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  1. my argument is that the higher your handicap the more beneficial it is to work the ball on purpose. you have to hit a lot of trouble shots around trees as a high handicap!!
  2. Haha... I was visiting family and started messing with my netbooks webcam when the idea of filming my swing in the backyard occured to me...... eventually I'm going to video myself at a range. I KNOW I start doing funny stuff when there's a ball in the way of my swing. As for everyone else...... thanks for the advice. I pretty much summed it all up into more of a posture/stance issue than anything else. Worked on things and now I have a much straighter natural ball flight that I can either draw or fade. Golf right now is soo much more relaxing and easier when you can work the ball both ways. I was actually aware of the up/down movement I make..... it helped a lot when I got longer, more upright clubs.... but obviously I haven't gotten it out of my system yet.
  3. I've definitely noticed some correlation between wedgeplay and driving.... but it stopped helping. The wedge is the only club that I feel I'm consistently good with. So why can't I drive the ball? In any case.... I try not to read golf magazines for tips..... but after reading the sergio garcia article my driving has improved tremendously. It's made golf so much easier it's laughable. Whereas before, when I was scoring well, it was only because I scrambled like crazy or putt very very well. Now, I'm making those same scores scrambling poorly and by just putting ok. And because of that, I don't mentally crash from stressing out about having to get up and down everytime. NOW.... I feel it's time to go back to practicing the short game like I used to. If I can hit like I am now and have the short game I had a little while back before I tried to focus on other parts of my game I should be an 80s golfer soon instead of a high 80s/90s golfer. ...... Just figured I'd update the thread with my new opinion in case anyone else is in the same boat.
  4. Driver: longest (with some wind and terrain boosts): 370 yards. shortest: -50 yards. On the short one, I just creamed a drive straight into the most solid branch ever... the ball just came flying straight back and ended up abotu 50 yards almost straight behind the teebox. The ball probably traveled almost 200 yards round trip. I couldn't help but bust out in laughter.
  5. I'm not really a hockey guy. But I'm a huge fan of pitt. (being born there and all...) My crazy work schedule didn't leave me much time to watch the rest of the series or playoffs. Luckily, I caught the final...... and I'm so happy I did. Best hockey game I've ever seen. It was better than the Mighty Ducks movies I loved as a kid!!!!! The first goal was so sweet. And seriously........ how they held on that long without letting detroit score was freaking amazing and nervewracking. And it really wasn't over until the buzzer rang. Too bad in the middle of texas you don't find hockey fans or pitt. fans often, so I have to be satisfied with a quiet happiness. BTW, I'm not so familiar with hockey, so maybe I'm just out of touch..... but was detroits booing during the awards ceremony acceptable in hockey? ....... seemed REALLY unsportsmanlike to me...............
  6. I laughed when I read the thread title.... that's gotta tell you something. Honestly, the yelling is what I don't care for. I think honking is funny. Brings back memories of high school with my brother (we grew up in a neighborhood with a course through it... so there are plenty of opportunities. Honestly, most golfers.... it doesn't look like it even fazes them. It's only funny on that one golfer that goes completely berserk from shock. When someone does it to me, I laugh...... either way, I think it's funny. Not sure if I've ever personally done it though........
  7. I completely agree..... but I'm on the other boat. As far as I understand it, a hole in one is random. Too many variables and impossible to do consistently. Whereas shooting under par is based on skills and dedication. And each of those can also compensate for the other. In other words, you have control. My definition of harder = hole in one = zero control of a situation. Easier = shooting under par = I practice, I work towards it, and I'm shooting under par every now and then. I think it ultimately comes down to TIMEFRAME. If you're asking which is harder to do in a day/week/year of playing.... then obviously shooting under par. But I read the question as Which is harder given your golf lifetime.
  8. I play the austin muni's a lot too. At one time I could hit the sand and hit "proper" sand shots.... but the conditions always change. for the past few months ive had to deal with much firmer sand. like bunkerputt said..... you really have to study the sand. I kind of test the sand with my feet/club when walking in at first (my guess is this is illegal, but ive really been wanting to know a real rule regarding this. in any case... when every bunker on my home course is different..... i bend the rules. nothing pisses me off more entering a nice looking sand shot properly only to be greeted by harsh concrete-like sand a quarter inch into it.... and skulling the shot into the trees killing the squirrles..) In the hard sand -- concretelike with quarter inch of actualy sand on top -- i recently started hitting normal chips. closed stance, mini divot... etc (except that its too concrete like to 'actually' take a divot).... ive been having better results out of sand like that than off the fringe! but if it's not the concrete sand I just have to hope its soft. if its firm, then i just have to take a shorter swing and swing harder to get through the firm sand (not to be confused with the concrete sand!)
