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  1. My goal's -Get Accepted into PGM course -Lower my handicap to 4.5 or better -Shoot par or better ONCE! - putts per hole average under 1.8
  2. wow im jealous, still got another month minimun before we get going up here.
  3. Im jumping on the I hate kelly bus, this was decided after playing tiger woods 09 last night.
  4. http://www.taylormadegolf.com/R9_driver/ 6 days till they release details about it but it has been announced I'm just curious if anyone on here has gotten some inside info.
  5. Has anyone had a chance to get a good look at this club yet, I cant find much information anywhere, just wondering what there setup is for weight's and how your going to be able to change the lie of the club, or so Ive heard.
  6. I pretty much did this last year, I went from the PING i5's to titleist zb forged, the game hurt for a couple rounds but once I got the feel to them I swear my swing is more consistent and im just hitting a better ball.
  7. Bryan72


    20, and been playing casually for about 5 years and this is my second year of taking it pretty serious as I start my PGM next september, hopefully I can obtain my pro card by the end of this summer.
  8. I don't understand why you care? who gives a damn if they are bsin or not
  9. I played the i10s for about 2 months, I found that they are trying to be a blade, but really give you a bunch of forgiveness and not much workability. I decided to splurge this year and buy the titleist ZB irons, they got a full cavity in the 3, and 4 irons for help if you need it, witch I do in the longer irons, partial in the 5-7, and traditional muscle back in the 8-pwd, found that these felt a lot better to play and could work the ball much easier.
  10. I got a lot smoother swing with my 2 wedges and I usually avoid my PW that club just doesn't get along with me..
  11. well it was just 9 holes, was in the evening. I was striking the ball real well, and was sitting at a 27 coming onto the 9th hole (long par 5, water on both sides) Put my drive into the water, drop, put that into the water, drop, Duff about 50 yards, finally put it on the green, and end up 3 putting. end up taking a NINE!!!!! was the most painful nine Ive pared ever.
  12. definitely getting the club straight back.
  13. Fun little track that I much enjoy http://mckenziemeadows.com/
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