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  1. A ball lying on the fairway doesn't allow much margin for error when compared to hitting off a tee or mat. Thus, confidence level is lower when hitting from the fairway...doubt and negative thoughts come creeping in. Hello bad shot!! Hitting your 4-iron (layup) will likely result in consistently lower scores because you can pick the best spot from which to play your 3rd (chip) shot onto the green and roll it close to the pin...hello birdie! Personally, I can no longer hit a 7-iron 150 yards...I can hit 6-iron 140 with roll-out. So, I typically am hitting 3 onto the green (par 4 holes). Getting better at chipping has helped me have more shots at par, and occasionally roll in a chip from 10-15 yards off the green for a birdie. This crucial part of the game is where the pros win championships ($$$$$).
  2. I couldn't agree more! The trick is how to overcome the lack of confidence generated by a bad shot or two...or three or...? When you're having a good day and the swing is right, the head and shoulders stay down thru the shot, good contact seems so easy. Why is that so difficult to maintain? Just as you mentioned...the "6" between your/our ears".
  3. My biggest problem is the bad habit of lifting my head up just before impact. 2nd biggest problem is losing tempo resulting in ‘overswinging’ (trying to kill the ball). Lastly...”confidence”!! Once you lose confidence, it’s over...till you can get it back. So, when we think about all these ‘swing keys’, it becomes a real challenge to hit decent shots. Great topic.
  4. Put a Titleist DT Solo on the tee and my confidence level elevates more than any other ball. 2nd on my top 3 list is Calloway Chrome Super Soft. Finally, Bridgestone holds the # 3 spot. The price of the DT Solos isn't bad at $19.95/doz.
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