  9. ahh... i was really hoping to see an answer to my longtime question on this thread, but havent. is a hissing ball good or bad?! or neither? I just thought a hissing ball meant it had a crap-ton of spin. and the general ballooning that happens when I hear it has just "confirmed" this for me. I don't usually hear the ball hiss when I hit it.... but I have heard my own balls hiss on many occasions. Usually it's when I feel like I really hit down on the ball with an iron and make clean contact. the flight pattern is different too......... everything seems to support my theory that it just had to do with how much spin was on the ball. but there's nothing related to that in this 4 page thread. so am i that far off base? I've never been able to really hit my 3 wood off the deck. when im at the range and having a really good ball striking day with the driver or wood, sometimes ill just screw around and see how clean i can hit them without a tee. I have about a 95% success rate of hearing my own shot hiss if I actually hit a good shot (about 1/15 shots! woot!). The balls start low and climb up. The CRAZIEST hissing i've ever heard from one of my shots is one really bad top/skull (i think!???... felt weird) it stayed low hit a small mound and just skidded off the ground into the air hissing with a GOOD amount of carry. Imagine skipping a rock and after the first contact the thing flew 100-150 yards until the second skip -- it was such a weird thing to see.... but it hissed like crazy after hitting the mound.
  10. I'm 6'4" playing +1" and much more upright. It helped tremendously compared to standard clubs. The length takes a short adjustment period, IMO. After a few months I'm only just now (admitedly didn't practice them a ton...) adjusting to the long 3 and 4 irons... now they feel great. My legs are very long compared to other tall people my height (brother, dad... etc) and honestly, I think I'd be happier with 1.5" length increase..... but haven't tested it out. But one day a pro at the course I go to mentioned it to me... had me stand off the matts and swing what i thought was normal without adjusting. INSTANTLY was making such easy crisp contact and was able to really relax when swinging. I'm happy though. I didn't go to a custom fitter since I coldn't find any. I did my research and i don't regret it one bit.
  11. I really like my Tour Preferreds. Got them when I was about a 20. Only now am I seeing are REALLY awesome they are that I'm starting to work the ball.... The only clubs I demo'd that really stood out to me aside from these. And if I wasn't TaylorMade biased I probably would've gotten were the Bridgestone J36... not the blades.... but I forget if it was the pocket cavity or the one in between. On a side note: I think the TPs are pretty forgiving (at least for me as a 20hc) clubs from about the 5iron-PW. Not until recently am I really being able to take advantage of my 3 and 4 irons. (not sure how much of this is the +1" length clubs I'm playing, btw)
  12. ^^What he said. I've always had a solid 3 wood game with my old 3 wood. So much so, that I probably averaged 10-20 yards more with the 3 wood than with the driver. I really just wanted a strong 3 wood as it seemed perfect. Anyway... I changed equipment altogether... leaving myself with just a Driver (until I recently finished the new bag) for a while. I got a driver stroke that worked and used it whenever. Lately I've been having issues....... and finally put the strong 3 wood in my bag --- just in time too, since I've started not trusting the driver. Anyway...... I can't hit that strong 3 wood to save my life. Since I've started golf (admittedly not long) it's the only club that so far I've not been able to hit with some practice. Driver swing seems to be coming back though......... so I don't care about the strong 3 wood at the moment. Got bigger fish to fry!
  13. it's happened a couple times..... a few weeks back i figured some things out with my 58* on fringe chips. for a short time i was much better with that thing than my putter. me and my brother were playing with these two other guys that were much better than us. I had a couple lip-out chips and mid-round I was dubbed by them as "phil" or "mickelson". my brother teased me about it later.
  14. I stopped going to the range when it started costing me more money than playing a round. It costs me $2.50 per round of golf. I already paid a lump sum up front so the more I play the cheaper it averages out to as well. The range is like $5-$8 a bucket depending where I go. OR I can get a membership of unlimited balls for $50.... but I don't really have time for the range AND a round... so I started just playing rounds. Playing a lot of rounds has helped me become much more consistent when it matters. I get to mess around a lot. Lately, I've been not really going for the greens (which I can't seem to ever hit anyway) and been trying to just work in the ball in a smart way -- like fade a ball in when there's a bunker on the right. ^Because of THAT practice (which is impossible for me to get on the range) my misses have improved tremendously. Funny thing is, I played with my brother when I visited him a few weeks back and he noticed and said, "you know, the biggest difference between you and me is you somehow always end up in nice places when you miss".... and I told him that's because I'm playing it safe.... I used to play like he plays.... and after watching professional golf more and more..... you don't even see them pulling off those shots often (I mean, they DO... but not often). The biggest advantage I see for the range is for practicing the driver (I walk and I just can't really hit more than one tee off a hole). And I desperately need some driver help. But I went out to the range the other day and it was a waste of time. I really think the range helps on figuring out those partial wedge swings. But not being able to see how they check-up on the greens gives me zero confidence in what I'm doing. I loved the range when I was struggling to hit a ball consistently...... but now that I can hit a ball consistently enough for the most part.... the range is boring and I just don't have the direction. And I just can't simulate more than a hole or two of golf on the range without getting bored and thinking about how I'm spending more money to simulate a round than actually play one.
