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  1. Hi, I like your sig picture of your little cairn terrier. We have a little 6 year old girl cairn and these are the best dog's in the world! Oh yeah, the putter question. I just got a Ping B60 50th from the TGW. What a great putter! I play with a bullseye and I needed a putter with a little better aim. The weight, feel, bronze finish, and head cover of this Ping B60 are all perfect! For the price of $109.00 it's a very good deal. I would check them out. Bernie, Go Toto!
  2. I just put into play a 2009 OGIO Syncro cart bag for my pull cart and I'm very pleased. It's a great bag for a pull or riding cart and every club has its own divider so no sticking or binding of grips. bgbull
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