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  1. well there's really a second stat for putts per green in regulation..... but i didnt feel like going into THAT much detail. The putting stat is tricky. Like right now I'm at like 25-30 putts per round........ but it's really not good when you think about how low my GIR is... since most times I'm chipping before putting. I 'should' be putting better. the more GIR i hit, the worse my putting stat gets :) But since these are goals.... becoming scratch is one as well.... so i think it fits in with my motif anyway.
  2. Obviously, golf is a pretty circular game. Driver connects to irons connects to wedges connects to putting. Let's say I'm missing a lot of putts.... do I spend time practicing with the putter trying to extend my makeable range or do I spend time with the wedge trying to close in on my avg distance to the hole. I hope this makes my point clear.... it's just an example. Right now I don't know what to do and I'm looking for suggestions -- let me explain: Being relatively new to the sport, I still have plenty to work on overall. Due to many reasons I've worked on my game pretty generally from the green to the tee. And it's worked well so far.... but now I have issues. I've extended my "good chance to par" range up to about 150. Past that and it turns into "most likely a bogey" territory. The issue is I never really get the ball into the 150 and in zone off the tee. And constantly trying to get up and down all day wears down my short game. I can hold on in the beginning, on most days I'm not mentally tough enough to scramble all day. I've been of the opinion SO FAR that I should just work on the wedge game over and over and over until I feel like getting up and down with a wedge in my hand isn't a big worry. But lately, I've been thinking that maybe I've just reached my limit on the short game for the time being, and that I need to step back, and learn how to get some proper controlled distance going with the driver (by far the biggest weakness right now) So what do you guys think. Should I stick with "short game short game short game" or is it about time to seriously work on teeing off so I'm not trying to "save" par after seemingly every tee shot?
  3. I made a list a few months back of "goals with perspective". Basically, I looked up stats or the major categories.... looked at the best, the worst, and what's in the middle. I decided my goals would be to at least match all the worst players results in each category. Goals as listed: Avg. Driving distance -- 261 Fairways -- 49% GIR -- 58% Sand Saves -- 37% Scrambling -- 46% Putts per round -- 31
  4. hahha..... good one. Another option to foil TM's plans would be to buy the Tournament Edition TP Reds and leave the plaino ones on the shelf.
  5. today only gppgolf.com is selling them at $20 per dozen.......... shipping is a steep... but if you buy enough dozens, maybe it's worth it? according to most of the ball tests ive seen, the taylormades are way up there in total distance.... so maybe it is the ball? once you add more data you can get a clearer answer though!
  6. im curious as well... im awesome with up to the 5 iron... and hit down with all the short clubs as well as the 5. once i get to the 3, 4, and hybrid i can't seem to do anything consistently..... ive hit amazing shots hitting down... hit great shots sweeping........... but i get inconsistent results and don't feel like im doing it right so i just randomly change things up at random times. itd be really helpful if someone can refer me to some reputable source explaining which is the "right" way... and WHY it's the right way...
  7. it's generally an easy task to regrip -- no doubt about it......... but just keep in mind that in my experience, "cheap" clubs are a freaking pain to regrip. It took me longer to get tape residue off my slazenger 3 wood than it did for me to do my whole TP iron set. my vote's for a new set :)
  8. just try to time it!! I actually -- unknowingly at the time -- played 7.5 out of 9 holes with a teaching pro at the local course. Recently, I found out he charges a great 'student' rate of 35/hour. i took my first lesson a couple weeks back and it was pretty cool that we both had that round in common to refer back to.
  9. ive only played around with vokeys in golfsmith, so i couldnt see the ball react.... the Z tp wedges are great though. mean enough grooves to cut up balls when you hit full shots. and they look awesome. my two wedges are by far my favorite clubs. ive never read anything bad about the z tps other than the lack of loft/bounce options. if that's not an issue for you, id say go with them. oh... but i play the z tp, with rifle spinner shafts....... so take this with a grain of salt
  10. I'm not hitting anything.... just swinging at air. The first couple swings are just practice/warmup swings. After that, I was trying to swing as if I was really hitting a ball. Using a 3 wood in the video. Looking for some helpful critiques if anyone is bored. It's the first time I've seen my swing on video. Obviously, I've got my own thoughts on the swing, but I'll share them later in the thread. Specifically, looking to get some help on how to hit some controlled draws on purpose. I'm under the impression that with the swing in the videos, it's impossible to draw the ball...... let me know what you guys think.
  11. Re: the putter/driver thing I think it makes sense. The putter is the simplest club in the bag. It doesn't matter how often you hit it. Hence, the lack of a million different types of putter shafts on the market. You're making such a small stroke as well... it's the easiest club to hit solidly the most portion of the time. I think a better comparison is why do people by a new driver every year and play the same old ugly wedges and irons. Wedges ACTUALLY wear down over time so that would make the most sense to replace that club, IMO. I could care less what putter people are using... what irritates me is a $300 driver with a bag full of crap irons/wedges. People keep saying how often you putt. You hit the same amount (and in my case -- and im positive MOST cases -- MORE) of strokes betwen the tee and the green.
  12. There is a chart on the ping website that they use. I found that chart to be the most helpful. Just keep in mind that each OEMs "standard" is not the same. So be sure and convert the measurements to match up to the OEM that YOU are interested in.