  15. it's fun. to do it on purpose though. makes you feel like a magician. couple days ago I was on my last hole. Screwed up the drive and I was about 200 yards out with trees in my way in the right rough. bunker in the front right. Pulled out the 3 iron... I aimed way left and hit the most beautiful intentional slice (yes, slice.... I had to curve it a ton) i've ever hit in my life. Ball was about 10 feet from the pin on the fringe.
  16. Good point. But in the end, I think I'll use the 2 hybrid because of the extra versatility.
  17. Well at first thought, I was going to use my wedges to defend myself since they are the easiest/cheapest to replace.... but then I was wondering about them being a shorter club. Maybe I would fight wood with my woods?? I'd get that extra reach and swingspeed....... but it'd be harder to control......... Guess I'll have to start taking my Power Hitter on the course with me just incase..... show anyone who messes with me where its name comes from..............
  18. I switched from off the rack AdamsGolf tom watson wedges with generic wedge flex shafts to customized longer more upright TaylorMade Z TP with Rifle Spinner 5.5 (the only option available to me.... not sure how the wedge guys eidilon wedges have two flex options...). I don't know what exactly should get the credit....... but seriously, the new wedges are LIGHT YEARS ahead of the old ones. The BIGGEST difference is being able to hit full shots consistently.
  19. After using the ClicGear for a bit, I have to say the thing brings it's own set of health hazards.... My third outing I let my cart go downhill..... but it got some extra (unanticipated) cartpath roll and it ended up falling 8 feet down into a creek. The resulting climb down into the slightly above waist deep water to retrieve everything was definitely not safe or sanitary............... but what's most important is that all the equipment was ok once it dried. :)
  20. thanks. great article.... I like the different stance on the subject. when I get the chance I'm definitely looking through my old stats and seeing if that holds true. Also, today I played 9 holes before dark and hit the best 2 drives ive hit all May! All it did was push me more towards working on the driver. I creamed probably what I think is the best drive I've ever hit.... left me about 20 yards from the pin on a 340 yd uphill par 4 (yet... its a slight dogleg, so it's not like I hit the thing 320). I rolled in a nice birdie putt. On hole 9, I found my swing again... ended up in great position about 125 away from the center. I lipped out my birdie putt and tapped in the par. It's just so much easier to play golf when my thought process on the second shot is "how do I want to get on the green?".... instead of the usual "can this even make it to the green?" Has anyone taken lessons specifically to gain distance with the driver? how did it work out if so?
  21. I sped up my driver tempo today and it's like I found my swing. Almost birdied both holes (got one to fall and the second lipped out). So thanks for that advice. Anyone have any good drills to help me get rid of that little mini-casting i've got going on. I learned at the range the other day that if I'm trying to hit down on the ball with an iron, I have the outside to in swingpath. I teed some balls up kind of high and was creaming iron shots... but with a draw. seems when I'm hitting up on a teed up high ball I have the inside to out path I want. Yet oddly enough, it's impossible for me to turn a ball right to left with the driver.......
  22. i played on insanely fast greens the other day for the first time..... it actually wasn't a bad day, yet i managed to score in the high 90s. it's a tough course and the first time i played it. i definitely had a few 5 putts, 4 putts and lots of 3 putts. BUT, I managed to get two birdies in the round..... which just makes me think the fast greens aren't THAT bad once you adjust. It should have been 3 birdies.......... but i was too lazy to pick up my ball after hitting it close on a par 3, and turns out it was sitting on a divot so it just popped out and ruined a good putt. long putts are one of my biggest weaknesses... and i really enjoyed that on the fast greens i didnt have to struggle to get the ball close to the hole.
  23. So you guys are taking divots with the hybrid? I'm in the same boat as the OP. Every now and then, I have a day where the hybrid is so amazing I'm speechless.... but I have no idea why. Generally, the ball is all over the place........ though I've found when I'm really hitting it well the thing flies super high and carries seemingly forever. I'm under the impression hybrids are made with a high flight for a softer landing.... thats right, right?
  24. even a month ago golfsmith had em for 30/dozen...... mortons golf shop sells them for 28/dozen.... and its been going on for a whiiiiiiiiile
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