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  1. Rob

    Best Shot of the Week

    Mine was 4/8,on #3 at my home course.About 90 yards,par 3. I hit a nice Callaway gap,it hit a little left of the hole,spun right,and dropped for my 4th hole in one since June,2009,all on different holes! One more par 3 to go!!! Rob
  2. Are you for real???? "Monty"" He`s the biggest "pr**K" in golf.Surely you`re joking.
  3. Doubt it! Unless Greg`s daughter comes back.
  4. I buy/sell on Ebay,but get nervous about Callaway/Taylormade. Ping stamps every hosel with the serial #,and you can check.Callaway stamps the 8 iron,but I guess they can fake serial #`s also. I recently bought a Scotty Cameron on Ebay,and the seller emailed me,saying he had just bought a selection of clubs,and some were fake,but he wasn`t sure if the Cameron was real or fake.REFUND!It looked perfect in the pic`s,but???I guess I got a little off the subject,but be careful and buy from a reputable person/company.Happy Holidays to every one,and pray for Tiger-he`s messed up,done wrong,but golf life/private life is seperate,I don`t judge,and I don`t want to lose him! I don`t even watch normally if Tiger is not playing,and I love golf!!!Happy Holidays!!!
  5. From what I saw,he just slammed it down,or let go at impact,and it bounced into the gallery. Did you see anyone pissed off? Tiger alone probably sold 60,000 tickets by taking the $3 million fee,plus he won,plus they loved him!!! I don`t throw clubs,nor should he, but if I had made a billion,I tell you and the other critics to kiss my a**,and tee it up.
  6. Check Ebay,Callaway golf preowned,and google search" individual golf clubs".You`ll eventually find it,or you could order a new one{ouch!}
  7. Most clubs charge for carts,or let you buy a yearly cart fee{$500-$600},and some have trail fees,if you live on a development and own a cart,etc.Some clubs charge a monthly fee{golf,carts,range},so check everything out beforehand.
  8. 10-4! Help someone else,and get over being a little prick,boy.Life is for real.
  9. The "tilt' is the groove you get into reaching for cold beer in the cooler on the back nine,after 8 on the front. The "stack" is your beer cans,waiting for a trash can. Seriously,how many "stack and tilt" pros do you see on the weekend, commercials excluded??????
  10. I always look at the "stack and tilt pro`s?" and I don`t see them on the weekends{PGA} So,BS.IMO.
  11. I`m playing J 33`s. Great irons,similar to Mizuno in feel and appearance. And,the B330 RX is very similar to the Pro V in feel,distance,spin,at least for me. I like Bridgestone products!!!
  12. Sounds like you have good ideas,but a 21 handicap probably has more to worry about than pivot,ect.What I mean is,it`s all good,but you may be thinking to much when you get over the ball,and that`s not good.Get lessons,practice,and when you play,don`t think too much. Good luck!
  13. I just bought my dad 150 of them. He`s 83,still practicing medicine,and plays 4-5 per week if the weather complies. He loves them,says they`re a great "old man" ball,but I do know they`re a really good,low-price ball.Tee it up!!!
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