  13. All Brand new stuff: Nike 5000 driver -$100 Taylormade (older) Burner fairway wood -$100 Irons (pick practically any clearance model... you suggested TM, so I advice the r7s) - NO MORE THAN $400. (and easily less if you look around) Putter that you like whatever shape/size... no more than $100 ONE good wedge (for now) -- clearance stuff I think is ~$60-$80 Get whatever bag you can afford and like after that.... $50-$150.
  14. If it's just the irons, I change my mind...... I was thinking you wanted a complete set of clubs for that money. Best deal I've seen off the top of my head is http://www.golfsmith.com/ppage.php?s...=R&seg4;=&seg5;= That's a horrible price online.... but my local golfsmith is having a "tent sale" and they have that set brand new for only $250 (not sure if its the same 4-gw setup though). They also have burner woods for $99. Nike 5000 drivers for $99. everything brand new. And in that price range for irons I think you can get just about any olderm clearance model iron you want and be very happy. My brother just got a set of Nike CCi's (the forged ones though) for ~$260 brand new from mortons golf shop. There definitely seems to be plenty of good deals going on at this time. And even if you don't want to look for a deal, the normal price on all those clubs basically dropped to the ~400 range so you have a ton of things in your budget.
  15. If you already have clubs and youre "looking to get more serious"..... I'd save my money and practice with what I had. After you actually get serious.... I think then you should think about clubs. This post is written under the impression that 300-400 is your budget to a complete set of clubs new clubs, btw. So take it for what it's worth.
  16. thanks for the heads up. i really need to learn all these rules that HELP me....... haha. but more than the lie, the messed up grass really messed up my waggle and backswing.... so i was really uncomfortable all day. About the topic at hand, I found the greens actual really help my long putts....... but I cant seem to make an short ones as they all tend to zig zag their way AROUND the hole.
  17. you guys feel the same way if the COURSE was just aerated? when hitting out of the fairway is actually much more difficult than hitting out of the rough.
  18. I think you should just let the wallet (and some common sense) decide. Basically, you're looking at paying $175/month (lumping the initiation with the monthly bill). So that's about the same price as 8 rounds of walking golf a month for you. That doesn't include how much your wasted time is worth (~40 mins round trip going elsewhere + inconvenience) or the unsaid pricetag of what a 3 year commitment means to you. I think mostly it just comes down to how much you'll use it and how comfortable you are with the commitment. MOST people I know waste a ton of money committing to things they don't have any business committing to..... PERSONALLY, I've learned what's a good deal for me and what I can commit to -- and deals like these save tons of money, time, and hassle.
  19. I just saw one today in golfsmith. Definitely felt flimsy. Completely failed the "wobble test". I guess it may be more sturdy with weight on it....... but an empty cart was definitely a huge let down.
  20. well if you're thinking about making a set out of it........ just in case you didn't know you might find some interest out of this..... http://www.1irongolf.com/
  21. I understand that.... But lets say it took a whole month of full time work to get it up and running. You're paying the firm/person almost 80 bucks an hour... which is like a 160k per year salary. That's for ONE cart. I think its absurd still. Though now I'm wondering if the price includes a cart, or is just an addition to already owned carts. I'm assuming it's 12.5k to add on to an already owned cart....... which is why I find the whole thing so unbelievable.
  22. I'm surprised there's not more issue taken with the price (aside from the OP). Just think about it for a second.....$12,500 per cart. I can buy.... like 125 lcd computer monitors for that. over 30 netbooks. over 20 cell phone plans pair for a year. 30 or so GPSs!!! And that's just for the price of ONE cart. No, I don't get it at all. I hope someone can explain it..... you should call the company and ask them to expain why the price is worth it! I'd love to hear how you justify that much per cart.
  23. As you know vokey's have tons of loft/bounce options....... but the Z TPs only have set lofts with set bounces. Do they have future plans on expanding their wedge lineup/options? Or may you can think up some general wedge questions.... The way I see it, they have tons of lines and new intros in the MetalWood side of things. Also, they have plenty of iron offerings (I'm also interested in the question regarding the japan-issue clubs, btw.) They have a decent line-up of putters going on...... but wedges seem like something they don't invest in (which is sad since I love my Z TPs.) I realize your OP doesn't include wedges, so maybe there is a reason for that -- in which case nevermind (or maybe the wedge is included under irons?) Also, I would really be interested on hearing of any news regarding either update current balls, or future additional lines.
  24. I completely agree. I've never had good habits when it came to those things. I'm not blaming the bag -- I know it's my fault; however, I also know I'm not disciplined enough to lift properly every time. Thanks to my job, I put a lot of stress on my neck 40 hours a week. Seems like it finally took it's toll with the help of some lazy/stupid decision. But yeah..... I completely yanked the bag off the ground.... when I imitate the motion now, it's completely clear that it places all the strain on the neck because of the way I'm pulling up. Thanks for the tip and welcome! I'll be the young 20something walking around pushing my cart in the shade of my umbrella (or is it a parasol in this case??) and sipping on the lemonade in my cup holder. I totally expect to be made fun of out of pure jealousy :)
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