a hybrid when I knew better putting me in a tough lie. Missing the green as a result. Flubbing the distance of the first chip trying to play beyond myself. Leaving the second, easy, chip way too short to have a realistic one putt chance. Costs 1-2 strokes... likely just 1. That brings the score to 42. 3rd hole: Mishitting a tee shot on a long par 3 over a bunch of water. Being dumb and hitting another shot instead of using the drop area. Not paying attention to an uphill green, thus leaving the easy chip too short because of lack of run. Carded a 6. Costs 2-3 strokes. Brings my total down to 40. IMO, the biggest difference I see between myself and single cappers is off the teebox. And also consistency. Also, they just looked very relaxed. I'm not sure how I look to others, but the big issue I have is tensing up and consistently playing within my means. I have this stupid part of me that is never satisfied.
  20. You know how when you try to strap your stand bag in a golf cart the bag doesn't sit flush at the top because the stand/legs get in the way? And all you do is just make sure its in there solidly and close the strap thingy. That's exactly what happens with my bag on the clicgear. It's a non-issue for me. My bag does have that callaway stand system thing so I don't really have a pedal on the bottom..... so I can't vouch for that.
  21. *never played with the real golf pride multis* Nothing wrong with the sharpros. Cosmetically, you can tell they're a little on the cheaper side. As far as function goes, I really like them. I prefer them much more than gp tour velvets which were among the top on my list. No problems installing with 3 wraps of build up tape.
  22. I'm a college student with limited funds paying my own golf (admittedly only possible because parents are paying for other things). Look at my bag. No way in hell I could afford it without some serious internet sleuthing. Everything is new and from an authorized store. To actually golf, it costs me $2.50 a round to walk in addtion to about $70/month. My point is this: Spend some of your free time being proactive about finding deals. IMO, there should be no reason for you to pay $25/round for twilight AS A JUNIOR. Maybe your area is different, but I WISH I was under 18 when I took up golf. Any good golfing locale (again... imo) will be more than happy to get juniors into the game of golf. If you're paying $25 so you can ride the cart....... then that's your problem. Just an example of Austin, TX Gives you access to 4 of the 5 city courses for $280/yr or $70 for a summer junior.... then only $2 for every round you play.
  23. It should also be noted that if you understand how to work the ball ON PURPOSE.... you can better understand and fix working the ball ON ACCIDENT (slices.... etc)
  24. Glad to see now I have some support for my theories. Interesting stuff.
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